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NYC is home to some of the most competitive colleges and
universities in the world. These colleges, along with the
allure of city life, draw students from over 150 different
countries around the globe.

Richard Dawkins, popular speaker at NYU, said this
about his book ‘The God Delusion’ (distributed for
free to thousands of students on NY campuses):

However, underneath the veneer of social progress,
personal achievement, parties, and night life, New York
represents one of the most tumultuous and challenging
environments for Christianity in the country. Peer pressure,
political ideology, conflicting world-views, secular media, and
anti-Christian academics are just a few of the pressures
students will face. Together, they are often overwhelming.

“If [this book] works as I intend, religious readers
who open it will be atheists when they put them

Decisions students make during their college years will set
the course for the next sixty years of their lives. Between the
ages of 18-22, students are making choices about life-styles,
careers, relationships, and beliefs. The hearts and minds of
students are being pulled in countless directions before they
reach the finish line of graduation. It is crucial to reach
people with the gospel during this crossroad of life.