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—The Making of Bigfoot, p. 331

That sounds to me that he’s implying: a lot of people saw it elsewhere, so
get off my case. Continuing:
Long—I could see the suit was a sensitive subject, so I dropped
it. But I suggested that Heironimus might have put on a costume to
help Patterson convince the public of the existence of Bigfoot.
Merle Warehime—I don’t think it’s that complicated. I think
it’s a bunch of guys . . . . It was kinda fun, go get drunk, put the suit
on, and run out in front of somebody.
Long—He giggled.
Long—Les said the suit was in your tavern.
He stopped giggling.
Merle Warehime—Well, I don’t want to comment on that. I
heard that some guys had it there one night. I understand when I
was gone for a couple of days, on a weekend, they had it there. But
I don’t know. I wasn’t there. Who cares?
Greg Long—So you never saw the suit yourself?
Merle Warehime—In the back of the car, yeah. . . . I believe
we were out in the Ahtanum [a river valley to the southwest of
Yakima along which Patterson lived] by that old church. We was
sittin’ there. We was about to go Jeepin’, and somebody had the
thing. It was in a box there, you know. It was just in kind of a box
in the back. I didn’t pay much attention to it.
Merle Warehime, paraphrased by Long—Although he
believed that Heironimus had a blue Buick, he wasn’t sure the car
with a suit in it was a Buick. . . . Everybody knew Patterson and
Merritt were trying to make a movie. “That’s what they wanted to
do, you know. Who really cares? People laughed about it, joked
about it, and we went to work.”
Greg Long—Are you convinced that Bob Heironimus was the
guy who wore the Bigfoot suit?
Merle Warehime—Oh, yes. Yeah. That’s the way Bob walks.

This “Bigfoot suit” just above refers to the suit in the PGF. In the
previous part of this Q & A segment, on page 2, “the monkey suit”