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2016 Mid Season Rewards & Gameday Survey


Q19 In your opinion, what part of the
current game day experience needs
improvement? Please take into
consideration all aspects of the game day
experience including the GoodLife Fan
Fest, the pre-game show, the usage of the
Sasktel Maxtron and auxiliary screens, halftime shows, pyro/fireworks, commercial
breaks, in-game replays, crowd noise,
music, etc.”
Answered: 102

Skipped: 33





In-game replays are just ok. I like the fan shots on the maxtron but it would be nice to keep them short and do more
replays, stats, milestone tracking, etc. Halftime shows this year have also been just ok. I hear about Edmonton getting

9/20/2016 3:01 PM

bands in to play halftime, I wish we would do more of that. Security when first getting into the stadium is very hit or
miss. Sometimes it's fine and relatively quick, but then I've been selected a few times for a 'random extra search' and it
takes way too long when I am in a rush to get to my seat. Bag checks are very inconsistent, I understand the need for
them but it seems different staff has way different expectations. I really hope it is quicker to get into the stadium at the
new place. There is a huge lack of noisemakers available for purchase at the stadium. If you forget your horn, or
cowbell, or whatever, unless it's a thunder stick day, too bad. I'd like to see Rider drums, Rider horns, etc for sale. It
would be great to have a giveaway like the necklaces for a whole row of drums or horns. I went to a game in Winnipeg
and they have several varieties of noisemakers available at the stadium, but I have to go to sport chek. Lack of beer
choices is something I hope will be addressed at new mosaic, it would be less painful to pay stadium prices if we
could get interesting and flavorful beer.

I can't think of any improvements at this time except maybe the price of tickets are becoming out of reach for a lot of

9/19/2016 2:15 PM


Not sure

9/18/2016 2:16 PM


No smoking on the practice field, actual tailgate activity, family voucher for affordable food, more prizes, have kid and
family prizes HAVE FREE WI-FI for ALL, were a public team and have out of town guests

9/18/2016 10:27 AM


I would love to see a win. I think the request for crowd noise is silly, SK Roughrider Fans know when to cheer. Sound

9/18/2016 9:19 AM

system still needs some work. Food could be better, hope it is better in the new stadium.

commercial breaks

9/18/2016 12:20 AM


We have had tickets for 40+ years. My favourite thing is and always will be the flyover with the jets. The auxiliary
screens right now are not great. Everything has always played to the west side including the maxtron. That has been
very unfair and has always been a complaint. I'm hoping he new stadium is different. We have never really been that

9/17/2016 2:41 PM

interested in half time as most of the time it was for the west side of the stadium. Useless for our side. Except for the
dogs and they play to both. Love them.

I think that it would be nice to know where you can go to enter all of the things that go on..on the field I have looked
but did not find anywhere to enter...and then someone was picked out of the sky and they are on the field trying to win

9/17/2016 1:54 PM


Try using the Maxtron for video replays like it was intended for instead of constant annoying advetisements.

9/17/2016 12:54 PM


better team, better screen for replays

9/17/2016 12:16 AM


Half time shows

9/16/2016 10:29 PM


There are not enough vendors at the Fan Fest. You wait in line for a long time to get any food or drinks. Meh. Maybe

9/16/2016 3:38 PM

i'm getting old but the volume of the music is too much at times. Get Lyndon Bray to sing the national anthem - that
guy is gold. Finally, it is irritating when controversial plays are not replayed on the Maxtron - is that league policy?

Shorter commercial breaks

9/16/2016 2:43 PM


2016 Mid Season Rewards & Gameday Survey



Too loud too often.

9/16/2016 11:39 AM


commercial breaks

9/16/2016 10:41 AM


Quit the kiss cam

9/15/2016 11:09 PM


Less ignorant volunteers and less time standing in line waiting to get into the stadium because scanners don't work

9/15/2016 10:14 PM


Those speakers are way too loud We bdont need them that loud that it hurts the ears

9/15/2016 6:25 PM


More options on the east side stands

9/15/2016 5:55 PM


Need to know the location of the GoodLife Fan Fest- can't find this info. on the website. What pre-game show????

9/15/2016 5:44 PM


Commercial break entertainment needs to be improved. Half time shows with the exception of the k9 dog races,
bubble soccer and rugby 7`s are terrible and uninteresting.

9/15/2016 5:36 PM


More in-game replays.

9/15/2016 2:32 PM


some different ideas for half-time shows, sorry don't have any ideas off the top of my head, but a lot of the shows are
just repeated year after year. I also enjoyed the bring em out from previous years, when someone, either a rider

9/15/2016 12:15 PM

alumni or local celeb would introduce the bring em out

us fans really only want 3 things: turnovers, TD's, wins!!!

9/15/2016 12:06 PM


More food and alcohol variety.

9/15/2016 11:48 AM


The pre-game show Commercial breaks movies

9/15/2016 11:40 AM


Not sure

9/15/2016 11:37 AM


stop selling alcohol

9/15/2016 10:27 AM


Tailgating. Can we please do NCAA type tailgating?

