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Author: The Wealthy Missions

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A Guide to Dating and Developing
Quality Relationships
Including the most valuable
resources, for couples and

Copyright @ 2016 MyGearMedia. All rights reserved. This report may be freely shared but may not be sold,
edited or copied

Successful relationships are one of the biggest challenges many of us face.
They are based on trust and caring. Successful relationships are honest and
absolutely truthful about what each is feeling in life. They are built on trust,
honesty, communication, and faith. Successful relationships are also forged out
of hard work; a partner's commitment to the other.
Successful relationships are always adding something useful to the union,
including: money knowledge, household skills, setting goals, family and
children hours, nurturing new and old friendships, building a beautiful home
environment together, spending meals together, adding hobbies or other
entertainment to leisure hours, increasing fun, intimacy, and physical love.
Successful relationships are the basis of a different kind of success, and living
up to that means letting go of an old way of life and making way for the new.
Sometimes it is all about putting yourself in your partner's shoes and
understanding their point of view. Unfortunately successful relationships
aren't easy, and it takes a lot of different skills to make them work well.
One of the most important skills to learn and practice in relationships is the art
of successful communication. To develop and maintain successful
relationships, we need good communication and inter-personal skills as well as
a good knowledge of ourselves and others, of how we function in situations
such as conflict and stress. Communication is so critical and so key in romantic
relationships that it not only involves expressing oneself well, but the ability to
listen and problem solving, too. Communication can come in many forms; it
does not always have to be a verbal exchange. Remember communication is
one of the main keys to your relationship success.
How do emotions affect communication in relationships? Let’s take a closer
look. Understanding and owning your emotions and their correlating physical
feelings benefits you by: Allowing you to navigate satisfying, meaningful
relationships, helping you understand other people, enabling you to

understand yourself, empowering your communication process making you
"heart smart" - emotionally intelligent. The emotions you feel and convey
through nonverbal communication are the foundation of your emotional
How does communication in infancy influence adult relationships? As a baby,
you were completely dependent on nonverbal emotional communication to
satisfy your needs. However, this new means of communication does not
render nonverbal communication skills obsolete. On the contrary, the
foundation for communication in all relationships remains emotionally- based
and nonverbal. Emotional, nonverbal communication continues to play a major
role in all your relationships, throughout your life. Even the best verbal
communication skills are not enough to create and sustain successful
Wordless communication conveyed through facial expressions, body language,
pace, intensity and tone of voice captures and holds the attention of others
and gives you a powerful means for self-expression. Without the ability to
communicate emotion, it's impossible to build or maintain robust, healthy
relationships, because the communication of emotions establishes the lifeline
that sustains all relationships. When you practice effective, satisfying
communication you are rewarded with relationships filled with more love,
intimacy, understanding and trust. Life is easy, loving, and real when this level
of communication is at work in your relationship.
So successful relationships are critical to having a happy, fulfilled life. They are
founded on good communication, honesty, compatible personality traits
combined with mutual trust and understanding. Practicing these traits become
the cornerstones for a happy and satisfying relationship.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/John_J._Foley/101906


No Lying - You're attempting to make a sincere connection with someone and
if you lie during this all too important "dating" stage you risk misleading the
other person about WHO you actually are. Not only that but if you aren't
authentic during the initial "dating" phase you might find yourself in a
relationship that you are left asking "how and the heck did I end up with this
person!?" Well, the reason you ended up with that person is because you were
both full of crap in the beginning and instead of you both presenting your TRUE
selves you presented the "movie trailer" version that only emphasizes the
awesome parts and leaves out all of the stuff that sucks about you. Stuff like...
"I'm a chain smoking sex addict who once avoided jail time by pleading to a
lesser charge and since I wasn't 18 I managed to keep that shit sealed and
therefore you can "Google" my name all you want but you're never going to
find out I'm a psychopathic train wreck who's going to ruin your life and your
credit, until it's too late!" Live. Laugh. Love!
Now I'm making jokes and am exaggerating (slightly) with the above scenario
but stuff like that DOES happen. I'm not going to put down my life experiences
but I've had enough to tell you that I've seen it first hand... and survived. I
don't want to see any of my fellow man (or women) end up in these situations.
They aren't fun and if you aren't of solid character, can really damage your
outlook towards the opposite sex. My mom once gave me some solid advice
which is, "You can't say the wrong thing to the right person." What a concept!
Think about it... you can be completely unfiltered, authentic and sincere, with
ZERO fear of the outcome. What a novel idea! Imagine all of the time and
energy you could save by being so completely YOU that the other person is
able to make a fairly quick decision about their level of interest. They can
either move forward in the relationship or figure out that there is no future
romantically, in a matter of minutes!
The moral of the story... Don't be full of crap. Be yourself. Believe in what you
have to offer. If you think she looks good, tell her. If you think she's wrong
about her methods to dieting and you in fact know for sure that "consuming
large quantities of laxatives is NOT the most effect way to fit into that size 3"...
tell her she's wrong. Men and women need to stop being so "agreeable" while

