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Guillaume Lamour
PhD, MSc. in Biophysics, BSc. in Physical-Chemistry, lamour99@hotmail.com, +337 8515 1216


– Research Scientist in biomaterials and biophysics with 10 years experience in project development. Skilled with AFM (ambiant and liquid imaging, force spectroscopy, nanomechanics), Matlab, IgorPro, fluorescence, immunochemistry, FTIR, UV/vis, contact angle
measurements, cell culture, genetic engineering techniques, protein expression and purification, surface modification, molecular dynamics simulations.
– Co-author of over 15 peer-reviewed publications in international scientific journals (including ACS Nano, JACS, Biomaterials, Biophysical J., Biomacromolecules, etc.)


Interfacing physics, chemistry and computing with biology at the nanoscale; biomaterials; biophysics; bioengineering; nanomechanics; surface science; atomic force microscopy;
polymer physics; protein aggregation; amyloids; development of analytical tools and software for quantitative measurements in biology.


Research and Teaching Associate
Sep. 2016–present
LAMBE, UMR8587, team “Polymers at Interfaces”, University of Evry, France
Technologies used: AFM imaging, nanoindentation.
- Studying the interaction between membrane nanotubes and actin by AFM.
- Teaching Physics and Biophysics to undergraduate students (96 h).
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Gsponer and Li labs, Biochemistry Department, UBC, Vancouver BC.


Technologies used: AFM imaging and force spectroscopy, molecular biology.
- Planned and performed experiments in liaison with a number of collaborators.
- Generated amyloid aggregates and characterized their nanomechanical properties.
Ph.D Student
Hamraoui lab, Biomedical Department, University of Paris Descartes, France.
Technologies used: AFM, fluorescence, cell culture, surface modification, FTIR.
- Designed new cell culture substrates using glass modified by self-assembled monolayers.
- Assessed biomaterial performance by culturing nerve cells on modified substrates.
- Taught Physics classes to 80+ MD. students (66 h).
- Visited the Borguet lab at the Chemistry Dpt of Temple University, Philadelphia PA.


Universities of Paris Descartes and Paris Diderot, France
Ph.D. in Interfaces of Chemistry, Physics, and Informatics with Biology (2010)
M. Sc., Cellular and Molecular Biophysics (2006)
B. Sc., Physical-Chemistry (2004)


Reviewer for ACS Nano, J. Biomed. Mat. Res. A, Langmuir, J. Mol. Model., Simplex
Academic Publishers. Member of the Biophysical Society.


Available on request.


Guillaume Lamour

Research Postdoctoral Research Fellow
→ Use of atomic force microscopy and computing techniques to investigate the molecular
origins of neurodegenerative diseases.

Genetic and protein engineering for AFM force spectroscopy studies.
Protein expression and purification, and polymer formation.
Molecular dynamics simulations to study the nanomechanics of proteins.
Development of analytical tools under Matlab.
Coordination of collaborative projects involving many different research groups.
Quantitative determination of the nanomechanical properties of amyloid fibrils.
Implementation of AM-FM AFM technique applied to biological sample imaging.
Liquid and ambient AFM imaging of DNA, collagen fibrils, single proteins and oligomers.

Ph.D Student
→ Use of chemical engineering, surface characterization, and microscopy techniques to study
how surface adhesion parameters affect neuronal adhesion and differentiation.


Surface studies on substrates and cells by atomic force microscopy.
Adhesive strengths between cells and surfaces evaluated by interferometry.
Quantitative measurements of neuronal growth.
Antibody labeling of proteins and fluorescence observations.
Growth and characterization of self-assembled monolayers.
Contact angle measurements and determination of solid surface free-energies.
Optical studies on SAMs by FTIR, and sum-frequency generation.
Development of a new experimental apparatus for contact angle measurements.

