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Planning Update Memo on Kahana Bay Regional Beach Nourishment Project for
Boards of Directors of Kahana Bay and other Interested Stakeholders on behalf of the
Planning Group, August 18, 2016
This is an update on good progress and momentum towards truly beginning a Regional Beach
Nourishment Project for all of Kahana Bay, to restore a wide and healthy beach to both enjoy and to
protect our coastal development and coastal ecosystem. To provide further outreach for funding this
project, please distribute this Planning Update memo to all your unit owners. Next meeting is scheduled
for August 26, 2016, 9am, at the Royal Kahana Surf Room. There is a conference call number available.
The purpose of this update is to gain full support from all property owners and users of the
Kahana shoreline and bay. The following information is intended for the Boards of Directors for the
nine (9) condominium AOAOs fronting Kahana Bay, as well as interested stakeholders who use Kahana
Bay, to make a decision to support and fund this subject project.
Hopefully, by now, all Board members from the nine condo complexes in Kahana Bay have some
awareness of the ongoing shoreline problems and the proposed regional beach nourishment solution
that will mitigate the ongoing coastal erosion threatening Kahana Bay properties. Figures 1 & 2 show
visual impacts from the eroded beach at Kahana Bay in 2016.

Figure 1. Condos at Risk from Coastal Erosion are Costing Condos Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars. Erosion Hot Spots at Royal Kahana,
Valley Isle, and Sands of Kahana. First 2 images, from left to right: By April 2016, large waves had impacted Royal Kahana AOAO and
the Valley Isle Resort AOAO, both located south of Hololani,which has been previously impacted by coastal erosion. Third image: Current
deflated beach condition fronting Sands of Kahana on August 16, 2016. These recent images of Kahana Bay point to the fact that all 9
condo properties of Kahana Bay remain at risk from continued coastal erosion. Regional Beach Nourishment provides a cost-effective
solution that needs your organizational and financial support immediately. The outcome of full participation in regional beach
nourishment will be a collective reduction in the overall future costs for shoreline protection for all properties.

Regional beach nourishment is a viable alternative to further hardening of your shoreline. The good
news is that beach quality sand, once residing on the Kahana Beach, is available in the near shore area
to achieve this project.
Kahana Bay Regional Beach Nourishment Project Update Memo to Boards of Directors


Recent progress and momentum has been achieved through:
1. A strong desire by the unit owners who have now held seven voluntary community informational
2. Two email and two mailed letters from Jim Foster, Chase N Rainbows, to all condo unit owners that
reference two YouTube Videos available documenting two selected milestone meetings2;
3. Maui Planning Commission decision on June 14, 2016 to place conditions on the Hololani AOAO
approved seawall/revetment project to participate in funding regional beach nourishment and to
remove the seawall/revetment when regional beach nourishment is accomplished; and
4. County and private funding3 to discover the beach-quality sand sources required to achieve regional
beach nourishment. Large quantities of clean beach sand are located near shore, making the project
economically feasible4.
5. The United States Army Corps of Engineers, Honolulu District, has committed to producing a Project
Management Plan to share with all condo Boards of Directors by the end of September.

Figure 2. Damage to sand bags, pool deck, and uninhabited cabana at Royal Kahana AOAO, April 2016. Valley Isle Resort suffered similar
beach erosion. All shoreline parcels are at risk due to continued erosion as well as failure of existing seawalls.

The County has shared preliminary conceptual project configurations with condo owners. These
beach designs include offshore protective T-head groins needed to supplement the restoration by
controlling erosion. These conceptual configurations (figures 3 and 4) are available for all board
members to review; however, the configurations are preliminary and are subject to further community
input & scientific review before finalizing the placement, length, spacing, and orientation of the groins.

May 5, 2015; November 13, 2015, July 13 & 22 & 29, 2016 and August 12, 2016 held at Royal Kahana Surf Room and the
August 5, 2015 meeting was held at Kahana Falls Meeting Room. YouTube video, URL:
July 13, 2016 meeting YouTube video, URL:
Maui County Council approved $160,000 on July 1, 2015 that has been matched by Royal Kahana AOAO. These funds
supported a contract to Moffatt & Nichol to complete the fruitful sand survey study in April 2016.
Moffatt & Nichol surveyed and quantified 405,000 cubic yards of beach quality sand – much more than needed.

