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jerry-merritt/, Heironimus explicitly denied ever having a suit to show
Kitakaze—The suit shown in the back of Opal's Buick at the
Idle Hour was not shown by Bob Heironimus on any other
occasion and that was the only time he had it to show.

But there is testimony that indicates that Heironimus showed off a
suit from his trunk before the filming of the PGF, or that supports that
interpretation. Here’s what five Long-interviewees said:

A. Merle Warehime
Les Johnson—A person you ought to talk to is Merle
Warehime. He’s a realtor. He used to run the Circle Inn Tavern.
He told me not long ago that the suit was in his tavern.
—The Making of Bigfoot, p. 328

Merle Warehime—Bob Heironimus was the guy who wore
the monkey suit. It was always a joke. So when it started getting
blown out as it did, it was funny. But nobody said anything about
it, because we didn’t know if it would get Bob in trouble or not.
—The Making of Bigfoot, p. 331

As a subsequent quotation by Les Johnson on page 13 confirms, by “the
monkey suit” Warehime was referring to the Bigfoot-hoax-sightings to
the southwest of Yakima in 1966 & 1967, which were covered (“blown
out”) in the media, mostly, I presume, radio and TV (because press
coverage was nearly non-existent—I checked).
Greg Long—Les Johnson told me the suit was in your tavern.
—The Making of Bigfoot, p. 331

Not exactly—Johnson said that Warehime had told him (Johnson)
that the suit was in his tavern—see the first quotation above (TMoB,
p. 328).
Merle Warehime—“Well . . . ” He lowered his voice. “I’m not
going to comment on that.”
Long—You’re not going to comment?
Merle Warehime—No. You know, a lot of people seen it. I
don’t know who ended up with it. I don’t know.