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Greetings elegan/tg/entlemen,

New GMs have many questions regarding railroading:
How do you deal with railroading? Do you just create a scenario and
improvise the consequences of your player's actions throughout the whole
thing? Or do you somehow give them a limited array of options for which the
outcome you already know? Or do you do something else? Where does "trying
to keep them on the quest" stops and railroading begins? Is it the same as
forcing a quest if the consequences of not taking said quest are too dire?

This PDF is a collection of tips and advice for how to correctly use
railroads and sandboxes generated and compiled by Traditional Games, or /tg/.
This is a collection of advice you are free to dispensed, distribute, or ignore.
Any copyrighted images or other materials contained within are likely used
without permission or for any monetary gain.

Party on,