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Jens Wagner


Dont believe that there is just one conspiracity.
The whole word, what you hear what you see is a conspiraicy
Its like a deep shift in mind, that started longer ago.
What we are now inside is the score of all scores.
We are playing the maybe famous card Game called Illuminati,
and that not bad as most think.
We became good players, we addept stuff from media without
to know.
But know I will tell you a secret about mind coding, mind
controlling and mind working for itself.
Up to the latest past through present, but maybe the most
famous war on information was between the Rothshilds and
England. I dont say its the fault of Rotshilds, I just want
to make a stand.
That the sorccerer behind all becomes not the present, he
will become slave to his own creation. Like today
information that goes through internet are very very not so
good for Rothshilds. But that isnt in my hand at all.
What I tell you as a good night tale today is the truth
about Inception - As named like in the movie Inception. I
bet I can do Inception on you even with this small words.
Why I am sure? Because every movie or something else what
has a story or a tale needs to make a step into your
Ever heard "the audiance is tied of the show"? Well... Hell
yes... Heaven no... Heaven wouldnt do this. But after all,
hell yes that is not just language. This is not just
linguistic, this is the bloody story about the history of
all time. Ever thought why just bad news and bad news are
the better news? A german paper, wouldnt say newspaper had
for a time in crisis a new part, it called "good news on
crisis", but that wasnt for long as I think.
And so it goes on, good news arent tie up the audiance - so
we need drama. Drama and drama in all kind of stuff.
It has automaticly the power to bring you into sleep, as
long you can be tie up from actor or somebody. Brain quits
while watching,just 20 perecent are in knowledge in your
brain that youre watching a movie, when you do.
So it goes like that: Let me take Gods of Egypt - I will
tell you the story: A banned man comes back from desert,
makes revenge because all what he lost - and takes the
kingdom. The other one, a not good educated - and even a
gambler, drinker and so one - should be the king first,
before the other guy enterded. So moral behind is: If you
where banned somewhere else and you became a fighter, the

happy one is still the drinker, the gambler - the person of
Interest in case that he is the total anti-hero and thats
why audiance says: OooooooO he was so symphatic, he was like
us or what we would like to be.
YEAAAA INCEPTION - Drinking yourself to kingdom... Kingdom
of partys, women and in best case to be the ruler of all.
Natural Selection maybe exists just through media. But thats
a side-topic, that will be analysed in another shock.
So the inception in every movie is just to bring the
audiance to sleep and then BANG BANG BANG drama, violance
and other stuff happens.
And dont be stupid, brain researchers like Manfred Spitzer
said that up an age there is no way for learning, but he is
still working and over age of learning.
Inception.Shock is everywhere - like you thought there will
be more about to come about Illuminati, Lumminiat - or to
say Sun Prayers, Moon Prayers and so on - signal words for
to think about. And the opposite is by media: Signal words
for to forget. Or to bann it in media - like a real
Inception mode of Illuminati from Dan Brown was to make
another brake in the wall - but not of re-education or
education - to bring people on way that Illuminati would
like to destroy church... Even true is that the founder of
Illumanti was an Jesuit/Jesuit.
So now back to the ground: The basics of media manipulation
is to make a dream, mostly more then one dream.
It goes like: Main actor story - the hero or anti-hero - BUT
the lucky thing to lough about is: When you watch a movie
and you think "whats the side-kick doing at the moment" or
another not so present charakter. Then you can realy lough,
because then media manipulation worked - you will be more
aware or think "did I passed the moment".
For example some movies are good to see more then one time in "The 9. Gate" you should watch the movie two times - it
makes the story in another light, and was the story about my
own.. Just kidding.
But now to show you something like that: In "The 9. Gate"
the side-kick becomes a main actor, at the second or third
watching of the movie.
And maybe you will look more on stuff, that she for example
read in the movie or other stuff.
Its a real kick - like now back to Rothshilds ... Yeaa you
see Inception is not just possible on video. What I want to
say: A lie can become reality, and the liaer is coming into
the reality also. Even such a master piece of criminal
energy - can lead to a new level, all accepted that England

was bought by Rotshilds for nearly nothing - because of
Waterloo - if the legend is right.
But the truth is: It was a war on information - and like a
new friend of mine said "We are addicted to informations".
There I take the definition from Robert Anton Wilson more or
less: Information is just the await of news - without to
know if its good or bad. In words like that Robert Anton
Wilson said it.
But we all forget, or mostley because of media manipulation
- we are not seperated - and we are no saints - nor cops at
all. We are all humans, and they try to seperate us in many
ways. "What youre listening to" "what kind of movies youre
watching" and other stuff.
So one of the inceptions beginnining with RocknRoll as
incption over sound for example was to make more influence
on basic instincts. I never watched basic instincts, but I
know excactly why its called "Sex, drugs and rocknroll"
because stimulating of instincts mostley leads to hate like
Hate Rocknroll or right wing music makes, or to total freak
out like Rolling Stones.
But the
call it

inception came back before the RocknRoll like
Stones was born, first Rock superstars where the
- just have a look what they made with there, let us

As you would disagree with the word magic, you would more
say its an Inception. Inception of time shift - in artifical
or even natural way. And that is even some kind of magic, to
speak directly to the audiance.
Its funny to listen people playing songs where the actor
speaks to somebody like a so called diss - but songs like
that are making somebody closer to somebodys point of view.
Its a hell of information that still needs to work out.
And I am the first that would say: Yes Illuminati or even
Loominati - or even Hi Rotshilds - I am for a new step - for
to use stuff different - because what most dont understand:
A system never changes. German democraty is same like in
America - what should german says about there, or in that
case, my democraty: Yes we have more political partys, but
just one ruling party, and the rest has nothing to say.
So after all this was what I wanted to told you tonight. To
give you same hints. And dont forget: If you say the mass
doesnt have a clue, you say with other words: Most humans
are not living here - becaue every one has a clue or not question if its a good knowledge, a secret knowledge - or
even just knowledge in other parts.
Its false to say that so called stupid people dont have a
plan, for example: I am an office worker from education, but
I also tried to get into refuse collection for some weeks -

in other words: No one is stupid, is just the collective
mind that says the public dont have a clue.
Will it need a Trump, will it need a Hitler or will it need
the truth - that all is in case of a big inception - that
inception is to say "we are oversized in count of humans".
And so it goes with all the drama on TV and other stuff on
the instinct - the trying to have a better life to fight and
other instict, or basic instinct thinking.
Why are gays or lesbians atttacked? Because they dont give
birth to children - most attackers dont know that they are
basic instinct acting to save themself, or to get more
I think this is enough for a podcast. Just give your brand
on the tree.... I want to say your comment under the
This is somebody, somewhere somehow speaking to you. Maybe
specialy YOU listend to this show.
And still remember: I aint against to shutdown the system,
but a change would be helpfull at alll.
Dont forget the Inception in the Movie Matrix - Part 1 humans wherent lucky about so much lucky things, that they
made war on it - And that wasnt when Matrix was out, but
happend later. Untill 9/11 the music was different from
present, but when the gangsta rap and all the stuff was
starting to grow.
This was Inception.Shock.

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