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Then along came Instagram, where brands were able to tell their story
through photos and share them with the world. Instagram became brands’
“lookbooks,” and the art of visual storytelling took on more meaning. Brands
took it a step further by encouraging their social communities to share their
stories and experiences through social media. And because photos achieve
high engagement and are highly shareable, Instagram became the platform
on which to accomplish this. Social users were flocking to Instagram to see
what other people were saying about brands they loved, places they wanted
to visit, and hotels at which they were considering staying. On the flip side,
brands were starting to re-purpose this user-generated content (UGC)
on their own social feeds and other customer-facing channels—providing
an authentic story about their brand through the eyes (and lens) of their

While photos and videos are the most
repurposed forms of UGC out there,
user-generated content is defined as any
piece of content created by users of a
product or service—including testimonials,
reviews, papers, podcasts and more.

And this is exactly what consumers—especially millennials—were craving.
According to one study, nearly half of travelers said that what they see on
Instagram significantly shapes their travel decisions—from where they go
and where they stay to what they do when they get there. Of those who said
they would refer to Instagram, a whopping 76 percent were millennials.
So by leveraging user-generated content, brands can now tell a more
powerful, authentic story without having to dip into their marketing budget
for creative and production fees. It doesn’t cost a dime to find a great photo,
get permission to use it and then repurpose it on your own channels.

In this paper presented by Chute and Commit Agency, we
explore the power of visual UGC among millennials and how
brands can leverage it to tell their story to this generation.