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Original filename: mold report.pdf
Title: mold report
Author: Brendan

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Same Day Mold Testing, Inc.
Indoor Environmental Testing

Microbial Survey and Tenant “Red Flag” Report

13273 Fiji Way
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

Inspect Date: February 23, 2016
Prepared for: Brendan Gamache
Prepared by: Same Day Mold Testing, Inc.
Reference #: MT-13279-337
Survey Methodology
Analytical Findings
Tenant/Landlord Considerations
Other Services
Mold Information
Closing Remarks

This is proprietary document and shall not be reproduced for another company’s business practices.

© 2016 Same Day Mold Testing. Inc.
995 E. Green St. #164
Pasadena, CA 91106
(626) 568-2928
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The purpose of a microbial survey is to provide a limited fungal (mold) examination
report based on the concern of the occupant residing at the subject property.
This report contains findings and recommendations relevant to the microbial survey
examination conducted on 2/23/16 at 13273 Fiji Way, Unit #337.
Professional Mold Inspection Institute (PMII) Certified Residential Mold Inspector
#24658 of Same Day Mold Testing, Inc. performed the microbial investigation.
Survey Methodology
The survey is intended to be a visual, minimally-invasive examination of a building to
identify areas susceptible to moisture intrusion and microbial amplification. The intent of
the survey is to identify areas that may be in need of microbial sampling.
Air and/or surface samples may be taken and sent to an accredited laboratory (lab) in
order to confirm or rule out the presence and types of fungal activity.
Each survey report shall describe areas showing signs of “Red Flags” based on the initial
complaint of the tenant, the visual examination, and the conclusions of an independent
lab analysis.
Analytical Findings
Visual Observations:
The suspect areas of concern were identified as the Master Suite, Living Room/Kitchen,
2nd Bedroom and Hallway Bathroom. There are visible signs of moisture penetration in
the Master Suite Bathroom under the sink.
Moisture Findings:
On site moisture meter readings of construction materials in the suspect areas tested
within normal limits.
Same Day Mold Testing, Inc. recommends two (2) samples: one (1) directly from the
suspect area, and one (1) from a non-suspect area, which is used as the baseline fungal
spore indicator. In the case of multiple suspect areas, one (1) additional sample should be
collected from each area.

This is proprietary document and shall not be reproduced for another company’s business practices.

© 2016 Same Day Mold Testing. Inc.
995 E. Green St. #164
Pasadena, CA 91106
(626) 568-2928
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In the case of air samples, an additional sample should be taken outside the structure.
Fungal activity should balance between indoors and outdoors when normal conditions
exist. If there is an amplification of indoor fungal activity, it may be indicative of a mold
(The customer reserves the right to request more or less than the recommended samples
depending on the level of validation sought from the microbiological portion of the
investigation and budgetary considerations.)
Lab Results:
Seven air samples timed at five minutes each, four wall cavity samples timed at one
minute each, and one surface sample were collected at the site then analyzed by
American Industrial Hygiene Association accredited, LA Testing Laboratory (lab), on
2/23/16. The lab analysis accompanies this investigative report under separate cover and
provides detailed microbiological data. The summary of the lab report reflects that the
fungal activity in the suspect area(s) is positive for Stachybotrys. In addition, the spore
counts for Cladosporium increased when the air conditioning was turned on. Refer to the
lab report for detailed results.
Aspergillus - Found in soil, compost piles, decaying vegetation, stored grain, and other
kinds of organic matter. This genus can be found indoors in water-damaged buildings. A
few species can cause aspergillosis in humans with compromised or defective immune
systems. Most people are naturally immune to this infection of the lung. Some species
are able to produce mycotoxins, depending on the strain, substrate, and/or food source.
Others species are used in the manufacture of food.
Cladosporium - Widely distributed as plant pathogens and saprobes. It is the most
frequently found fungus in outdoor air. Indoors, it usually occurs at low concentrations in
damp or humid areas, but may be found in high concentrations in water-damaged
building materials. Its ability to sporulate heavily and to get airborne makes it an
important fungal allergen. Only occasionally associated with disease in humans; one
species can cause chronic subcutaneous infection.
Penicillium - Many species are common contaminants on a variety of substrates. This
genus may be found indoors in air samples, carpet dust, or on wallpaper. Some species
are able to produce mycotoxins.
Stachybotrys - also known as “Black Toxic Mold” can be significant due to its ability to
produce mycotoxins under certain environmental conditions. Exposure to the toxins can
occur through inhalation, ingestion, or skin exposure. Until more information is available
This is proprietary document and shall not be reproduced for another company’s business practices.

