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What does this communication need to achieve, and how will we measure success?
The main objective is to establish a brand awareness campaign surrounding the Beach Gary concept. We want to
drive into the consideration set of its target audience.
The primary goal is:

Goal: Increase awareness by 20% in target markets
! Benchmark: Current national brand awareness is 5.5%; a 20% increase is a goal of 6.6 awareness
in target markets.
! Method: Measure awareness lift during and after campaign with Comscore study.
! KPIs: Cost Per Engagement (CPE); Engagement Points per Dollar (EPD); Cost Per Completed
View (CPCV)

The secondary goals are:

Goal: Increase site visitation by 10%
! Benchmark: Will be determined based on same time period YoY, while accounting for special
! Method: Measure total site visitation lift for campaign time period using Google Analytics
! KPIs: Cost per Inquiry (CPI); Cost per Visit (CPV)
Goal: Increase purchase intent by XX%
! Benchmark: Will be determined based on same time period YoY, while accounting for special
! Method: Measure purchase intent lift during and after campaign with Comscore study.
! KPIs: Cost per Lead (CPL); Cost per Conversion CP Conv)

Target Markets
CheapCaribbean and MMGY have determined eight target markets for CheapCaribbean to consider.
CheapCaribbean will likely narrow down to four markets for Q4. The target markets for Q1 will not be determined
until early December. The following markets are being considered:
4.Ft. Lauderdale/Miami

These eight markets were chosen based upon review of bookings on, search behavior, travel
behavior to the Caribbean and Mexico from MRI, as well as evaluation of potential TV markets.

Campaign Channels

What channels need to be considered when planning for this campaign?

Paid Media
- Rich Media (Q4 and Q1)
- Standard Online Banners (Q4 and Q1)
- Offline Media – TV, Radio, OOH, Print (Q1)
- Paid Search: What suggestions could MMGY make for paid search to assist with these efforts?

Earned Media
- PR: How can PR support these efforts in Q1?

Owned Media
- Website: What is our recommendation on a landing page and/or micro-site to be a campaign
page to drive users to?
- Content Strategy: How can content be utilized to supplement the overall campaign strategy and
- Email: How can email marketing be utilized to supplement the overall campaign strategy and
- Event/Activation(s): How can activations drive brand awareness and result in increased media
coverage? How would we determine which markets to do this in?

Shared Media
- Social Media: How would we recommend tying a social media strategy into the whole campaign
to drive brand awareness? Paid and organic? (Q4 and Q1)
- Blogger/Influencer Relations: How can we develop and nurture these relationships to assist with
the overall campaign strategy and goals? (Q1)

Campaign Flights

What variations of the campaign need to be considered?

The campaign will launch on 11/1/15 and carry over through 3/31/16 with a small pause from 12/20/15 –

This is CheapCaribbean’s shoulder season that leads directly into their peak season. Travelers tend to begin
researching Caribbean and Mexico vacations during this timeframe.

This campaign flight would focus heavily on generating brand awareness and increase site visits and would
consist of the following:

• Digital Media (rich media, standard banners, Pandora etc…)
• Social (paid opportunities)

This is CheapCaribbean’s peak season. Travelers tend to finalize their bookings during this timeframe.
CheapCaribbean finds it essential to be in market on January 1, 2016.

This campaign flight would still focus on driving brand awareness and site traffic.

• Digital Media (rich media, standard banners, Pandora etc…)
• Offline Media (print, OOH, TV, radio etc…)
• Social (paid and organic opportunities)
• PR
• Activation(s)
• Blogger/Influencer Campaign
• Email
• Paid Search

Campaign Target Audience
who are they? (demographics, psychographics etc.)
Beach lovers interested in travel to Caribbean/Mexico with heavier interest in the following destination markets:
Riviera Maya, Jamaica, Punta Cana, Cancun.
Age: 25 – 54
HHI: $75K+
65% DO NOT have kids in household under 18
63% Female

