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Phantom Media
2016 Committee
Steph Compton

The Head of Phantom Newspaper

Introduction to the Team
Steph Compton

Jemma Radford

Shane Lee

I’m Steph and I’m the new Head of Phan-

Hi, I’m Jemma The Phantom’s new Deputy
Editor! I’m a third year BA Creative Writing
student here at the University of Derby,
I’m looking forward to creating an exciting student newspaper that is informative
and entertaining. The more variety the
better so if you’ve got a story to share or
want your voice to be heard then get involved and get more from your newspaper! You can contribute anything you like
from drawings, poems, facts, reviews and
more so contact me if you want to submit
or have any queries or questions: or feel free to
send me a message on Facebook.

Ahoy-hoy! I’m Shane, and that’s my face.
Sorry. Feel free to doodle a mustache on
there. I’m a second-year Psychology student, the president of the Psychology
society and the content designer for the
pulp-based agglomeration currently being supported against the wrath of gravity
by your phalanges.
Over the forthcoming periods of evermoving time, I will be moving things into
places and then moving them again.
If you want to mock Comic Sans, submit
crossword clues or point out the flaws in
my design, then e-mail me @ s.lee24@

Josh Coombs

Paige Oldfield

Jemma Radford
Deputy Editor

Josh Coombs
News Sub-editor

tom Newspaper. I’m in my third year stud-

Paige Oldfield
Features Sub-editor

ying Professional and Creative Writing,
and it’s my pleasure to be involved with
this newspaper for the third year in a row.
I’ve written for Phantom as both the Opinions Subeditor and Deputy Editor over

Serena Dowley
Opinions Sub-Editor

the last two years. To get in touch with me
you can email me at: or any of my colleagues at their
mentioned email addresses.

Oliver Watson

Program Manager at Phantom

Serena Dowley
Meggan Turner
Book Columnist

Dora Bumber

Entertainment Sub-editor

Shane Lee

Content Designer

Hi, I’m Serena. I’m a third-year English Literature and Professional Writing
student from Stoke, and I love writing
about anything really, which is why my
role of Opinions Sub-Editor is exciting
for me. My favourite part of University is
that you meet so many interesting people from all over the world. No matter
what subject you do, what societies you
join and what nights you like to go out
in town, and with this it’s important that
the students have a voice to speak out
during university, as this is one of the opportunities in life that expose us to many
great experiences. With this in mind, if
you have anything to say and would like
to get it out there, feel free to send any
articles to my email at SerenaDowley6@ with the subject
‘Opinions Article’, and I’ll be sure to get
you a spot in the next issue.

Hi, I’m Josh a second-year Journalism
student and the News Sub-editor of the
Phantom Newspaper. This year I am

Hi! My name’s Paige, I’m a third-year

thoroughly looking forward to cover-

journalism student and the new Features

ing the news here at the University of

Editor here at the Phantom Newspaper.

Derby and other things relevant to us as

I’m really excited to start working with

students. Expect to find out what’s hap-

Phantom Media and to cover interesting

pening across all of our campuses, as well

and fun stories about what’s going on in

as what’s going on in Parliament that im-

the city of Derby, news from the univer-

pacts us here at Derby. If you feel at any

sity and students across campus. If you

point you want to contact me with either

have any stories you think could go in

an article or the desire to get involved

The Phantom, please don’t hesitate to

with The Phantom Newspaper email me

contact me on paige.oldfield@hotmail.

at with the with the subject line ‘Features’.

subject ‘News’.