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A p r i l , 1887

Z I O N ’S




more noticeable is, that the saints, the truth-seekers, are
comparatively few, the great mass of the nominal church (all
sects) being children of the world, unconsecrated, deceived bv
their teachers into the false assumption that they are Chris­
tians, and that by joining the sect and adding to its num­
bers and wealth they are joining the real Church of Christ,
whose “ names are written in heaven.”
Convinced then, that we must individually seek the good
tidings in God’s Word, let us next inquire, What is the Gos­
pel, of which we and the apostles and our Lord need not be
ashamed ?—

ligious views we see about us, would certainly imply one of
two things: either that God’s Word is not a revelation, but
a deceiving enigma— a labyrinth of confusion, or else that
man in his fallen condition is so wretchedly twisted, that it
is impossible for him to reason with his Creator or to un­
derstand the Scriptures.
But the Lord and the Apostles as well as common sense
contradict both of these views. Paul says, “ The holy Scrip­
tures are able to make thee wise” — “ That the man of God
may be perfect, thoroughly furnished.”
(2 Tim. 3:15-17.)
And our Lord said, “ If any man will do his [my Father’s]
will, he shall know of the doctrine” (John 7 :1 7 ). Conse­
quently we must look elsewhere for the fault, the cause of
this discord of jarring sects and creeds. And if it is not
the Bible that is to blame, it must be that professed Bible
students do not study it properly. Yes, it is here that the
fault lies. Earnest, zealous, Christian men and women come
to the Bible with prejudiced minds, full of creeds and theories
of various sects, to which they are strongly attached by
chains of veneration, and habit, and family ties, and social
ties, and fears, and pride, and spiritual laziness. They come
to the Bible not to be taught of God, but to prove to them­
selves and others, that their theories or the theories of their
sect are right . And by ignoring passages or their contexts,
which do not suit their views, and by bending and straining
others, each seeker generally gets what he seeks, and confirms
himself in his prejudices. At the same time, thank God, he
that seeketh truth and submits his own will, and the theories
of all others, to the light of God’s Word, desiring to find the
truth and to discover the error, is not left in darkness, doubt
and confusion, but “ shall know of the [true] doctrine.”
Nor should we ignore the assistance of any of God’s chil­
dren in seeking an understanding of the Scriptures, but we
should give attention to them only so far and so long, as
they teach and explain the Bible, in harmony with the Bible.
Whenever we find a brother, a teacher, either of high or low
degree, in learning or talents, able to expound and to har­
monize the Bible with itself, our attention should be earnestly
given; for such a one is a teacher sent of God, and we are
safe so long as we prove all things by the Word of God, and
accept of theories and interpretations not because of the
teacher, but because of the Scriptures, which his teachings
show forth and harmonize.
But religious teachers of today would be almost ignored,
if this rule were followed, for they know little of the Bible
except some passages committed to memory in youth, and
some looked out for special occasions. And three-fourths of
all the discourses, delivered in Christian pulpits, if examined
by the average hearer in the light of the text chosen and
its connections with the preceding and succeeding verses, would
be found at wide variance and often directly contradictory of
the Word of God. But satisfied with their sect, the many
“ at ease in Zion” think not of searching the Scriptures, nor
of proving or disproving the doctrines proclaimed.
As for the teachers, with many it is a business or rather
a “ profession” merely. They were taught in seminaries not
how to search the Scriptures, but the reverse— not to study
the Bible, nor to expect to learn anything from it; for if
they should learn anything new by their search, it would of
necessity be something their sects would not endorse, and
hence they would come in conflict with their party and its
theology and be cut off. They are taught the theology of the
sect controlling the seminary, and are expected to know and
teach neither more nor less so long as they are in its min­
istry. In fact generally they are bound by a solemn vow to
believe and teach according to the creed of the sect strictly.
Why then should they urge their students to “ Search the
Scriptures ?” Rather, like the Church of Rome their influence
is exerted to restrain investigation within the sectarian limits.
With the implied threat of disfellowship, they urge their min­
isters and students not to search continually for truth, but
to accept the voice of their sect as infallible. They do not
openly proclaim their sectarian infallibility and the bondage
of their ministers for very shame, remembering that this
was the very ground on which their founders originally pro­
tested against the church of Rome, claiming the right of in­
dividual judgment in the interpretation of the Scriptures—
hence the name Protestants.
Were it not for this sectarian influence over the members
and teachers of the sects, how quickly might all the saints
who hunger and thirst after truth come into unity and har­
mony of spirit and doctrine— all teachable and all “ taught
of God ” The Word of God would be more reverenced and
would be “quick and powerful,” while an “ ear-tickling,” world­
serving, sect-bound clergy would be justly despised. This state
of things is even now at the doors. The reason it is not


