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This is a highly detailed 'summary' of Re: Zero chapters from the start of Arc 4 onwards, intending
to proceed to cover all the way to Arc 6 or until I burn out, that I have made for a friend of mine so I
can rant fervidly at/with her about happenings in Re: Zero past the ending of the anime, which I
may or may not release to the general public. If you're reading this and you're not said friend,
congrats! By my hand or another's, it got released to the general public.
This thing is a bastard child between a translation and a summary. What this means in practice is
that the narration is almost entirely paraphrased and tenses are all over the place, while some effort
is generally put in to the character dialogue. That is, I want said friend to get the same impression of
the lines I thought were funny or cool or interesting that I did. It turns out that that's almost all of
them and I have trouble finding where to paraphrase things out.
That said, I am taking full liberty to skim over things when I randomly feel like it or when the
sentence overpowers my meagre Japanese skills. And my Japanese is pretty fucking meagre. If you
are the general public, I would recommend throwing this 'summary' at someone who has a less
meagre grasp of Japanese, an excess of free time, and a charitable personality and pestering them to
rectify my fuckups.
If you happen to be a charitable, time-having Japanese knower and would like to contact me to keep
my fuckups in check for the future, or otherwise would just like to contact me, I've made an email at
ankaa.burner@gmail.com just for you!
Names and terminology will be coming from multiple sources but will ultimately be determined by
what I feel makes the most sense or sounds most appealing to me (ie, Witch names use the English
spelling of Greek/Roman mythical figures, Bishop names use the English spelling of stars, Puck is
Puck and not Pack because I hate Pack, etc).
Accordingly, the words that appear in this document are incredibly up to my whimsy and
occasionally clash with generally accepted fan nomenclature. Some I'll put out there right away are:
I'm writing the name of the Bishop that ate Rem's name as 'Rai Baten-Kaitos' rather than Ley for
Reasons. I'm giving Beatrice a verbal tic absent in the anime of 'in fact' to correspond with her なの
よ. I'm calling the Great Waterfall the Great Cascade because I think it sounds nicer and also
Reasons that would only matter if I was trying to translate arc 3. I'm calling the 大兎 the Sizeable
Hare because Reasons. I'm calling the Bishops 'Cardinals' instead of Bishops because I think it
sounds nicer and I am too punny to live.
Anything else will be mentioned in the text as a footnote.
I advise you read this document as if this is your asshole friend whose word may-or-may-not-belegitimate telling you the story of Re: Zero around a campfire, since that's the mentality this was
written with.
Okay enough Arc 4 Start.