Tutorial Lecturer
– 2016: Physics classes to Physics students and Biophysics classes to Biology students
at the University of Evry (96 h; 80+ students; 1st year undergraduates): Mechanics,
electricity and optics.
– 2007: Physics classes to MD students at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Paris
Descartes (66 h; 80+ students; 1st year undergraduates): Diffusion (fluid statics and
dynamics), electricity and optics.
University of Paris Descartes and University of BC. Students (levels):

Roy Nassar (MSc.): Nanomechanics of amyloid fibrils in silico.
Laleh Samii (PhD.): AFM imaging of modified DNA strands.
Chunxi Hou (postdoc): AFM imaging of proteins and oligomers.
Preety Panwar (postdoc): AFM imaging and nanomechanics of collagen fibrils.
Yongnan Li (MSc.): Steered molecular dynamics simulations on the GB1 protein. 2011
Xin Du (PhD.): Effects of Cathepsin K on collagen fibrils.
Alexandre Teixeira (ECE Paris): Software tool for contact angle analysis.
Patricia Duclos (BSc.): Impact of NGF on neuronal growth on modified surfaces. 2008
Magalie Boucaud (MSc.): Growth and characterization of amine surfaces.


Guillaume Lamour


Webpages (including citation profile):
– Google Scholar: scholar.google.ca/citations?user=8AxLjooAAAAJ&hl=en&oi=ao
– ResearcherID: www.researcherid.com/rid/D-6758-2015
[16]J. Feng, G. Lamour, R.
Wang, X. Lu. Chemical,
affect survival of encased
Food Microbiol. 2016;

Xue, MN. Mirvakliki, SG. Hatzikiriakos, J. Xu, HB. Li, S.
physical and morphological properties of bacterial biofilms
Campylobacter jejuni F38011 under aerobic stress. Int J
In press.

[15]Panwar P., G. Lamour, NCW. Mackenzie, H. Yang, F. Ko, HB. Li, D. Brömme.
Changes in structural-mechanical properties and degradability of collagen during
ageing-associated modifications. J Biol Chem. 2015; 290:23291–306.
[14]Lamour G., S. Souès, A. Hamraoui. Substrate-induced PC12 cell differentiation
without filopodial, lamellipodial activity or NGF stimulation. Macromol Biosci.
2015; 15:364–371.
[13]Lamour G., JB. Kirkegaard, HB. Li, TPJ. Knowles, and J. Gsponer. Easyworm: an
open-source software tool to determine the mechanical properties of worm-like chains.
Source Code Biol Med. 2014; 9:16.1–16.6.
[12]Kovacic S., L. Samii, G. Lamour, HB. Li, H. Linke, EHC. Bromley, DN. Woolfson, PMG. Curmi, and NR. Forde. Construction and characterization of kilobasepair
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[11]Lamour G., C. Yip, HB. Li, and J. Gsponer. High intrinsic mechanical flexibility of
mouse prion nanofibrils revealed by measurements of axial and radial Young’s moduli.
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G. Lamour, et al. The prion protein ligand, stress-inducible phosphoprotein I (STI1),
regulates amyloid-β; oligomer toxicity. J. Neurosci. 2013; 33:16552–16564.
[8] Cumberworth A. , G. Lamour, M. Babu, and J. Gsponer. Promiscuity as a functional
trait: Intrinsically disordered regions as central players of interactomes. Biochem J.
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[6] Li YD., G. Lamour, J. Gsponer, P. Zheng and HB. Li. The molecular mechanism
underlying mechanical anisotropy of the protein GB1. Biophys J. 2012; 103:2361–
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interactions drives neuritogenesis on stiff surfaces. J Biomed Mat Res A. 2011;
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[4] Khorvash M., G. Lamour, and J. Gsponer. Long-time scale fluctuation s of human
prion protein determined by restrained MD simulations. Biochemistry. 2011; 50:
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[2] Lamour G., A. Hamraoui, A. Buvailo, Y. Xing, S. Keuleyan, V. Prakash, A.
Eftekhari-Bafrooei, and E. Borguet. Contact angle measurements using a simplified
experimental set-up. J Chem Edu. 2010; 87:1403–1407.

Guillaume Lamour

Refereed Conf.

