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Table of Contents:
Scientific Method of Elections.


How partisans resist effective democracy.
Foul! Referee electoral system abuse.
War games politics censor knowledge thru free enquiry.
Why do we never learn anything from history?
(Continuing electoral reform as a case study of war games.)

Scientific method of elections:
How To Do It.
How Not To Do It .

British reports on election methods:
A Criticism of The Plant Report (omission of STV case).
Against the Jenkins Report.
The Kerley report on Scottish local democracy.
The Sunderland report on Welsh local elections.
The Arbuthnott report: "putting citizens first" for the Scottish parliament? The Richard Report on the Welsh Assembly.
The Power commission "Power to the People"?

STV pioneers and my research.
JS Mill & HG Wells on electoral reform:
From John Stuart Mill letters: proportional representation, etc.
John Stuart Mill MP moves personal / proportional representation.
John Stuart Mill MP speeches on Parliamentary Reform.
World peace thru democracy: HG Wells neglected third phase.
A Declaration of the Rights of Man.
Old working man of the nineteen thirties;
A Charter of Scientific Fellowship.

Liberating democracy from Impossibility Theorem.
Binomial STV and the Harmonic Mean quota.