© 2016 Same Day Mold Testing. Inc.
995 E. Green St. #164
Pasadena, CA 91106
(626) 568-2928
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on the health risks of environmental exposure to Stachybotrys, caution should be taken
when dealing with this fungus.
For definitions of each type of spore found, visit:
www.LATesting.com>Resources>Fungal Glossary.
Based on the limited scope and nature of this microbial survey, Same Day Mold Testing,
Inc. opines the “Red Flag” areas of concern do suggest further investigation by a mold
remediation company.
There are visible signs of moisture penetration in the Master Bathroom under the sink.
Independent microbiological lab analysis reflects imbalanced fungal activity between the
indoor and outdoor environmental conditions. The indoor fungal activity is greater than
the baseline indicator for Cladosporium when the air conditioning system is turned on.
There are also positive findings of Stachybotrys in the sink floorboard cavity of the
Master Bathroom and wall below window in the Master Bedroom.
Tenant/Landlord Considerations
Given the nature of tenant/landlord relationships, it is advisable that tenants present the
conclusions of this survey report in the spirit of collaboration and mutual respect. Most
lease agreements and local ordinances preclude tenants from making alterations,
modifications or repairs to the property being occupied. They also require landlords to
make certain repairs to make rental property habitable, safe and compliant with the
applicable building and safety codes. Mold contamination is a proven serious health risk
therefore immediate removal should be an urgent priority.
Homes and buildings with water damage should be repaired, the source of moisture
eliminated and all moldy material removed. Humidity indoors should be reduced with
adequate ventilation. It is important for occupants to keep doors and windows often,
particularly during winter months, to reduce the condensation that occurs on windows
and walls. Over time, fungal activity can take hold on such surfaces.
Landlords have a vested interest in abating moisture intrusion problems and remediating
water damaged areas to protect investments and ensure safe environmental conditions.
Therefore, tenants should present this report in the spirit of a “win-win” resolution,
whereby the property value is preserved by remediating the areas damaged by moisture
penetration and subsequent microbial growth. By extension of this effort, the indoor
environmental conditions will be conducive to occupant habitation.
This is proprietary document and shall not be reproduced for another company’s business practices.

© 2016 Same Day Mold Testing. Inc.
995 E. Green St. #164
Pasadena, CA 91106
(626) 568-2928
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Present this “Red Flag” report to the landlord or landlord’s representative (e.g. property
manager) in a non-confrontational manner so as to have the problem resolved as soon as
possible, if indicated.

Hire a licensed and insured mold remediation company to correct the mold
problem in the areas specified below:
Ø Master Suite.
o There are positive findings of mold in the cavity below the sink
o The sink floorboard should be removed to determine the extent of
fungal contamination.
o It may be necessary to remove the wall around plumbing and sink
cabinetry to fully investigate the problem.
o There are positive findings of Stachybotrys in the wall below
o Cut out 4’x 4’ section of wall below the window to determine the
extent of fungal contamination. Treat accordingly.
o The positive findings of mold in the carpet along the window wall
justify a deep shampoo treatment or replacement altogether.
o Floorboard and wall cavity sample locations are marked with
caulk-filled holes and a company logo sticker for easy
o Treat remaining construction materials with wipe downs with
antimicrobial solution.
o Run an air scrubber for 24 to 48 hours to reduce levels of spores
released during demolition.
Hire a licensed roofing contractor to verify proper working order the roofing
above the Master Bedroom window, which is above the upstairs unit.
Hire a licensed building contractor to verify proper working order the stucco on
the exterior wall of the Master Bedroom, cracks were observed.
Hire a licensed HVAC technician to service and clean the air ducts and replace
the filter to reduce levels of Cladosporium.
Hire Same Day Mold Testing, Inc. to perform post-remediation verification prior
to reconstruction to make sure mold remediation efforts have been done in
accordance with industry standards. Re-inspections are usually priced lower than
initial inspections to minimize the financial impact to the affected parties.

