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Author: Richard

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The Gift of a Lifetime
Improved Speaking and Writing

A unique gift for your children and your family
One that will:
 Improve their grades in elementary, middle, high school, and college.
 Increase their chances of getting into college.
 Help them get a better job and earn more money.
 Give them more self confidence
 Open up new opportunities in every aspect of their life.

Improving Your Child’s Future
As parents you want the best for your children. You spend thousands of hours caring for them, guiding them,
and helping them grow and develop. You want them to get a good education and learn skills that will help them
succeed in life. Unfortunately, far too often it’s not happening the way you want or expect.

The Problem
Over the last 30 years attention to properly spoken and written English has eroded in our society. Television,
music, movies, and the Internet bombard students daily with incorrect grammar and language. As a result, over
70% of students are graduating from high school unable to speak and write proper English. Colleges want
students and businesses demand employees who can speak and write well, and if your children lack these
skills, it will hamper their education and limit their job opportunities.

The Solution and the Results
Speak For Success is a unique online course that teaches these basic skills so students
remember them for life. It has proven highly effective in a dozen schools where it has been
implemented. The blue bars below show the percentage of students able to get a passing grade
on basic speaking and writing skills prior to taking the course.
The red bars show the improvement achieved in 60 days with a 2 minute daily lesson and a 10
minute weekly quiz.
Woodlands Middle School – 5th to 8th Grades

The course creator, Mr. Berger, has worked for
Fortune 500 firms, started his own high tech
company, and has 30 years of broad business
He has seen first-hand the negative effect poor
speaking and writing have in the workplace, and he
created the program to help young men and
women improve their education and careers. The
program will:

Capitol West Academy – 5th to 8th Grades

Ctl + Click to open

Raise their grades in school
Open doors for them
Benefit them for their entire life.
Increase their chances of getting
into college
Help them get a better paying job
Richard Berger
B.S. Engineering – Cornell
MBA – Harvard Business School

Speak For Success Family Pack
Total Price for 4 Enrollments - $100
Special 30% discount for first 500 families
Good speaking habits start at home, so for your children to get the maximum benefit from the program, it is important that
you participate with them. That’s why we created the Family Pack so families can take the program online at home. It
will teach you the key components and structure of English grammar and it will eliminate 25 common speaking errors.

What You Get

4 Online Course Enrollments (2 adults, 2 kids)
Initial Test – to measure your knowledge
1 Speak For Success Book
25 Computer Lessons
8 Weekly Quizzes
5 Self-Paced Exercises
Final Test – to measure your improvement

What You Do

Read the daily 1 minute lesson together as a family, during breakfast, dinner, or in the evening
Listen to the computer lessons anytime, individually or as a family.
Take the weekly quizzes and practice with the Self-Paced Exercises.
You can repeat all 25 lessons as many times as you wish over the 5 weeks of the course.

How You Benefit

See why how
you speak is
much more
important than
how you look

Speaking and writing better will benefit both your children and you. This is
true if English is your native tongue, and even more so if it is your second
language. The financial return is substantial. Just look at the table below.

The Value for Your Family
Over a 40 year career you work 80,000 hours. How you speak and write
greatly influences the job you get and how much you are paid. Speak For
Success will improve these skills – for both your children and for you. The
table below shows the extra money you will earn over a career if your
improved skills enable you to earn just 50¢ per hour more.

Ctl + Click to open

Increased Career Earnings (based on 50¢/hr. pay increase)


Child 1

Child 2

Parent 1

Parent 2

# yrs





$ per yr













The regular course price is $25 per student - $100 for a family of four.
For the first 500 families there is a special discount of 30%.

Cost: $100 per family

Value: Priceless

A great investment in your children’s future

Hours Worked
Over a Career
Tot. Hr




What Students, Teachers, and Principals Are Saying

Kids were correcting each
other in the hallways and
during after school activities.
We will continue run the course
again next year."
Maureen Sullivan, Principal
"The lessons were easy to
deliver, and the quizzes
tracked progress. Kids liked
the team approach and it
developed leadership in the

"We are very pleased with
Speak For Success. It has
made us more disciplined in
making sure students speak
and write correctly, and the
students enjoy the program."
Donna Weber, Principal
"It's helped me speak
correctly without slang when
talking to adults."

"This book is fantastic. It
teaches many of the things
kids should learn in school,
but aren't. I wanted copies for
all my grand children to help
ensure they speak properly."
Harry Jefferson
former Vice Principal
WPHS, Univ. of Illinois,
former player NY Giant

5th grader
"Gee, I sound really smart"

Maggie Mueller, Teacher
"I learned a lot and I'm now
more confident when I speak."
8th grade student
"The computer exercises were
fun and teams were even
helping other teams."

