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Original filename: podcastfbfm16.pdf
Title: CT FM 001: CT FM Cooking Tips Podcast Is Live
Author: sammy

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Food Blogging
FM 016:

Tailwind Tribes for
Food Bloggers
Brought To You By:

Welcome to our sixteenth food blogging Podcast.
Today I wanted to talk to you about
the Tailwind tribes. Last month we
talked about Tailwind and how
important it is for your Pinterest
promotional plans. But the hot topic
on every food bloggers mind at the
moment is Tailwind Tribes and what
they can do for them.
It reminds me a bit of when Twitter
first became popular. You had this
new social media tool that was
perfect for social media and for
building up your brand but nobody really knew for sure what to do with
I remember when I said I was joining Twitter and someone said to me
“you do know you have to tell people when you go to the toilet?”. And
that you don’t have to do that when you’re on MySpace. Clearly it was
2008 and things have changed a lot since then and people have a much
better understanding of what social media is.
But when you first discover the tribes on Tailwind it can be really scary
because they are so new that hardly anyone is talking about them at all.
The Tailwind Tribes are free to use and are still in beta and it is so much
fun to get involved in something that is in its early stages. But gaining an
understanding is tough and I must admit it took me about 2 weeks to get
my head around them and fully understand what they were about and
how they could help my food blogging site. Therefore with them being
free you could get to grips with the tribes before you look into Pinterest
group pinning to see what kind of traffic it can bring you.
So let’s get started!

The Tailwind Tribes
First things first you will need a Tailwind account to get involved with the
tribes and you can get yours for free by clicking here. No obligation to
sign up and the Tribes offer you a fantastic way to get your name out
there and to kickstart your Pinterest traffic machine.

1) Get on Tailwind Tribes
The first thing you need to do is get
yourself on some tribes. It is not
until you are a member of some
tribes that you can actually have a
Tribes section on your Tailwind
account. So don’t be surprised if you
are on Tailwind and you’re
wondering where on earth your
tribes section is.
Also with Pinterest group boards
there is always the urge to be on
100 group boards. Well as I do this Podcast I am actually on about 170
but you know what I mean. With the tribes you can get good results
from just being on 10 of them, so there is a lot less work on your end.
If you are just starting to take Pinterest seriously and you’re
overwhelmed by everything, then I would suggest you do the tribes first
and then look at growing via different Pinterest group boards.
I found that these Facebook groups are the best place to start:

Pinterest Group Boards
Pinterest Group Board Add
Best Of Pinterest
Pinterest Boards

They list lots of new tribes that you can join on a daily and weekly basis.
Then all you have to do is submit your Tailwind email address to be

Another option is a general search within Facebook as I have found quite
a few like this. Simply search in the Facebook search box “tailwind
This will then bring up all the recent entries that are either public or to
do with friends and groups that you’re a member of. It’s a great way for
a quick look. Then search by most recent content and have a read
through the different posts and you’ll find some extra ones to join.
Once you have been added your tribes you will then have a section on
Tailwind dedicated to it like I have:
Then when you are in there you can
explore each of the tribes that you’re
a member of. Right now I am on 19
different Tribes. If you’re short on
time you want to aim it so that you
are on about 10 generalised ones for
your niche. So if like me and you’re a
food blogger you want to be on lots
of general recipes ones.
The reason for this is that the Tribes
are not very automated and can be
rather time consuming so you don’t
want to spend all your time looking
to see if the tribe you’re talking
about is relevant or not to your
latest recipe.
It is also nice to have a few that fit in with a specific theme that you are
running on your site or for non-related food ones. For example we are in
a blogging tips one for content just like this.
2) Now What?
This is the general question that everyone seems to be asking at the
moment. So I am on a Tailwind Tribe but what do I do now?

