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Fashion Week Sweepstakes Agreement
Bumble and bumble, LLC. agrees to the following:
1. Bumble and bumble will provide a hair stylist to give the winner of the
sweepstakes a blow-out or styling of his/her choice on September 9,
2016 at 11 am while backstage preparing for the Tanya Taylor SS17
2. Bumble and bumble will promote the sweepstakes on one (1)
dedicated email to its subscriber list and direct participants to
3. Bumble and bumble will support the sweepstakes on the following
social media channels:
- 2 posts total on Instagram – 1 post at the launch and 1 post on
the day of the sweepstakes
- 2 posts on Facebook – 1 post at the launch and 1 post on the day
of the sweepstakes
- All posts will tag @tanyataylor (Instagram) or
- All posts will message tanyataylorcontests.com
4. Tanya Taylor will select the winner at random
5. Tanya Taylor will spearhead all communication with the winner and
ensure that he/she is attended to on the day of the SS17 show
6. Tanya Taylor will distribute the emails of all entries to Bumble and
bumble at the conclusion of the sweepstakes

450 Broadway 4th Floor New York, NY 10013