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The Arlam villagers have boarded the 6 dragon-drawn carriages that are prepared outside Crusch's
mansion, on a day so overcast it seems to reflect Subaru's mental state. One carriage has been
specially left empty for Subaru and Emilia.
Subaru and Crusch talk, with Subaru declining to stay at Crusch's any longer (though he knows that
honestly, he should use some time to convalesce), and Crusch telling him that he's always welcome
to stay at their place. However, Subaru's concerned that if their two factions don't clean up matters
at home from the White While and Sloth incidents, Anastasia's faction will wind up reaping all the
benefits—Crusch's faction had huge damages, including Crusch herself, and things look
unpropitious for Emilia's faction with matters progressing without Roswaal. Though Emilia's
faction didn't suffer as many damages as Crusch, as far as Subaru's concerned, a deep wound
Anastasia, meanwhile, only lost a section of her mercenary squad. Anastasia herself, her knight, and
her other military strength is still healthy—their damages aren't big enough to stop them from
immediately going public with their contributions to the victory, a huge advantage for Anastasia.
If only to keep to keep a check on Anastasia, it's essential that Crusch's and Emilia's faction keep
Crusch laments being unable to assist Subaru, who she owes a great debt to. Subaru tells her not to
worry about it when she's in a bad state herself, and that he's already been repaid properly anyway
—Crusch is giving him Patrasche, who is pulling the high-class VIP carriage at the front of the line.
Subaru considers Patrasche his partner, who he's skirted the line between life and death with more
often than anyone else in his lifetime. Considering that being with him means getting into trouble,
Subaru didn't think Patrasche could stand to put up with him anymore. Wilhelm reassures him and
tells him that Patrasche has become especially attached to him, which is unusual for a Diana
(Patrasche's breed of ground dragon).
Subaru says he didn't do anything that big, just picked the ground dragon that clicked. --so, another
thing down to luck, since he didn't think he would've survived the White While and Sloth fights
without Patrasche. Meaning,
Subaru: “No ground dragon except you will satisfy me any more! Oh, Patrasche, you minx!”
Subaru goes to pat her side. Patrasche is disgusted at his lovey-dovey behaviour and goes to slam
her body against his finger.
Subaru: “Augh, close! Look, even if it's to cover up your embarrassment, trying to pull that is going
too far! Ever since that time I put too much energy into classroom chores in middle school, this
finger stuff makes my heart-rate go crazy! I'm so traumatized!”
Wilhelm: “The dragon is merely teasing. Such intimate banter in itself proves the unwavering trust
between you two.”