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Welcome to the Grimm Universe, where both dreams and
nightmares come true. In this special over-sized issue, you
will meet Skye Mathers, the new Guardian of the Nexus...
Van Helsing, the greatest vampire hunter of all time...
Robyn Hood, the protector of New York... Death Force, the
vengeance-fueled vigilante... and the last standing monarch of
Wonderland, the fallen realm of dreams.

Cover A
David Lorenzo Riveiro
Ceci de la Cruz

Cover B
Mike Krome
Ula Mos

Cover C
Renato Rei
Wes Hartman

Cover D
Pasquale Qualano
Walter Pereyra

Cover E
Noah Salonga
Hedwin Zaldivar

New York Comic Con Cosplay Exclusives
Limited to 350, 100, 500, & 50 copies
Artwork by Mike DeBalfo, Inks by Jeremy Clark, Colors by Sanju Nivangune




Joe Brusha President & Chief Creative Officer
Christopher Cote Art Director
Pat Shand Writer & Editor
Dave Franchini Assistant Editor
Jessica Rossana Assistant Editor
Joi Dariel Production Manager

John Lyons Director of Sales & Marketing
Jennifer Bermel Director of Business Development
Jason Condeelis Direct Market Sales & Customer Service
Stu Kropnick Operations Manager
Ralph Tedesco VP Film & Television

Grimm Fairy Tales: Genesis: Heroes Reborn, October, 2016. First Printing. Published by Zenescope Entertainment Inc., 433 Caredean Drive, Ste. C, Horsham, Pennsylvania 19044.
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