It is advisable to obtain the customary three (3) bids for the cost of remediation of the
suspect area(s), if a mold problem is indicated. Mold remediation contractors should be
licensed, insured and certified to perform mold remediation. Certified firms typically
This is proprietary document and shall not be reproduced for another company’s business practices.

© 2016 Same Day Mold Testing. Inc.
995 E. Green St. #164
Pasadena, CA 91106
(626) 568-2928
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adhere to industry guidelines governing the prescribed activities for mold remediation to
minimize the legal exposure associated with a formal complaint or lawsuit/litigation. It is
also the preferred method of resolution for real estate transfer disclosure statements.
The estimate for mold repair should include (but not limited to) placing the affected areas
under containment with plastic and tape, cutting out moldy construction materials 24
inches beyond visible stains and/or contamination, treating the remaining surfaces with
antimicrobial solutions, disposal of moldy materials, and scrubbing the air with HighEfficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) machines, and equipment pick up after
completion. When there is high moisture content in the affected area a dehumidifier may
be required to extract moisture from the remaining construction materials. Additional
charges may apply if additional mold contamination is discovered by the remediation
The recommendations in this report are not to be deemed a remediation protocol and
Same Day Mold Testing, Inc. will be held harmless and without liability for any
destructive procedures performed to repair area(s) of concern. The recommendations
contained herein are offered as guidance so the project manager and remediation
company can optimize the indoor environment to successfully pass a microbial clearance
All sources of moisture and contamination should be mitigated prior to reconstruction,
and damaged and/or rotted structural members should be replaced, if applicable.
Same Day Mold Testing, Inc. does not offer referrals for remediation companies. It has
been our experience that when a remediation company does not meet customer
expectations we are associated with that company. We work hard to keep our reputation
intact so it is company policy to refrain from making referrals.
Structures that were built prior to 1978 should be handled in accordance with lead and
asbestos regulations. If your structure is suspected of containing lead and/or asbestos, a
specialty consultant should be hired for that aspect of the remediation project.
Post Remediation Verification: Testing should be done prior to reconstruction to verify
the mold has been properly remediated according to industry standards and guidelines.
The estimate for repair does not include post-remediation verification. This is an
inspection to verify the work has been done correctly and to sample the air and surfaces if
visual contamination is present. A quote can be provided when the project is near
completion. Verification should be done before reconstruction.

This is proprietary document and shall not be reproduced for another company’s business practices.

© 2016 Same Day Mold Testing. Inc.
995 E. Green St. #164
Pasadena, CA 91106
(626) 568-2928
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Upon completion of any remediation of the suspect area(s), it is advisable to conduct post
remediation verification prior to reconstruction to verify the indoor environment has been
restored to pre-contaminated conditions. Testing should be done by a company other
than the mold remediation company to ensure objectivity and to avoid conflict of interest.
Same Day Mold Testing, Inc. specializes in fast, affordable results for clearance testing to
ensure expeditious return of occupants, which minimizes tenant displacement and the
costs associated with the event. Re-inspection rates are lower than initial inspections
to make re-inspections affordable.
A Certificate of Clearance is available on a case-by-case basis for an additional fee.
Same Day Mold Testing, Inc. asserts that continuity of testing methodology from
beginning to end with the same company (other than the remediation company)
streamlines the process and saves money for tenants and landlords.
If rebuilding the area is a consideration, a separate estimate can be provided. The mold
remediation company or other qualified contractor should be contacted for a complete
estimate to rebuild the remediated areas.
Mold Information
Molds are usually not a problem indoors, unless mold spores land on a wet or damp spot
and begin growing. Molds have the potential to cause health problems. Mold produces
allergens (substances that can cause allergic reactions), irritants, and in some cases,
potentially toxic substances (mycotoxins). Inhaling or touching mold or mold spores
may cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.
(Source: EPA Document #402-K-02-003)
The presence of mold spores does not necessarily mean there is a mold problem. The key
to mold control is moisture control. It is important to dry water damaged areas and items
within 24-48 hours to prevent mold growth. If mold is a problem in your home, clean up
the mold and get rid of the excess water or moisture. Fix leaky plumbing or other sources
of water. Absorbent materials (such as ceiling tiles & carpet) that become moldy may
have to be replaced. (Source: EPA website: Mold Resources)
The findings, conclusions, recommendations and analytical results contained herein are
indicative of conditions that existed at the time of the investigation and are subject to the
limitations and variability associated with the investigative methodology. It should be
noted that these conditions could change as a result of any number of factors including,
This is proprietary document and shall not be reproduced for another company’s business practices.

