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Protegent 360- Complete Security Software
“It’s Time to Think Beyond Anti-Virus”
virus, Internet Security and total security are common words describing
security software, but only for Internet threats. The new buzz word, complete
security is on priority from the broader aspect for individual users and
enterprise users. Complete Security not only means protection from Internet
Threats but also Protection from data theft, unethical activity
and physical
The word “Protegent” is deciphered from protégée (“To Protect”–in
Complete security is what is offered in Unistal’s Proegent360. Protegent360
encompasses internet threats and data safety through its six modules, Internet
Security, Activity Monitoring, Port Locker, Locate Laptop, Crash Proof and
SysBoost. Protegent Total security designed for countering Internet threats is
simple to use yet a sophisticated protection for all kinds of spyware, malware, e-threats,
threats, root kit and Antiphishing. Protegent internet security boasts of the world biggest antivirus database engine.
The real challenge is to take maximum efficiency from your subordinates. It has also become important to
keep our machine safe from unethical Activities iin our absence. Activity Monitoring and Reporting helps
us in keeping the log of complete work done on a computer. This module reports all the unethically defined
activities and sends reports directly to your email. This also helps the organizations to enhance
the activity
of their staff by 20% as now they are aware that the entire work log is going via email to their boss
restricting them not to do personal chat, web browsing, playing games etc.
Do we parents need to monitor our teens and pre
pre-teens? It’s a debatable question. But parents need not be of
the nagging type now as they can have tools that could assist them through monitoring all their computer/
internet activities via Protegent 360’s Activity Monitoring & Reporting module.
Keeping your data safe and protected is a challenge for each individual and organization. In today’s world
we require Controlling, monitoring and preventing the flow of data from the computer. Port locker a data
leakage prevention module allows you to protect the flow of data fr
from all the ports leaving no chance of
data theft.. This module is also equipped with email filtering, so user can not send files/ mails which are not
authorized by the organization. You can make Pen drives white listed or read only for the computers within
your organization.
In case if the laptop is lost, missing or stolen, Locate Laptop module helps in finding it the moment it gets
connected to Internet. Its ability to find out the location from the IP with which it is connected to Internet
helps in physical theft prevention of the Laptop. If Laptop does not get connected to Internet for a specified
time, this module automatically encrypts the important data folder and makes it unusable for others.
The Crash Proof / Data Loss Prevention feature of Protegent complete security software creates the image
of our systems data, Image of file. Crash Proof helps the user to keep the updated backup of data. This
Software is designed to keep the image of the file indexes/ disk properties and it keeps updating them at
regular intervals.

Sysboost is system tune-up software which is easy to use and developed for Microsoft Windows which
helps to manage, maintain, and optimize a computer system. It improves booted time and overall
performance by cleaning junk registry, junk files and folders, temporary internet files and by performing
defragmentation of drives.
Unistal’s Protegent360,, the complete security software covers all the six aspects of complete security. This
is feature rich software beyond comparison. Protegent powers up 60% more features than any other nearest
competitive software. The free trail software can be downloaded from www.protegent360.com.
www.protegent360.com For more
ails contact marketing@unistal.com
Description and Features of Protegent360 Modules
Protegent Total Security
Protegent Total Security keeps your Internet
connected family safe. The antivirus solution provides highend proactive protection from deadliest viruses, spyware, hackers and other e-threats.
threats. Protegent internet
Security is time tested antivirus solution and known for its superior quality and effectiveness. Its hourly
virus signature update module always protects you from latest viruses.

Antivirus & Antispyware

Entertainment Mode

Setting Protection

Protegent protects your computer from all kinds of Viruses, Trojans,
Spywares, Rootkits, and Malwares.. It helps you to keep your system clean
and healthy.
Antispam feature blocks unwanted mails before it reaches your Inbox.
Entertainment Mode temporarily modifies protection settings.
minimizes their impact on system performance.


Setting protection feature helps you to protect your settings with a
password, So that no one can change oorr modify the settings even if the
other user has the admin rights.

Active Virus Control

Active Virus Control continuously monitors the applications running on
the computer. It looks for malware and other unethical objects.

