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Subaru: “Does this look like banter!? Feels to me like I'm just prattling off at her, and she's rejecting
me with body language!”
Tsun tsun but dependable Patrasche.
Subaru: “My name's acknowledged as part of the White Whale subjugation, and the SLOTH
subjugation means Emilia-tan's safe and protected. And then I get a ground dragon that I like... it's
unbeatable compensation.”
Wilhelm: “That you do not realise how momentous a feat it is to have slain the White Whale could
be called part of your charm, Subaru-dono. The world will doubtless come to reward you in a more
appropriate manner for the deed. I do await the day.”
Subaru: “Though, not like I think it was really anything that ridiculous. Running around waving
food in a whale's face is a real thing, you know?” said Subaru, being humble but not.
Wilhelm's eyes took on a look as though he were seeing something rather pleasant. The warmth of
the gaze made Subaru feel uncomfortable, and he shook his head to drive the feeling away.
Subaru: “Well, Patrasche aside... It appears I'll shortly be parting with you, Wilhelm-san. Please
take care to look after your injury.”
Wilhelm: “Your concern is appreciated. —It seems some distance is between us now, as the
bleeding has stopped. Someday, I shall surely stand alongside you once again. Until then.”
Now that Wilhelm's heamophilic wound, inflicted by the previous Sword Saint, Theresia, has
opened, Wilhelm has set his focus on Cardinals of Sin GLUTTONY and GREED. Since they were
nearby, if there's anything except the White Whale that was involved in Theresia's death, they're the
most likely candidates.
While Subaru would rather not run into the Cardinals of Sin, GLUTTONY alone is an exception.
Subaru absolutely will defeat him. So many things have to be taken back—Crusch's memories, and
most importantly—
Felis: “Subaru-kyun. Rem-chan's secured, come check.”
Felis leans out from Patrasche's carriage, and Subaru runs over and peers in. A seating area has been
destroyed to make room for a simple bed, upon which lies a sleeping girl—a blue-haired girl,
wearing a thin, light-blue gown rather than her usual maid outfit, forgotten completely by the world
around her so long as she remains asleep.
Though Felis has long finished treating her external injuries, he's had no success with getting her
out of the coma. Though Felis reports this in his usual upbeat, innocent affectation, his expression is
clearly different from usual—a painful awareness of his own sufficiency is slipping through.
Though the cause of his awareness of his powerless likely wasn't Rem, but his Master, Crusch.
Felis: “You're really taking her home with you?”