© 2016 Same Day Mold Testing. Inc.
995 E. Green St. #164
Pasadena, CA 91106
(626) 568-2928
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but not limited to, environmental parameters, fungal growth patterns, samples taken and
activities in the area. Company liability is limited to the fee for service.
Airborne spore samples do not identify spores down to the species level, and the spore
sample analysis methodology is subject to the widely varied fluctuations of the testing
environment. Both of these factors may mask differences in the types of spores found
indoors and outdoors. Consequently, there are instances when the fungal spore analysis
(e.g., wall cavity samples) is inconclusive and additional spore samples may be requested
to produce conclusive results. Such spore samples are subject to additional fees for
In the event there is a problem with processing your payment (e.g. Insufficient Funds for
check writing, credit card declined), every attempt will be made to seek any fees
associated with collecting payment, included but not limited to bank fees, court costs
and/or legal fees. Please make every attempt to have the necessary funds available at the
time of inspection.
This report is not intended to guarantee that the subject site is without conditions that
could pose a threat to human health or safety. There may be other factors beyond the
scope and nature of this inspection that influence the indoor and outdoor environment.
The investigative methodology of the tenant inspection is non-invasive and nondestructive in nature. Customers are encouraged to be present at inspection.
Commonly accepted guidelines in the industrial hygiene industry maintain that the
uncertainty inherent in microbial sampling precludes investigators from definitively
concluding or proving that an environment is “safe.” However, these industrial
guidelines recognize that sampling and inspection findings may be used to support the
assumption that an environment presents conditions of acceptable risk.
Molds have been associated with a variety of health effects, and sensitivity varies from
person to person. However, it is generally accepted that if the fungal activity of the
indoor environment is equal to or less than naturally occurring fungal activity of the
outdoor environment, the indoor environment is safe for occupants and inhabitants.
The conclusions and recommendations contained within this report do not constitute
medical opinions, human health risk analysis, or public health alerts. A licensed
physician should be consulted for such opinions.
Disclaimer: There are no universally accepted quantitative standards that currently exist
by which to assess the health risks related to mold exposure. There are no federal, state
(California) or local regulations governing the performance of mold inspectors.
However, there are several professional organizations that offer certification in the
This is proprietary document and shall not be reproduced for another company’s business practices.

© 2016 Same Day Mold Testing. Inc.
995 E. Green St. #164
Pasadena, CA 91106
(626) 568-2928
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performance of mold inspections in an effort to educate the inspector and provide a
standard of practice for the assessment of indoor environments that promote public health
and safety.
Closing Remarks
This report is intended and prepared solely for the customer reflected on the cover page
and is not transferable to any other person or entity related or unrelated to this matter.
If you have any questions regarding this report or require additional information, please
feel free to contact our office. If additional assessment is desired, we request that you
contact our office prior to the commencement of activities for scheduling purposes.
Thank you for the opportunity to address your indoor environmental issues and concerns.

This is proprietary document and shall not be reproduced for another company’s business practices.

© 2016 Same Day Mold Testing. Inc.
995 E. Green St. #164
Pasadena, CA 91106
(626) 568-2928
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