Hourly Update

Protegent Total Security software takes updates every hour and protects
our system from new viruses

Personal Data Filter

Prevents critical data, such as your social security number, from leaving
your computer.

Web Control
USB Block/Protection

Protect against online risk and block internet cclutter.

Combats or blocks USB device auto
run vulnerability and you can also
block USB access.


phishing feature blocks all the web pages which are supporting virus
scams and personal data phishing attempts.

File and Folder Block

File and Folder block feature will make your personal file and folder
inaccessible without user’s permission.

One Click Removable Device
Website and Add Blocking

Protegent Total Security will instantly monitors your USB as soon as you
plugged it in your system.
Blocks Website & Ad on the basis of keyword and names as defined by
the user.

Activity Monitoring & Reporting
Activity Reporter is a very important tool to monitor the activities of all computer users. It records and
reports every key stroke/ every activity on the computer or internet and report is generated and emailed on
regular basis. The unique feature of Activity Reporter to White list and black list applications would enable
you to monitor more effectively. The vvarious
arious options of reporting along with the different formats of
reporting would ensure monitoring is effective and keep the network more secured. The features of Activity
Reporter would definitely act as a foil for anyone to do any fraudulent activities in the organization. It helps
the user to find out if any unwanted activity has taken place in his absence. It also helps parents to find out
the activity of their children to guide them to right direction.

Monitor Internet Activity

Monitor Screenshots
Monitor Keystrokes

Monitor Application Activity

Monitor Chat Activity
Monitor Clipboard Activity

Captures all Internet activity with features of Blacklist and White list
Black list- Internet activities (web sites) which are added in this list are
monitored and be visible in alerts.
White list
list- Internet activities which are added in this list are ignored
not visible in alerts.
Capture the Screen shot within a specified time Interval or on every mouse
Captures all key strokes. Intercept DOS
DOS-box and Java –chat

aptures all system application activity with features of Blacklist and
White list
Black list- All the application activities that are added will get captured
and be visible in alerts.
White list
list- All the application activities that are added in this list, are
ignored and not visible in alerts.
Captures ICQ, Miranda, Skype, Google Talk , MSN, AIM, AOL, Yahoo,
QIP Chats
Captures Clipboard content

User Login Reporting
User wise Reporting

You can get the login and logout details of each and every user
You can get reports of each and every user account by their user name.

Port Locker
Port Locker allows the user to safeguard data/files from unauthorized access. It prevents vital & important
data to be transferred from one PC to another using Flash drive, DVD/CD writers, PCMCIA ports, Ethernet
ports, Printer ports, Infrared ports and Bluetooth ports
ports. It provides the Options to lock/unlock single or
multiple ports with authorized password.
sword. It allows user to lock ports with different lock type options as
permanent, specific time duration (scheduled block) and when the computer remains idle or untouched.
untouched It
displays the alert as soon as an unauthorized action is performed against the lo
cked ports. It provides
complete log related to Permanent Blocked, Schedule Blocked or Un
Blocked Ports with actions performed
including changes in settings, locking and unlocking the ports, setting scheduler etc. Users can White list
one or more pen drivess to be allowed on the system. You can also make your USB port read only so data can
only be transferred from pen drive to system. It provides the file transfer log through USB ports.

Block ports

White listing of Authorized
USB devices

You can block all the ports with the help of Port Locker, to prevent your
system from unauthorized access. You can block USB port, Bluetooth
port, Infrared port, IEEE 1394 port, Network Adaptors port.
Unique feature of White listing the authorized USB by using unique
hardware ID of the device.

USB read only feature

Option of assigning USB read only setting to white listed and non white
listed USB mass storage device.

File Transfer logs from & to

File transfer logs will show the reports of file transferred to and from USB
device and also show the reports of file added, removed, renamed &

Block /Unblock as per
schedule or block port when
system idle

Block CD/DVD

Block Printer
Block/Unblock Single/All

Multiple or Single ports can be blocked permanently, scheduled or even if
you leave your system idle. Only authorized user can unblock the Port by
using the password.
Removable or Inbuilt CD/DVD ROM can be blocked by blocking
CD/DVD ROM port, no one will be able to read or write the CD/DVD
from the system.
No Print command will work when Printer port is blocked.
You can block/ unblock Multiple or single port in one shot.