[1] Lamour G., N. Journiac, S. Souès, S. Bonneau, P. Nassoy, and A. Hamraoui. Influence of surface energy distribution on neuritogenesis. Colloids Surf B. 2009;
[2] Lamour G., S. Souès, E. Collard, S. Collin, N. Bardou, and A. Hamraoui. Tuning
surface energy at the nanometer scale: a new step towards controlling neuronal
differentiation? J Nanosci Lett. 2013; 3: 7.1–7.4.
[1] Lamour G., S. Souès, and A. Hamraoui. Neuritogenesis on antagonist surfaces.
Global J Phys Chem. 2011; 2: 140–144.


• “Nanoscale surface effects on neuronal adhesion and differentiation”
Universidad de Los Andes, Department of Physics, Bogota, Colombia.

Sep. 2010

• “Engineering biomaterials at the nanoscale to stimulate neuronal differentiation”
Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC), Barcelona, Spain.
Dec. 2010
• “Role of intermolecular forces in neuronal growth and in prion self-assembly”
McGill University, Dept. of Bioengineering, Montreal (QC), Canada. Sept. 2014
• “Intermolecular forces in biological systems”
DuPont Central R&D, Materials Science, Wilmington (DE), USA.

Jan. 2015

• “Surface and bulk properties of biomaterials”
Simon Fraser University, Biophysics Group, Burnaby (BC), Canada.

Mar. 2015

• “Surface modification techniques to control biopolymer and cell adsorption”
Illumina Inc., San Diego (CA), USA.
Apr. 2015
• “Self-assembled biomaterials”
Cambridge Univ., Dept. of Physiology, Development and Neurosci., UK. June 2015
• “Characterization of nanomaterials by AFM”
University of Strasbourg, Chemistry Department, France.

May 2016

• “Impact of surface energy gradients on neuronal adhesion and differentiation”
Gordon-Kenan Research Seminar – Understanding and Controlling Adhesion through
Interdisciplinary Research, Bates College, Lewiston (ME), USA.
July 2011
• “Imaging prion fibrils by AFM to determine their bending rigidities and moduli”
Frontiers in Biophysics 2013, UBC, Vancouver (BC), Canada.
March 2013
• “Nanomechanics of mouse prion amyloids”
Molecular Origins of Protein Misfolding and Neurodegenerative Diseases, Blue Horizon Hotel, Vancouver (BC), Canada.
July 2014
• “Nanomechanics of amyloid-like polymers made of self-assembled prion proteins”
Biophysical Society Meeting, Polymers and Self-Assembly: From Biology to Nanomaterials, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
October 2015


Guillaume Lamour


1. “Differentiation of PC12 neuronal cells on chemically modified surfaces in nervegrowth-factor free medium.” G. Lamour, N. Journiac, O. Friaa, and A. Hamraoui,
European Biophysics Congress London, Imperial College, London, UK, July
2. “Influence of substratum physical and chemical cues on neuronal differentiation and
on the propagation of the growing neurites.” G. Lamour, S. Souès, N. Journiac,
and A. Hamraoui, Forum of European Neurosciences Societies, Geneva,
Switzerland, July 2008
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4. “Unveiling the core structure of prion amyloid fibers using computation and AFM.”
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Canada, May 2011
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effects on cell adhesion and differentiation.” G. Lamour, A. Eftekhari-Bafrooei, E.
Borguet, S. Souès, and A. Hamraoui, Gordon Research Conference: Science
of Adhesion, Bates College, Lewiston (ME), USA, July 2011
6. “Linking prion stability with prion toxicity and infectivity.” G. Lamour, M. Khorvash, HB. Li, N. Cashman, B. Suriyamongkol, D. Wishart, J. Gsponer, Prion 2012,
VU University, Amsterdam, Netherlands, May 2012
7. “Understanding prion aggregation in amyloids by analyzing their mechanical properties using AFM.” G. Lamour, HB. Li, J. Gsponer, Biophysical Society 57th
annual meeting, Philadelphia, PA, USA, February 2013
8. “Low intrinsic stiffness of prion amyloid fibers uncovered by AFM imaging.”
G. Lamour, CK. Yip, HB. Li, J. Gsponer, Scanning Probe Microscopy on Soft
Polymeric Materials, Toronto, ON, Canada, September 2014


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