Well the first thing you need to do
is test the tribes that you are a
member of as not all tribes have
an equal value. For example we
have joined some tribes and they
have had hardly any content,
rubbish repin rates or have
members in them that are posting
their content but not sharing
In an ideal world you want to find
5 really good ones that bring you
traffic but at the same time has useful content for you to share that is
suited to your site.
I maybe a member of 19 Tailwind tribes but I have found that there is
about 15 that are any good. Sadly Tailwind Tribes doesn’t have a
“remove yourself from the tribe” feature. This means that you either
have to contact the person that added you or just ignore that tribe. I
choose to ignore it!
Read the rules of each of the tribes and you want to find tribes that have
equal rules. Otherwise it will make your life very difficult. If you have 1
rule for each one you will end up breaking the rules under the pressure
of trying to fit in and keep your content flowing perfectly.
The majority will have rules that say something like “for every post of
yours you add please reshare someone elses”. This of course is rather
simple to stick to and you can then have a routine in place.
What we tend to do is share 3 of our blog posts a day; this of course
means we will add 21 over the week. Then we need to share 21 of other
people’s. On a Monday Kyle will go through them and add 21 to our
boards and this will then keep me within the rules to do the adding.

For adding my content I will install the Tailwind App on my browser and
then from within Pinterest I will find a relevant pin and click the Tailwind
schedule button:

Then once your Tailwind app has opened (usually in a separate window)
you need to click on the Tribes section. You will find it near the bottom
and it will say “add to tribes”:

Then open it up and you hold down with control and clicking the tribe
you’re interested in which tribes you would like it to be on:

Then from this list you can simply pick which tribes to add it to and then
it will do it for you straight away.
3) Rinse & Repeat
Now bit by bit do this for all your relevant content on your blog.
Obviously we have around 300 recipes so it will take us a while to do
them all. But we are doing them bit by bit and seeing what extra traffic is
coming our way.
If you get into a routine of doing it each day you will soon see your
Pinterest traffic growing. It is also a bit of pot luck for how viral you are
going to go with it. For example you could have someone sharing it that
has 10,000 followers but on another day someone could share it to a
Pinterest board with 100,000 followers.
4) Collect Your Data
If you know me by now you will know that I am addicted to the good old
spreadsheets and this is another great time to use them!

Collect information of the tribe, the rules, what you have pinned, what
you have shared and the results you’ve got.
5) Have Patience
When I first started using the tribes I was
really disappointed with the results. I
looked the next day and I hardly had any
shares, yet I was sharing everyone else’s
content. It felt like I was putting all the
work in, but not getting anything back in
Well I looked again after 7 days and the
results were so much better.
If you are pinning a lot to Pinterest group
boards you might not notice as much of a traffic boost. I notice that
people that are just using tribes and are not on boards and being left
stunned by the huge boost in traffic. So if you do pin a lot expect
moderate results.
Recipe This Case Study In Progress
I am sure what you really want to know is how well it has gone for me.
Therefore I have stuck to my schedule and after a month of using it I
have found the following:
Not all tribes are equal – There are some terrible ones, some average
ones, some really good ones and some that are so quiet that nobody
else is posting to them!
For example I have been invited to a few tribes that have only got about
10 pins on them and that doesn’t mean that they are all ones that I
actually want to share!

You’re not in control – You also
have to respect the fact that you
are not the boss the owner of the
Tribe is. This means that you could
have been following the pin 1 to
share 1 rule only to find out that
they have cleared out the board
and you have no idea of how many
you have now shared. Its hard when
this happens because keeping track
of the stats becomes impossible. You could also have been on the Tribe
done all your pinning for the week and then be removed from the Tribe.
This means that you have pinned other peoples content for nothing!
Expect the 50% rule – by the 50% rule I mean that for every 2 Tailwind
tribes that you join 1 will be a success and the other 1 will be a failure.
We have joined about 21 tribes and have 9 keepers and have recently
joined another 3 that we are yet to test.
If it doesn’t work move on – the most important thing to understand is
that more work goes into a tribe than goes into a Pinterest group board.
Therefore times is precious and if you are getting a low reach then walk

Here are some case studies of some of the Tribes we are
members of and how they have worked out for us:
Tribe Example 1 – Foods & Drinks & Recipes
This was one of the first tribes that we were approved to. It is a tribe
focused around recipes which is perfect for us. Plus they have a rule of 3
pins a day maximum and this means you don’t get lost in the Tribes
when people are posting 30 a day.
Tribe stats:

Shared 111
Posted 98
Reshares 63
Repins 15

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