Locate Laptop
Locate Laptop keeps a track of laptop's location whenever laptop gets connected to internet. What is lost is
not just the laptop, but also the valuable, sensitive and creative data in it. It contains a smart agent, designed
to collect and transmit critical data needed to pinpoint its location to identify the unauthorized user in case of
a theft. It works in a stealth mode and can also silently inform you, about the location of your employee's
laptop! Predefined settings allow the user to encrypt classified files and folders whenever laptop is not
connected to internet for specified period or is detected stolen. It pro
vides a secure web page for every user
to monitor the Location, IP Address, and Internet Service Provider with date and time. It allow user to
submit Theft Report online and provides regular Status Updates of laptop location on email.
Laptop/ User Tracking

Automated Data Encryption

Tamper Proof Reporting

Secure Webpage for every user to Keep (monitor) a close eye on
movement of person with the designated laptop e.g. company employee.
Remotely launch the data encryption module on predefined sensitive files
and folders. Encrypts D
ata even if laptop is not connected to Internet for
particular period.
Reports on server contain information on date, time, Public IP. Location,
country, state, city, ISP, Longitude & Latitude. No human intervention for

Crash Proof
Crash Proof software helps the user to keep the updated backup of the data. This software designed to keep
the images of the file indexes/ disk properties and keeps updating them at regular intervals. In this business
/Organization world the data volume has raised so that computer dependency grown. As the dependency
grows the down time increase as well due to data loss and the data lost cost us more than the recreation cost.
Data recovery cannot provide you the satisfactory result every time. So tthe
he users have the requirement of
software that can help users to keep the image of the data. Crash proof takes the image of your data in a
regular interval and this information stored in a protected area. So the users use that data as per their need.
You can
an recover your lost files due to help of this software and you can un
format any lost drive.

Features:Deleted file/ folder recovery

Unformat formatted drives

The software supports deleted file /folder recovery. It can recover the
deleted/ lost files if they are deleted from your PC , even if they are not
present in recycle bin.
The software can even unformat the whole drive. With the
th help of this
product the user can revive the file system from its replica, which is
stored in some other location of the hard disk.

Repair Corrupted / Deleted

With this software you can repair or build back the corrupted/ deleted
partition, which may occur due to virus attacks or accidental deletion.

Revive in case of FAT/MFT

The software has a feature to build back your FAT/ MFT file system. It
supports 100% recovery in case your file system gets corrupt.

The SysBoost feature of Protegent complete security software helps you to manage, maintain, and optimize
your computer system. SysBoost consist of six features which are Select and Wipe, Select Extensions,
Defrag Drive, Internet Wipe, Registry Clean and Re
Registry Restore. It improves the boot up time of the
system by deleting junk registries, junk files and internet history. Backup of unwanted files can be taken .By
using this backup files can be restored .SysBoost analyses the system and brings out all the unwanted

Select and Wipe

Select Extensions

Defrag Drive

Internet Wipe

Registry Clean

Registry Restore

Select the files/folders you want to delete .Selected Files get deleted
permanently. Backup and Wipe takes the backup of selected file,
with this backup we can recover our deleted file.

Delete file with the mentioned extensions (txt,
bmp, pdf etc)
permanently. Backup and Wipe takes the backup of mentioned
extensions, with this backup we can recover our deleted file.

In this feature Defragmentation of drive takes place. Increases
the throughput of the system. Analyses the Drive and gives
information weather the drive needs to be defragmented or not.
Clears all the temporary internet files internet Cookies and internet
history permanently.
Scans the system and gives the accurate information of all the
unwanted registries. Software locations, shared DLLs,
DLLs custom
control, help files, startup items, deleted applications, most recently
run list are the available categories of registries.
Deletes unwanted registries can restore by using this option.

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems
Windows XP (SP 2), Windows Vista (SP 1), Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.
Minimum Requirement
CPU: 450 MHZ
RAM: 512 MB
HDD: 100 MB

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