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Table of Contents.
Canadian Citizens Assemblies on election methods:
British Columbia chooses a voting system.
Citizens Assemblies of Canada choose a voting system.
STV elections, not single member exclusions nor list appointments.
Ontario Citizens Assembly and due process for future assemblies.
"One Ballot. Two Votes." as a premature report... (And Ontario CA "Democracy At Work.")

Party leaders sabotaged the BC Citizens Assembly and referendum experiment.
The Straw Man Referendum on the Alternative Vote in the UK.
The duncing of a nation: How misrepresentation won the AV referendum.
When knowledge fails belief: referendums.

Other developments
Choice Voting America? (Proportional Representation by Single Transferable Vote: STV/PR.)
Power in the European Union and English regions.
The Ashdown Diaries 1997 - 1999: lessons for electoral reform.
The Two Cultures and electoral lawlessness in Britain...
Open letter to the Speakers Conference on Parliamentary Representation.
Consultation on Scotlands electoral future.

Simple examples of election counts by the single transferable vote (STV).

En français (In French):
Modèle Scientifique du Procès Electoral. (Scrutin Transferable: Single Transferable Vote.)

Guide to five volume collected verse
by Richard Lung
Guide to two more book series:
Commentaries series;
Democracy Science series.

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