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Attached to this letter you will find the business plan for the Cypress Motors
Tropeco C10. Having being self-employed as a Uber driver and a wedding photographer,
and having more than 12 years of work experience, Mr. Philippe Demers is now pursuing
a formal business in the automotive sector. Using a unique approach, Cypress Motors and
its Tropeco electric car would offer a highly differentiated driving experience. As an
investor with industry experience, this company hopes you can endow a loan totaling
$25,000 CAD to expand upon this growing business venture. Furthermore, this firm
hopes to lend from your extensive professional network to establish relationships with
other providers in the automotive sector operating in the local marketplace as well as to
employ any other direction you may be willing to provide.
We thank you for taking the time to examine this business plan and look forward to your

Kind regards,

Philippe Demers
Cypress Motors