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Author: deez

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In the popular culture, hypnosis is connoted by “swinging pendulum” and “murmuring words” and
the like activities presumably related to the work of sorcery and fraud artists. However, in the
medical parlance, hypnosis is one of the cures for psychological illness which shall only be provided
by trained and licensed health care professionals.

There are several misconceptions about hypnosis.
(1) It will not force you to tell your secrets. When you are in the hypnotic stage, you are still in
control of your body. It only helps you to face inner truths.
(2) It does not violate human will. Hypnosis cannot force you to act divergent to your will. Images
projected during the process are only suggestions and it is up to you if you will adapt them or repel
(3) Hypnotic state is not and would never be permanent. It is just a relaxed and focused state
making it impossible to get “stuck” on it. Taking for example, the trained and licensed health care
provider left the room, you will not be trapped in the hypnotic state. Rather, you might wake up
normally as if nothing happened or be disturbed and escape your focused state.

Observe that
hypnosis is the state
of utmost relaxation
and focused
concentration. That is
what someone feels
when reading a book
or watching a movie
and felt that they
were already part of
it. Scientific hypnosis is
also known as
hypnotherapy, which
is used to cure:
•Sleep Disorders
•Childhood Traumas

◦ Sleep Disorders

◦ Anxieties

◦ Insomnia is not the sole kind of sleep
disorder; it also includes night terror,
sleepwalking, and wakeful sleep. These
disorders are characterized by not achieving
the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep which
our body needs.

◦ Believed to have the ability to bind the
power of the mind, hypnosis allegedly
relieves state anxieties or anxieties related
to other medical procedures such as
surgery, giving birth or cancer.

◦ Results of medical researches imply that
hypnosis help the brain to achieve the slowwave sleep compared to the neutral spoken
text. As compared to taking up sleepinducing drugs, using hypnosis have no
adverse side effects.

◦ Furthermore, researches are already up in
finding the effect of hypnosis to the
victims of depression.

◦ Addictions

◦ Pain

◦ Childhood issues and problems

◦ Hypnosis can help treat
addictions be it smoking,
food, drugs or alcohol.
Hypnotherapy provides
cure that patients would
not relapse and be
addicted again after
the treatment.
Hypnotherapy aids in
making you realize that
you should change for
the better.

◦ Have you ever
experienced when drugs
and painkillers cannot
manage your pain
anymore? Worry no
more! Hypnotherapy is
one of the suggested
pain management
techniques. It will help
you deal with frequent
chronic pains such as
arthritis and migraine.

◦ Many people cannot perform well
in the present because they are
haunted by their past. Some have
experienced losing their loved
ones, being abused sexually or
physically, being bullied or tortured
and other childhood issues and
◦ Hypnotherapy can be of help by
replacing the negative
experiences to positive ones.
Therefore, giving a chance to
start over again and bury the
bitter past.

Why you
should try
If you have been
reading this blog,
then you know I am a
big fan of
meditation and now
add hypnosis to that
I think we should all
develop and nurture
the power of your
brain, our moods and
our emotions for a
better, more
manageable life.

Hypnosis is:

While definitions can vary, the American Psychological
Association describes hypnosis as a cooperative interaction in
which the participant responds to the suggestions of the hypnotist.
Wikipedia defines Hypnosis as a psychological state with
physiological attributes superficially resembling sleep and
marked by an individual's level of awareness other than the
ordinary conscious state. Another description of the phenomenon
is that of an altered mental state, while another links it to
imaginative role-enactment.

The North Carolina Society of Clinical Hypnosis says Hypnosis is a
natural state of selective, focused attention, and, even though it is
100% natural and normal, it remains one of the most fascinating
phenomena of the human mind. Our ability to enter this unique
state of consciousness opens the door to countless possibilities for
healing, self-exploration and change.

If you are dealing with a habit you want to break, a
pattern keeping you from happiness or a fear you wish
to address… you should give hypnosis a try. Why?
1. You aint got nothing to lose
There are no side effects or recovery time. If you like it and found benefit… great. If not, don’t do it
again. It really is that simple. With an open mind and a good clinician, you can try it out for yourself
with nothing to lose except your affliction.
2. It is no longer “alternative”
If you fear the stigma of hypnosis, don’t let that stop you. Many insurance companies will now pay for
hypnosis sessions and lots of hospitals and surgery centers , even medical journals are writing about
the benefits from patients using hypnosis techniques.
3. Hypnosis has a long history of being effective, and not just in other parts of the world but right here
in western medicine.

4. It feels great! If you try hypnosis, as a skeptic, you may be surprised at the beneficial results you
can get from a session.

I hope you enjoyed this presentation!!!

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