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Congratulations on purchasing the OZ-730/OZ-750 Electronic
Please read this operation manual thoroughly to familiarize
yourself with all the features of the unit and to ensure years of
reliable operation. You may also find it useful to keep this
operation manual on hand for reference.
Some of the accessories described in this manual may not be
available at the time you purchase this Organizer.


SHARP strongly recommends that you keep separate
permanent written records of all important data. Data may
be lost or altered in virtually any electronic memory
Organizer under certain circumstances. Therefore, SHARP
assumes no responsibility for data lost or otherwise
rendered unusable whether as a result of improper use,
repairs, defects, battery replacement, use after the
specified battery life has expired, or any other cause.

SHARP assumes no responsibility, directly or indirectly,
for financial losses or claims from third persons resulting
from the use of this Organizer and any of its functions,
such as stolen credit card numbers, the loss or alteration
of stored data, etc.


The information provided in this manual is subject to
change without notice.

Check with your local SHARP dealer concerning availability.
All company and / or product names are trademarks and/or
registered trademarks of their respective manufacturers.
Day-Timer  and Day-Timer Organizer  are registered
trademarks of Day-Timers, Inc.

One of the models described in this manual may not be
available in some countries.
Some of the accessories described in the manual may
be unavailable in some countries.

Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
The differences between OZ-730/OZ-750 are memory
capacity. Also, the OZ-750 Organizer has an optical
communication terminal (IrDA), while OZ-730 does not.
The remainder of the functions are common.
Unless otherwise specified, the text and material in this
manual applies to both models.

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The screen examples shown in this manual
may not exactly match those of the product.
For example, although the field name is reversed
on the product’s screen, the field name on the
relevant screen in this manual may not be