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Each of these areas has a chapter dedicated to it. You
should begin by reading the first chapter on intrapersonal
Secrets, as it provides you with essential tools needed for
succeeding at applying the Secrets. Thereafter you‟re
welcome to read the remaining chapters in any order you
Be aware that these six areas are all closely interconnected.
Implementing any of these Secrets will probably help you,
but your greatest success will come from eventually
applying all of them.
This is especially important if you choose to pursue
Nightside Vampirism. The Nightside requires a strong
Dayside in order to be effective and reliable.
We provide checklists for each of the areas in an appendix.
These checklists summarize the Secrets for their respective
areas in a very condensed form. It is hoped that this will
help you see at a glance how to improve whatever areas of
your life you wish once you understand the Secrets
Begin with the intrapersonal Secrets in the first chapter.
The rest will become clear to you thereafter.