7th grader
"It was exciting to learn about
speaking and a joy to correct
5th Grader

7th grader

"Our students did an excellent
job of correcting one another
and teachers when hearing
the rule being broken in
impressive that people were
talking about how wonderful it
was our students recognized
improper grammar when
Kristin Foster
Middle School Director

"I taught many lessons about
grammar, word usage,
sentence construction, and
noun-verb agreement. Very
often I had to spend hours
creating my own materials to
help my students understand
and practice the objective I
had in mind.
"Speak for Success" would
have been extremely helpful
as I created my lessons. I
would not have had to
reinvent the wheel with each
lesson. I would have used the
book as a guide or even as a
handbook for my students.
The book is very understandable, teaches basic but
necessary speaking skills,
and is laid out in a userfriendly format – a great
teaching tool."
Pat Anbro
reading/writing teacher
20 years Ellicott City, MD

Recently I learned of a new
program called Speak for
Success, which is designed to
help students improve their
reviewing it, I became
interested in implementing it
for our cycle 3 students. While
I am certainly interested in
improving the speaking habits
of my students, I also think it
is important to take a broader
view, and I believe the
program can help many
schools and our society in
Connie Forese, Principal

We have used Speak For
Success with great success
for our 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th
grade students.
Misha Simmons, Principal
University Heights Charter

"The youth of today are
negatively influenced daily by a
variety of cultural sources,
outside of the educational
setting, which discourages
proper use of grammar and
language skills. These
problematic sources include
video games, television
programs, movies, social and
family environments, musical
lyrics, and peer pressures – all
of which are negatively
affecting the language of
Mr. Berger’s program improves
grammar and language skills
for all children, greatly
increasing their opportunities
for future success, both in their
personal lives and in their
career choices as well."
Richard Holzer, 35 Years
Administrator & Teacher - NY
B.A. Penn State –
Former Athletic Director
Byram Hills & Somers H.S.

"This book is a great for students
and adults to improve their
speaking. It is easy to read. It
corrects common errors, and
explanation of basic grammar
structure. It is especially good
for bi-lingual students.
Stephanie Papas - 25 years
B.A. Cornell University
Reading & math teacher
PS 128 in Manhattan

What Are Your Options?
As parents you want to provide a better future for yourself and your children. Speaking and writing well is critical for
achieving success, no matter what profession and career you go into. So, you have two choices.
Option 1

Do Nothing and Hope – hope your child will to learn
to speak and write well in the school system.
As the statistics have shown, the chances of this
happening are very slim.

Option 2

Take Speak For Success – in 5 short weeks you
and your children will learn key fundamental speaking
and writing skills that will benefit you for the rest of
your life.

An Easy Decision
The increased confidence and satisfaction you and your kids will have,
knowing you are speaking and writing correctly, and the exciting
opportunities and career flexibility your new communication skills will
give you make this an easy decision. The value is huge and the
investment is small.

Satisfaction Guarantee - To make it even easier, if after
completing the course you aren’t satisfied for any reason, we will
refund your money.

As a final reminder, here are results from two more schools.
Westlake Middle School – 5th to 8th Grades
Pleasantville, NY

University Heights – 3rd to 6th Grades
Newark, NJ

(upper middle class suburban neighborhood)

How to Enroll in the Course
Click the Sign Up button on the last page. It will take you to our
on-line store where you can sign up for the course.
A few clicks and you are on your way to better grades in school, and a
more successful and rewarding life and career.

Speak For Success

Compare What
Speak For Success
Gives You
(see following page)

514-723-5996 richard@speak4success.co

Ways to Invest $25
In Your Child’s

He/She Gets

In these Items

Lasts for

You Get


2 Six-Packs of

6 hours

A Buzz

1 hour


3 dozen donuts

1 to 3 days

Sugar High

3 Movie Tickets

6 hours


4 packs of

4 days


5 Big Mac’s

2.5 hours




2 Pizza’s



Better Grades

Better Job

More Money

More Opportunities

Greater Confidence

Higher Self-Esteem
Sign Up on the next page

Learn as a Family

To get the best results, speaking errors need to be identified when they happen. Your children will get the best results if you
participate with them. Each parent and each child should enroll in the course together as a family. This way you can monitor their
progress and benefit yourself at the same time.
Just click the button below to give your children a lifetime of better speaking and writing.
At our on-line store you can choose the number of courses you need for your family.
Each person gets their own set of Initial and Final tests, quizzes, and self-test lessons.
You will be able to pay via credit or debit card or PayPal.

Sign Up


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