Kahana Bay Regional Beach Nourishment Project Update Memo to Boards of Directors


Figure 3. Four major Sand Deposits Surveyed. Beach quality sand borrowed from nearby offshore deposit areas can be
dredged up on shore to the Kahana Beach along each of the condos in a continuous manner, resulting in a restored beach.
The sand has been found and this sand survey has made regional beach nourishment a realistic and cost-effective option.

Figure 4. Two Regional Beach Nourishment Concepts under Consideration. Regional beach nourishment concepts
range from 1) Concept 1, a total of 50,000 cubic yards of sand placed in front of all nine condos in a continuous manner,
resulting in a 50 foot wide dry beach with containment rock groins placed at property boundaries to 2) Concept 2, a
total of 100,000 cubic yards of sand resulting in a 100 foot wide beach. With your support, specific configurations will
be modeled scientifically to understand how to best protect your property in a way that benefits all. Please note that
you will have opportunities for review and further input. As part of the concept, not shown in the diagrams, sand will
bury groins along the shoreline and beach area, providing for a continuous walkable beach.

Kahana Bay Regional Beach Nourishment Project Update Memo to Boards of Directors


To support full condo board of director participation and funding, appointed representatives
from all nine (9) condominium complexes have been meeting recently (July 13, 22, 29 and Aug 12 with
additional meetings as needed) to: 1) establish a formal organization for the Kahana Bay Regional Beach
Nourishment; and 2) gain full support from all Kahana Bay condominiums in order to fund the Regional
Beach Nourishment project. The private consultant estimate for achieving this cost-effective project is
from $7-to-$11 million dollars for planning, design, permitting, and construction of a minimum 50,000
cubic yard sandy beach to a maximum 100,000 cubic yard sandy beach, respectively. This frontage
includes the kuleana shorefront property. These meetings are tracking condo participation and
commitments and will distribute this information per meeting so as to identify the remaining condos
for full required participation.
The Boards of Directors must choose between two project management options or paths.
1. Option 1: for the boards to consider is to use private consultants to complete the project as cost
effectively as possible, in the shortest time frame, approximately 3 to 4 years. The condos would be
responsible for full funding.
2. Option 2: is to partner with the US Army Corps of Engineers, Honolulu District (USACE), who can
potentially match condo funds, with a cap of $5 million contribution for all project phases: from
planning and design through construction. However, the timeline would take longer, 5-7 years, due to
the USACE-driven project must follow a federal program time line and process. This process is not
meant to meet emergency situations such as Kahana Bay.
Key decisions must be made by all condos as an organization over the next two months -September to October:
3. Year One and Year Two costs: For either option, funding from the condos for conducting the studies
required for the project is currently estimated at $600,000 to $700,000, which could be broken down
into two (2) one-year phases. We need $300,000 collectively to begin either Option 1 or 2 as a down
payment. The USACE is constructing a Project Management Plan to be delivered by end of September.
4. The next immediate step is to organize all condos by asking now for full participation and
representation as well as financial commitment, make these decisions, and to begin financing the
regional beach nourishment project so that we can begin the project by the end of 2016, with Phase 1,
Year One funding and contractor in place.
For more information, contact Jim Buika, 808-270-6271 or and
Terry and Marie Schroeder at
Finally, please distribute this Planning Update memo to all your unit owners.

(2) Milton Yoshimoto & Tom Smith, US Army Corps of Engineers, Honolulu District
(10) Boards of Directors for: Kahana Village, Kahana Outrigger, Kahana Reef, Pohailani Maui Resort, Hololani
AOAO, Royal Kahana Resort, Valley Isle Resort, Sands of Kahana, Kahana Beach Resort, & Felimon Sadang.
(3) Boards of Directors for: Kahana Falls, Kahana Villas, and Kahana Manor

Kahana Bay Regional Beach Nourishment Project Update Memo to Boards of Directors


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