9/15/2016 9:20 AM


I could write lots more (see below) but, in the end, I want more football experiences and I want to feel that I'm not
missing out on the game (e.g. replays, referee calls, etc) by being AT the game. I see more of the football game by

9/15/2016 9:11 AM

being home watching it on TSN, and that is a sad reality of how things have become in the stadium.

parking is terrible. The one lot for staff is always just half full

9/15/2016 9:01 AM


sound level from speakers

9/15/2016 8:51 AM


all good no improvements needed

9/15/2016 8:40 AM


All experiences are very good... If they could cut back on commercial timeouts more would be beneficial.

9/15/2016 8:23 AM


None all good

9/15/2016 2:06 AM


fly bys more often

9/15/2016 1:05 AM



9/15/2016 12:14 AM


if you have a fly over, making sure they fly more in the middle and lower so i can see them. in section 203 you can

9/14/2016 11:14 PM

never see them fly

I think as we start to build a winning team everything will be more enjoyable

9/14/2016 10:17 PM


Better in game replays, better half time shows,

9/14/2016 9:26 PM


Overall any issues I have with the experience will be fixed with the new stadium. Can't wait.

9/14/2016 9:11 PM


As I said, I live in BC, have a season's tix and only make it to a few games. I love everything about the experience.
The new stadium should improve food, bathroom and other lineups ... which is my biggest annoyance. I love Taylor

9/14/2016 9:11 PM

Field and will miss is terribly! Please make sure that we don't lose the history - it's powerful.

Keep the alcohol and food and drinks at a reasonable price.

9/14/2016 9:06 PM


I hear lots about the Saskatchewan Rush and how the game is always exciting. There is good music played constantly

9/14/2016 9:03 PM

and they aren't hindered by commercial breaks. I hope the new sound system is better it's hard to enjoy things that
require music when you get echoes that clash.

Again game start times as stated above.

9/14/2016 8:29 PM


Shorter lines to enter, more parking.

9/14/2016 8:15 PM


More seating at GoodLife Fest or set up s tailgate area where you could sit and eat your own food. Majority of food at

9/14/2016 8:10 PM

stadium needs improvement.


2016 Mid Season Rewards & Gameday Survey



Park & ride bus service needs to start earlier and have more buses so passengers aren't so crowded; halftime
entertainment; consessions

9/14/2016 7:59 PM


More Screens for replay

9/14/2016 7:50 PM


half time shows

9/14/2016 7:46 PM


Fan fest

9/14/2016 7:45 PM


Too much time sitting through TV commercials. Parking makes it seem like a chore just to get to the game.

9/14/2016 7:16 PM


I don't even know what the good life fan fest is??? Half time shows could be way better! Music

9/14/2016 7:03 PM


Sometimes the half time shows need improvement. Enjoy the jr reporter segment…keep the music coming!

9/14/2016 7:02 PM


Don't need the fireworks for a day game as is a waste of money, need only for a night game.

9/14/2016 7:01 PM


At the Goodlife Fan Fest - mix up the bands a bit. The steady diet of hard rock wears thin. Auxiliary screens - kill the
"make noise". See above comment. Halftime show - right now only time to use washroom at halftime. Maybe lineups

9/14/2016 6:51 PM

will not be so bad in the new stadium. In-game replays - show tv feed or show replays more promptly. No advantage
to teams as they are watching the replays on iPads so show the replays to the fans.

Random seat prizes, a place to visit with Rider friends with a reasonable sound level, good food that isn't just hotdogs
and hamburgers, no more rap music

9/14/2016 6:47 PM


The noise & vibration of the sewer trucks pumping out latrines DURING the game.

9/14/2016 6:36 PM



9/14/2016 6:34 PM


How about the team itself?

9/14/2016 6:33 PM


More fireworks and fly bys

9/14/2016 6:32 PM


Obviously the wins are missing this year. Like the family friendly pregame but could have more variety from game to

9/14/2016 6:11 PM

game. Maxtro focus on more replays sometimes during commercials miss showing great plays on the maxtron. Need
to increase crowd noise it is great when game is on the line and at its peak level.

more drink variety for alcoholic options, or at least bring back the old type of long island iced tea, since it was changed

9/14/2016 6:04 PM

a year a two ago it is now disgusting. also have more bag check lines to get in as the line up is too long sometimes.
more food variety would be good as well.

The last home game (sept 4) the jumbotron was terribly slow on having the correct yardage (ie 1st and 10, ball on the
25) It seemed like someone forgot to pay attention to it. The game before that the 20 second clock was not working.

9/14/2016 5:54 PM


Pyro/fireworks for Bring em out - gets everyone fired up - but right after we need to start a cheer/Rider song Maxtron is
great - needed and used by lots - replays, actual action, etc. Make certain we can get the replays sooner. Half time

9/14/2016 5:52 PM

shows can repeat themselves, year after year, so advertise for possible new ones.

1) Bring back "Shout" as a 4th Quarter stretch song, even if it's alternated with that horrible Last SK Pirate song. 2)

9/14/2016 5:47 PM

Turn down the music level pre-game so that people can actually hear each other when trying to visit.

More replays and music. Giveaways are quite awesome, but don't happen enough

9/14/2016 5:46 PM


Hollywood. More pyro, light shows, everything. We can afford it.