on dates, unless it's sincere. I've got an incredibly sick sense of humour.
Virtually NOTHING is off limits for me when goofing around and joking. Which
is ironic since the majority of my writings and advice centre around spirituality,
love and empathy... but that doesn't mean that stuff isn't funny. Have you
SEEN a duck billed platypus!? Believe me, "Universe/God" has a sense of
But I digress... The point is to be fearlessly YOU. Have some faith that the
person sitting across from you will accept and be interested in the authentic
version of you. If not... who cares!? That's the whole point. You're skipping
through the bull and presenting the "truth" of who you are. I'm a fairly
charming and intelligent dude... I've pursued and been in relationships with
people who I KNEW weren't going to be right for me. I was so wrapped up in
the pursuit I forgot to ask myself a simple question "what happens when I
actually GET them?"
Those are the messy breakups... when you have to dump someone for some
shit that you ALREADY KNEW about them and you pursued them anyway.
They're going to look at you like " jerk? I told you I lost my pinky toe in a freak
lawn mowing accident on our first date. But NOW it's a problem that it's
summer and you don't want your friends to see me in sandals because they'll
tease you about it!?" I've had women I began dating bring up the fact I have
children well after the first date and how they, "could never be a step mom."
Wow! Thanks, probably something you could have let me know on the first
date when I was showing your ass my family on Facebook.
Most relationship books and "Guru's" are going to tell you to use a shotgun
approach to dating. That might work for some but not this guy. I can't stand
sifting through person after person who I intuitively knew I wouldn't get along
with. But some writer somewhere wrote in FHM magazine that it's the "best
approach" and so here I am sitting across from my 4th awful date this week.
Now, if this method works for you... kudos! Continue doing it. I on the other
hand prefer using a sniper like approach. What is the "sniper approach" you
may ask? I target potential mates early on. Obviously, the looks are important.
However, for me it's much more important to see what kind of character a
woman has. I want to know what's beyond the 2 lbs of makeup and selftanner. I've dated/married "beautiful" women, who've appeared in magazine

pages and runways around the country. Bleh... Show me something. I want
more. The looks are a wonderful bonus but I don't want to find myself riding in
the car with you after 6 months, thinking "I wonder if I'm going slow enough
for her to tuck and roll with minimal injury, so I won't have to listen to
anymore of her idiocy?"
I find it hilarious that men are deathly afraid of this mythical place called "The
Friend zone" *boogity boogity!*. If your goal is just to "hook up" or "casually
date" then yes, this isn't the place you want to find yourself. However, if you're
looking for a legitimate "long term relationship". The "Friendzone" is EXACTLY
where you want to be. Men who can't escape the friendzone simply don't
know how to project enough confidence and self-esteem to create attraction
and sexual tension. If you want help with that you're going to have to read a
different article. I'm making the assumption that you already know how to flirt
and create that type of sexual energy. The beautiful thing about the friend
zone is that you're allowing someone in and you're both being authentic. There
isn't any ulterior motives or expectations. It allows you both to decide, based
on that friendship whether they're someone you want to wake up next to for
the rest of your lives. Essentially what I'm saying is, start introducing yourself
to and making friends with, people you find attractive. That way if you DO
decide they're someone you'd like to pursue later on, you don't have to worry
about being attracted to them. I LOVE the friendzone. Every meaningful,
worthwhile relationship I've had, began that way.
I'm going to leave you with a few simple words. Be authentic. Be sincere. Be
fearless and most of all have fun. Men/Women love to be around people who
make them feel good about who they are and the easiest way to accomplish
that is by having a good, positive vibe.
Finding love is impossible because love finds you. Learn to love you and you'll
find that you become an irresistible, magnetic force for quality mates.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Brenden_Dilley/217047

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