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Read these instructions carefully. They will allow you to
master your life.
Vampirism involves working with two sides: the Dayside
and the Nightside. The Dayside is the pragmatic aspect of
the Vampire that everyone perceives and no one
disbelieves. The Nightside encompasses the astral practices
and powers outlined in The Vampire Bible.
We provide many proven, powerful techniques for
mastering the Dayside in this book. We refer to these
techniques as Dayside Secrets. The Secrets are divided into
six interrelated categories:

Intrapersonal Secrets provide you with the inner
reserves and perceptiveness needed to succeed at any
Immortality Secrets tell you how to take advantage of
the coming future to extend your life indefinitely.
Interpersonal Secrets are ways of relating to and
interacting with others to get the results you really
Health Secrets tell you how to have good, strong
health using today's knowledge and technology.
Survival Secrets help you to survive threats to your
Money Secrets tell you how to organize your finances
so that you can have the resources to do as you wish.