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When you cruise with Scenic in Europe, you won’t have to worry about money at
all. We won’t even ask for your credit card at check in. Everything is included, from
experiences and activities to the re-stocking of your in-suite mini-bar, the laundry and
tipping – we even include bottled water to take on excursions.

Once-in-a-lifetime experiences

State-of-the-art ships

A range of enriching experiences and
spectacular events have been handpicked
and created for your exclusive pleasure. From
classical concerts in historic palaces to the
French extravaganza that is Scenic Rouge,
these exclusive multi-sensory moments add a
deeper dimension to your cruise leaving you
with amazing memories to treasure.

Luxury focused innovation and design mean
Scenic is a world-class leader delivering the
ultimate in river cruising on our state-of-theart fleet. Featuring some of the largest suites
on the rivers, a high staff-to-guest ratio plus
incredible facilities on board, you’ll never want
for anything.

Your choice of sightseeing

World-class dining and
complimentary top-shelf beverages

Choose from a vast range of activities and
sightseeing experiences giving you the
freedom and flexibility to do and see what
you want, at a tempo that suits. From history
to culture, gastronomy to nature, there’s
something for everyone.

From casual fare to fine dining and degustation
we cater for every style. Our chefs draw
inspiration from the countries we pass through
so you’ll experience true regional cuisine. And of
course there’s an extensive selection of top-shelf
beverages included from the moment you step
on board.

Explore your way

Luxurious suites

Our exclusive Tailormade GPS guided
tours mean you can explore even further
afield during your free time. Our unique
Tailormade program is available in over 140
locations. We even make sure your chosen
tour starts and returns to your ship location
so you’ll never get lost.

From a Standard Suite to the Royal
Owner’s Suite, we set the benchmark
for luxury and indulgence on any river
ship. Technology and innovation meet to
provide your Scenic Sun Lounge, a private
enclosed balcony at the touch of button.
Luxury, space, views, they’re all included.

Personal butler service

We’ll go to the Nth Degree

We know it’s the personal touches that make
your cruise special, and so do our butlers.
From a nightly turndown to laundry concierge
included for all guests, your butler is there to
make your Scenic experience extra special.

When you travel with Scenic you can be
confident that we’ll go that little bit further to
ensure that every aspect of your journey has
been considered. From personalised airport
transfers, the highest standard in transport
onshore, local guides and all tipping and
gratuities – we’ve got it covered.