9/14/2016 5:44 PM


Well the facilities are part of it so that will be resolved. Obnoxious fans. With what just happened to the boy in
Winnipeg, we are all happy to point fingers, but the same bullying goes on here. I have been hesitant to bring my kids

9/14/2016 5:40 PM

to the games for that reason.

replays, make sure the game is still the primary focus.

9/14/2016 5:33 PM


Moving the pedestrian traffic along in a smooth way.

9/14/2016 5:28 PM


Some player interaction before or after the game would be awesome

9/14/2016 5:27 PM


No comment

9/14/2016 5:23 PM


More activities during commercial breaks. An in game host like Eskimos. Not parking a cube van in middle of plaza
while everyone is leaving. Access to security when fights break out in stands. More express lines for people attending

9/14/2016 5:16 PM

with no bags.

Can't think of anything right now.

9/14/2016 5:11 PM


Prices of food and drink along with quality of both.

9/14/2016 5:11 PM


2016 Mid Season Rewards & Gameday Survey


Getting into the stadium needs to improve. Need clearly marked lines for those without bags. Need to be able to
access ATMs without having to exit the building. Heard the new stadium may offer an app that estimates lineup

9/14/2016 5:02 PM

lengths and/or directs you to the shortest line. This is great and I hope there is no delay in rolling it out. New
Minnesota stadium flashes the lights when Vikings score. Would be cool to utilize the fast-charge LED bulbs in a
similar way. I strongly discourage any part of the video screens from being used solely for advertising. Instead, have
the advertising interspersed with game stats, league standings/stats, or historical facts because it will get more
eyeballs looking at it when advertising is shown. Also would be an advertising opportunity to have companies sponsor
a regular Did You Know feature. Also please use the video screens or P.A. announcer to tell fans to make noise
when we're on defense and to be quiet when we're on offense. IGF in Winnipeg keeps a running tally of the number of
opposition offsides/procedure/time count penalties that have occurred since the building opened in 2013. We are going
to have the loudest stadium in the CFL and should also track these penalties. Assuming there will still be a pregame
party on the practice field, a "March To The Stadium" could be a cool idea. The Pep Band or Drum Line could lead
and do a couple of parade walks over to the stadium. Use exclusively green pyro and fireworks. Provide closed
captioning on the video screen for everything shown, as well as P.A. announcements.

The advertising would be better if it didn't cause me to go deaf.

9/14/2016 5:01 PM


football toss should be available to all sections, more in stadium give-aways (t-shirt cannon or similar), have vendors

9/14/2016 4:58 PM

provide drinks, food in your seats instead of having to leave your seats.


9/14/2016 4:57 PM


More fireworks. After every touchdown and 2 point convert.

9/14/2016 4:51 PM


Giving more time to Gainer to rev up the crowd. Less advertising

9/14/2016 4:50 PM


Signage of who is signing autographs, where they are, Having extra food vendors with different product, outside of the

9/14/2016 4:47 PM


more game replays

9/14/2016 4:45 PM


Game day experience will improve when we get a new stadium

9/14/2016 4:42 PM


More Gainer, & improvement from the production staff during the games. It all seems choppy & the timing inaccuracies

9/14/2016 4:28 PM

are very evident. For the fan fest, live bands are very loud. Maybe if they are placed further away in the far corner

change the music that is on before the count down to the game. This is a family show and some is not appropriate

9/14/2016 4:18 PM


I think, it is very good the way it is. Would like to see the pre game tailgating continue as it has been in the practice

9/14/2016 4:04 PM


I would like to see Gainer come out with pyrotechnics on top of his Flag again

9/14/2016 4:04 PM


Allow real tailgate parties. The riders focus everything on money for them. Put a team on the field.

9/14/2016 4:00 PM


more use of the maxtron to show replays more. Many times I would like to see a second look at the play but don't get
that chance.

9/14/2016 3:57 PM



9/14/2016 3:51 PM


Half time commercial breaks fan fest

9/14/2016 3:46 PM


Fireworks, get the crowd cheering a bit more (helps to win more then 1 game ;) ) Improve the ingame replays. They

9/14/2016 3:46 PM

are not that common and often slow to be shown.

The horns in the crowd are very hard on my ears. I sometimes have a seizure when they are aimed at my seat and

9/14/2016 3:44 PM

blown over & over & over.

I enjoy the game day experience but not sure it's worth the ticket price for 2017

9/14/2016 3:42 PM


Half time shows

9/14/2016 3:40 PM


end zones need to win prizes too, we are snubbed :(. Security permitted sign needs to include bug spray and

9/14/2016 3:40 PM

sunscreen are allowed.

the hosts are not knowledgable. They are constantly blocking traffic and not helping it

9/14/2016 3:38 PM


We need better halftime and pregame shows/entertainment. Use the screens for more than advertising! More replays

9/14/2016 3:37 PM

- less advertising on the main screens. I hope there is lighting in the new stadium that can change to green when we

View of big screen. Seat comfort. Short lines. Easy parking.

9/14/2016 3:34 PM



9/14/2016 3:33 PM


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