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What is an SSL Certificate used for? What is the term of SSL Certification, and for what purpose it is used for? This question is asked very frequently why we need SSL Certificate? Or how an SSL Certificate would secure my business website? The increased imoortance of internet security requires new generation solutions to protect our information from hackers. A high quality, and reliable SSL Certification is the essential element to protect our internet security, as well as the privacy of our transactions when we expose our sensitive information to the outside world. The innovation of highly secure SSL Certification system protected Internet from being managed by the hackers and spy softwares. Reliable and affordabile priced SSL Certification plans have quickly attracted to be benefit not only by corporate businesses also for home users and all type internet purposes. SSL Certificates infact are only small sized data files that encrypted to an organization’s information. When it is set up on a web server, it simply starts the padlock, and the https protocol that allows creating highly secure connections from a web server to a browser. Generally, SSL is utlized to protect highly sensitive data such as credit card information and banking transactions, data transfers together with passwords and logins. Nowadays, even social media sites started actively using SSL Certificates as the industry standard. is the oldest and most reliable company as you will understand from its name. How Does an SSL Certificate Work? SSL Certificates utilize something called public key cryptography. This particular type of cryptography utilizes the power of 2 secrets which are long strings of arbitrarily created numbers. One is called a personal secret and one is called a public key.A public secret is known to your server and available in the general public domain. It can be utilized to secure any message. If Alice is sending a message to Bob she will lock it with Bob's public secret however the only way it can be decrypted is to open it with Bob's private secret. Bob is the only one who has his private secret so Bob is the only one who can use this to unlock Alice's message. If a hacker obstructs the message before Bob opens it, all they will get is a cryptographic code that they can not break, even with the power of a computer system. If we look at this in regards to a website, the communication is occurring in between a website and a server. Your website and server are Alice and Bob. Why do I need an SSL Certificate? SSL Certificates secure your sensitive details such as charge card details, usernames, passwords and so on. It also: Keeps data secure in between severs Boosts your Google Rankings Builds/Enhances client


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