Family travelers with kids in household (consider targeting holidays, school break, advance summer bookings).
Travelers with HHI of 100K+ have a much higher likelihood to have a passport and international travel experience

CheapCaribbean Brand Essence
CheapCaribbean does everything ‘For the love of the beach.’ We own the beach. We are Beach lovers for beach
lovers. Unlike other vacation providers, we don’t try to give you the world – just the beach. Because of our love for
the beach, we know the best places to go and how to get the best deals. Whether online or on the phone, our
customers will get exactly what they want because all we do is beach vacations.
CheapCaribbean wants the brand portrayed in a fun, engaging, quirky and irreverent way.
CheapCaribbean and MMGY developed four brand pillars that all content should fall within:
1. We Own The Beach


Great Deals and Nice Packages
Real Live Beach Experts
Caribbean and Mexico Insights

CheapCaribbean Brand Values
CheapCaribbean’s brand values are:
• Irreverent
• Bold
• Genuine
• Unifying

Concept Description
Beach Gary

THE IDEA: True Beach Lovers are always just a step away from the beach, no matter where they are. makes booking a beach vacation so easy; you’ll feel like a bona fide beach guru. If only there
was a way to channel this newfound beach genius into everyday life. With this idea, we’ll show how to do just that.
HOW IT COMES TO LIFE: This video series introduces Beach Gary. He loves the beach, and he’s not afraid to
show it. Even when he can’t make it to the beach, his infectious, beach-like state of mind shows itself in the form of
mischievous and cunning life-hacks that help him stay carefree, loving life – and only a step or two away from his
next Caribbean vacay.


Campaign Promise

What are we committing to our consumers?
The promise we make to customers is simple: Less money, less worry, more beach.

Campaign Essence

What is the single-minded idea that will inspire our audience to take action?
CheapCaribbean does everything for the love of the beach.

Campaign Voice

How do we speak to our consumers? is irreverent and fun, so we have the flexibility to be a little more lighthearted than other
brands in a similar consideration set. CheapCaribbean’s brand voice is very tongue-in-cheek, unpretentious,
welcoming and passionate.

who/what compete for audience’s time, money, etc?
CheapCaribbean’s main competitors are Expedia, Kayak, Sandals and BookIt. All are OTAs that offer beach
vacations and flights to the Caribbean and Mexico, but CheapCaribbean specializes in those locations.

what obstacles do we need to overcome (old belief)?
CheapCaribbean is challenged with low brand awareness among its desired target audience. It also can be associated
with “low quality” due to its namesake.

how do we want to be perceived by the prospect (new belief)? is the place for all True Beach Lovers. We are a community of like-minded travelers who
prefer a vacation where we are free to be ourselves without restriction; who prefer tanks to long sleeves; who know
that life is better when your toes are in the sand. We are beach lovers. And we will do everything possible to share
our passion with those who love the sun and the surf as much as we do. CheapCaribbean makes it easy for beach
lovers to learn about, book and get to the beach.

Key Selling Point
what single unique message should the prospect remember above all else?, is the ultimate resource for #TrueBeachLovers looking for a vacation that’s less money, less
worry and more beach. is home to the best beachin' deals on vacations to Mexico and the Caribbean. Let your beach
flag fly.

what are the elements that make the key selling point believable? offers/gives access to:
- regular deals on all-inclusive resorts and popular destinations (Nice Packages)
- unbiased contetn on properties and desinations, including insider tips, as well as authentic user reviews
- Booking options with 600+ resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico
- U.S.-based call centers with “BhDs in Beachology” aka a True Beach Lover

other important information
production specifications etc.
Beach Gary:
His tone is youthful, mischievous, and cunning. His personality is warm, humorous and infectious. Gary has
backstage passes, and you never know quite how he got them. Gary shows up ten minutes late, but somehow is
always in front of you in line. Think Ferris Bueller or Jim from the office.
Beach Gary will dress casually- jeans and a t-shirt, age should look mid-30’s to youthful 40’s.

Client Requirements
what must be included? (logo, coupon, photos, 800# etc.)
-Stay within brand style guide

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