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Rockwall Independent School District
Request for Proposal 15-01-182 Pest Control Services
Deadline: January 28, 2015
1. The following instructions by the Rockwall Independent School District are intended to afford vendors an equal
opportunity to participate in the proposal process.
2. The intent of this solicitation is to award the contract to one vendor as determined to be the best value to
Rockwall Independent School District. The district reserves the right however, to extend an offer to more than
one respondent should it be in the best interest for RISD.
3. The terms respondent, contractor, proposer, vendor, and/or bidder refer to the person/firm that submits the offer to
this solicitation document. The terms RISD, owner, district, and/or government entity refer to Rockwall Independent
School District.
4. A functional area expert or a day-to-day contract administrator or manager for RISD may be identified elsewhere in
this document. Functional area experts, day-to-day contract administrators/managers, teachers, principals, and/or
other district employees are not authorized to substantially amend this solicitation document or to substantially
modify the subsequent contract. Substantially includes, but is not limited to, changes to delivery dates, place of
delivery, and/or specifications that significantly alter the form, fit, and function of a product or the scope of work of a
service. Amendments to solicitation documents will be made by the Director of Purchasing. Modifications to
contracts/agreements will be made by the Director of Purchasing in accordance with the RISD Board of Trustee
guidance, policies, and/or procedures. If a vendor acts on the guidance of a district employee that is not authorized
to make changes, the vendor does so at his or her own risk or peril. Also, if a vendor attempts, or gains, a
modification/amendment from a district employee that is not authorized to make changes, the vendor does this at
his or her own risk or peril and risks the termination of his or her contract/agreement.
5. The functional administrator for this contract is Rusty West, Director of Maintenance.
6. Any explanation desired or questions by a vendor regarding the meaning or interpretation of these instructions or
any other documents included in this solicitation must be requested in writing to RISD, Director of Purchasing, 1050
Williams Street, Rockwall, TX 75087 (jana.hunter@rockwalllisd.org) with sufficient time allowed for a reply to reach
vendors before the submission of their offers. Oral explanations or instructions will not be binding. Written
responses may be presented in the form of an Addendum and posted on the District’s website.
7. The documents contained in this solicitation represent the agreement between the successful vendor(s) and the
school district and supersedes any prior discussions or negotiations, representations or agreements, either written
or oral.
8. All proposals will be opened and recapped. Prices will not be disclosed prior to award of the contract. Trade
secrets and confidential information contained in proposals shall not generally be open for public inspection, but
RISD’s records are a matter of public record.
9. The district guarantees no minimum dollar amount in purchase orders against this contract.
10. Unless otherwise stated in the specifications, all supplies and components to be provided shall be new (not used or
reconditioned, and not of such age or so deteriorated as to impair their usefulness or safety), of current production,
and of the most suitable grade for the purpose intended. If at any time during the term of an awarded agreement
the vendor believes the furnishings of supplies or components which are not new is necessary or desirable, it shall
notify the District immediately, in writing, including the reasons and proposing any consideration which will flow to
the District if authorization to use such supplies or components is granted.