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What is Padparadscha Meaning .pdf

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Author: Harwinder

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What is Padparadscha Meaning?

Padparadscha gemstone is an exclusive gemstone that belongs to gem corundum
family. The exceptional color and remarkable appearance altogether make this
stone most invaluable gemstone among the assembly of all corundum gemstone.
The elusive color of the padparadscha stone perplexes those who gaze at this
stone. Thus, the baffling color of this stone has provoked controversy among
gemstone experts and astrologers.
Majorly, it is being argued that if the appearance of this stone is identical to lotus
then ideally, it would be named as “lotus gemstone”. Nonetheless, the color of
lotus ranges from pink, yellow, red and pale. Therefore, the problem arises that
which color would appear identical or more similar to padparadscha stone. Since,
the color of padparadscha is the mixture of pink and orange that unfortunately
will not be spotted in the color of lotus.
The most superior color of the lotus is pink as per the holy scriptures of Buddha.
Conceding, the pink lotus delicate color being the supreme color for
padparadscha gemstone even though the stone will not appear natural due to its
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distinct color that is not totally pink. Consequently, after the long discussion and
arguments gem expert reaches to a conclusion which entails that padparadscha is
not exactly pink although it is the mixture of pink and orange hues.
However, it is not being confidently professed by gem expert or proficient
astrologers that which color whether pink or orange predominates in this stone.
Therefore, at last the name of the stone has been derived from Sinhalese name
padparadscha for lotus flower. In regard with this, the sterling color of this stone
is also called the marriage of yellow sapphire and ruby stone due to its delicate
orange and pink hue.
Origin of Padparadscha Stone: Alike confusion while naming this stone, the
confusion continuous while deciding the origin of this stone as well. Some gem
traders suggest that the natural origin of padparadscha stone is in Sri Lanka.
Additionally, it is strongly being affirmed by gem experts that the Sri Lankan
padparadscha stone or Ceylon stone is supreme quality stone.
Besides this, there are other countries as well from where this auspicious stone is
excavated or spotted. The countries like Tanzania, Madagascar, and Vietnam are
primary countries wherein this stone is found. In spite of that, the stones which
are spotted from the above-mentioned countries are mainly perceived heat
The gemstone is heated on a low temperature of 1200 Celsius such heat
treatments are extremely hard to spot. Thus, on the basis of above discussion, it is
easy to predict that best quality padparadscha stone can be originated from
Ceylon or Sri Lankan.

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The price of Padparadscha Stone: The infamous color and other sound properties
of this stone make this first foremost choice among gemstones. Gemstone lovers
of all around the globe fantasize to acquire this stone. However, with the
assistance of its trenchant properties the price of padparadscha is touching sky
nowadays. A natural padparadscha stone will cost a person $ us 5000 due to its
popularity and delicate color characteristics.

Treatments: There are different treatments that are performed on this stone to
improve color and other properties of the stone. However, there are some
important treatments which are performed on this stone. The most common
treatment which is performed on this stone is beryllium treatment.
The core intention behind implying this treatment is to replicate the color of the
stone. Since, pink or orange are two top colors that are adjusted with this stone to
replicate the color. Generally, a beryllium treated padparadscha stone saturation
will be too dark too look like original stone.
Consequently, as per the above line it is extremely hard to find a natural quality
padparadscha stone in sapphires. Nonetheless, this stone will be found in
tourmaline much easier by the reason of high availability of pink tourmaline
which comprises of high touch of orange and yellow which efficiently
incorporates with the right pastel tone to meet the stone padparadscha

Question 1: The padparadascha stone belongs to which family?
Page 3

Answer: The padparadascha stone belong to corundum family.

Question 2: What makes padparadascha stone so valuable?
Answer 2: The fascinating color and invaluable physical properties makes this
stone so significant or valuable.
Question3: What makes this stone a controversial gemstone?
Answer 3: The elusive color and identical appearance to lotus has stirred
controversy among gem scholars about this stone.
Question 4: The padparadascha stone color appears identical to which flower?
Answer 4: Lotus flower
Question 5: What are the different colors of Lotus?
Answer 5:

Pink, Yellow, Read and pale.

Question 6: What is the other name of Padparadascha stone?
Answer 6:

Lotus Gemstone

Question 7: The padparadascha gemstone is mixture of which two colors?
Answer 7: Pink and Orange.
Question 8: The color of padparadascha stone resembles the marriage of which
two gemstones?
Page 4

Answer 8: The yellow sapphire and ruby stone.
Question 9: Which is the most superior color of lotus flower?
Answer 9: Pink
Question 10: The name padparadascha has been derived from which language?
Answer 10: The Sinhales language
Question 11: What does Padparadascha means?
Answer 11: It means the lotus flower in Sinhales language.
Question 12: From which country best quality padparadascha gemstone found?
Answer 12: Srilankan or Ceylon padparadascha gemstones are recognized as best
quality stone as per some gem traders.

Question 13: Does this stone only mines from Ceylon?
Answer 13: No
Question 14: What are the other countries from where padparadascha stone
found or mined?
Answer 14: Tanzania, Madagascar, and Vietnam
Question 15: Are the padparadascha stone found from other origins except
srilanka is natural quality stone or contains inclusions?
Answer 15: No, they are not natural and perceive inclusions.
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Question 16: At which treatment does padparadascha stone heats on?
Answer 16: 1200 Celsius
Question 17: What is the price of natural padparadascha stone per carat?
Answer 17: 5000 USD
Question 18: Why padparadascha gemstone is treated?
Answer 18: The stone padparadascha is being treated to enhance its physical
characteristics like color, shape and overall appearance.
Question 19: Except heat treatment what other treatments this stone introduces
Answer 19: Beryllium treatment
Question 20: What will be the effect of beryllium treatment on the
padparadascha stone?
Answer 20: The Saturation of padparadascha stone will look too dark due to
beryllium treatment.

Question 21: Is it easy to find a padparadascha stone?
Answer 21: No
Question 22: Is padparadascha stone expensive?
Answer 22: Yes, it charges 5000 USD per piece of stone
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Question 23: In which family tourmaline or Sapphires this stone find easily?
NSWER 23: Tourmaline.
Question 24: Why this stone find easily in Tourmaline?
Answer 24: Due to high availably of Pink tourmaline stone

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