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Rebar bending machine.
Pipe bending machine.
Section bending machine.
Steel & alloy casting.
Rebar shearing machine.
Crop cum cobble shear.
Flying shear.
Alligator shearing machine

Mechanical press
Automatic cooling bed
Slag grinding machine
Gears & Gear box.
Mechanical power press
Hydraulic power press
Gear couplings
Scrap shearing machine
Mushroom Cultivating machines.

Our team of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical engineers have many years of experience
in the manufacturing industry and can provide a complete engineered package for any new
equipment or modernization project. 3D CAD design software allows our engineers to
accurately create 3D models of our designs and simulate their motion. Finite Element
Analysis software is also utilized to solve complex stress and thermal analysis problems to
ensure the structural integrity and performance of our equipment. We provide engineering
studies to determine the feasibly and best course of action to solve our customer's unique
At FastPace we design, engineer, and manufacture a complete range of products that are
designed to improve efficiency and help the (Hot/Cold Rolling) steel industry overcome cost
and productivity issues. We supply solutions for a number of areas and manufacturing
industries, optimizing all aspects of engineering.
Our strong tradition of engineering excellence is due to the wealth of experience FastPace
has over a range of industries. Our engineers are highly resourceful and dependable no
matter the difficulty of the project. No matter how complex the project rest assured that our
dedication to quality, performance and creative technological talent will translate into an
innovative solution that will exceed your expectations.
Our resources domestically and internationally respond to your need in the shortest time
frame possible. We pool our talent and develop a solution that satisfies all parties involved.
Our multi-discipline and multi-industry expertise is proven and trusted. The bottom line is
when you have an engineering problem we have the skills and resources to design the most
reliable, effective and innovative solution with the highest quality in the shortest timeframe