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2 August 2016
Dear members of the Mary MacKillop Catholic College community,

1 - 15 August

Year 12 CSSA Trial
HSC Exams

5 August
Year 7 Vaccinations

8 August

The first two weeks of this term have been rich in
experiences as you can see from this newsletter.
The celebrations of learning and attendance, the
respectful manner in which the students returned
to school motivated and well presented and the
excitement of sharing our faith across the world
with World Youth Day have been a particular joy
to me. We are a community blessed with richness.
This week our Year 12 students are participating
in the HSC Trial exams. Teachers and students
have been working diligently throughout this year
in building confidence and an understanding of
the growth in achievement that will come from the
experience of the trial exams.
The teachers have voluntarily given of their
time each afternoon to the twilight study
sessions held in the IMC. I visited last
week and saw energized teachers and
dedicated students working together to
maximize the learning in preparation for
these exams. It was a relaxed and very
collegial community of learners that I saw.
Students were happy to ask questions
and share their ideas with each other and
teachers were energized by the
enthusiasm of the students.

St Mary of the
Cross MacKillop
Feast Day

12 August

Year 9 Elective
History Excursion

18 August

25th Anniversary of
the Blessing of
Mary MacKillop
Catholic College

19th August

MMCC Carnivale
2:00pm - 8:00pm

I am very proud of the staff for the partnerships they have built with our Year 12 students and of
the students for their willingness to take on challenges.

23 August

I wish them all the best for their exams and look forward to further developments in the
confidence and dedication that they have been demonstrating throughout the year.

Year 12 Music
6:00pm - 9:30pm

God Bless,
Narelle Archer
5 Carnarvon Street, Wakeley NSW 2176 Locked Bag 64 BDC Wetherill Park NSW 1851