The real gospel is like a tree, it has a trunk or central
part and out of this central glad tidings as branches, pro­
ceed various favors, each of which is a special additional fea­
ture of the “glad-tidings.” The trunk, the primary “good
tidings,” is the news of our ransom: That Christ died for
our sins, and thus redeemed us from sin and its penalty,
death, by paying a corresponding price (1 Tim. 2:6) for
Adam and all his race. And in consequence of this redemp­
tion he shall in due time deliver all men from the dominion
of sin and death into the liberty and favors of children of
God, forfeited for all by Adam. The assurance which this
gives is, that all that was lost through Adam shall be re­
stored through Christ, who declares that he came into the
world to seek and to save that which was lost.
Adam held the blessings and favors of God (life, etc.)
conditionally: I f obedient, he might enjoy life and home and
divine favor forever. His failure terminated his trial, and
God sentenced him to death as unworthy to ever enjoy the
blessings originally offered to him. Our Lord Jesus redeemed
all the race from that condemnation, by enduring the death
penalty for all as the representative of Adam, and thus he
provides a renewal of the original favor of life, and renews
the trial, making it this time an individual test of worthiness
or unworthiness to enjoy the divine favors everlastingly, the
condition again being obedience.
God’s plan is, to make the sinner a party to his own
recovery, by arranging that an interest in Christ’s meritor­
ious sacrifice, our ransom price, can be had upon one condi­
tion only, namely: The sinner must desire and strive for
reconciliation with God and must recognize Jesus’ sacrifice
as the only ground for that reconciliation. In other words
faith in the ransom is made as indispensable to the sinner’s
salvation from condemnation, as the giving of the ransom.
Being thus justified by faith in Christ, he is granted a new
trial for everlasting life, the condition of which is obedience
to the extent of ability, as step by step they are directed
and disciplined up to full perfection of being. Hence the
importance of telling all men of the redemption accomplished,
and the importance also of their accepting the message by
faith. Everyone believing in him shall not be ashamed.
Whosoever shall call for mercy and reconciliation, upon the
name of the Lord, shall be saved, recovered, to that which was
lost. But none can call upon the Lord without knowing
of him; hence the necessity not only that Christ should give
“ himself a ransom for all,” hut also that it should be “ tes ­
tified [to all] in due time.”
Compare Rom. 10:13-15 with
1 Tim. 2 :6 *
So then this message, that a ransom has been given for
all, which guarantees a restitution of great privileges and
favors once forfeited, is the very center and body of the
“good tidings,” and it is proclaimed in order that sinners
may believe it and thus obtain its favor of reconciliation and
a new trial for life. But so fallen and prejudiced has man­
kind become, that he is an easy piey to his great enemy.
Satan, who blinds the eyes of the vast majority, so that
they cannot and do not see the simplicity and beauty of the
divine remedy for sin and its sting— death. He blinds many
with superstition and degradation, many more with piiestcraft and false theologies, which misrepresent and distort the
plan of God; and those in a fair way to receive the light,
he blinds and chokes with thorns of care and thistles of
wealth, so that few thus far have really heard with unpreju­
diced ears this gospel of great joy, which shall yet be unto
all people.
So then, if there be not a future time more favoiahle to
their hearing than the present, the “good tidings” would
not be “ to all people.” But the plan of God provides for
all and the ransom covered all and the declaration is. that
it “ shall be to all people;” and this implies not only a testi* The context to the above, Rom. 10:18, will be treated in our next
issue and will be shown to be in fullest accord with all the deduction*
o f this article.

[ 9 23 ]


radio lecturej


HE words “prison” and “prisoners” are found
many times in the Bible. In many instances
“prison” refers to the literal prison, with bars,
doors and walls. In several texts the word “prisoners” does not refer to literal prisoners, but to a class
of people who are in bondage, under a restraint ; that
is, they are deprived of their liberty to think and act
as they would like to do, and to do those things which
their conscience tells them is right. Their condition
of bondage, restraint and deprivation of just rights
and liberties is imposed upon them by that wicked
creature called “the Devil, and Satan”, who uses
men as his instruments in this wicked work. Such
people are called “prisoners”
because they are in
bondage to tradition, superstition, fear of man, and
fear of loss of good name and business. hIany of these
people are creed-bound and fear lest they be called
“unorthodox ’‘.
In Proverbs 29: 25, we read: “The fear of man
bringeth a snare. ” The word “snare” means “to put
a noose around the neck”. The picture is that of a
master leading a slave, his prisoner. Millions of people are afraid of public opinion, public criticism or
public censure. Such people arc captives, prisoners.
Ofttimes such a prison espcricncc is much more galling than to be in a literal prison. It is pitiful to see
people afraid to use that liberty of opinion and expression which is the God-given right of every man
and woman on earth. Anyone who holds such an WIwarranted control of another’s rights and liberties
is a wicked person, and interfering with the divine
hc is the enemy of God and man, of
truth and righteousness.
True Christians are called God’s prisoners, and
Jesus invites them to take his yoke upon themselves,
and promises them his watchcare, protection and love
and that all things shall work together for their good.
He says to them, “My yoke is easy, and my burden
is light. ” Satan’s prisoners arc taken captive by him
against their will ; their capt,ivity is not for their blessing, but for their injury; it is a tyrannical bondage.
They have his noose about their neck, and arc held
in bondage by slavish fear or dread of offending some
man or woman, or breaking some established law or
custom, or being out of style or saying something contrary to some cstnblishcd creed. This is a devilish
The time is soon to come when everybody will bc
delivered from such bondage, and it will be the gospel
of Jesus Christ that will set them free. In other words,
it will be the truth that will free these prisonem.
Spcaliing to true Christians, the apostle says: ‘In
meekness instruct those who oppose thrmsclves, t.hat
they may rccorer thcmselres from the slmrc of the
devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.’

(2 Tim. 2 : 26) In Psalm 91: 3, we are told that true
Christians shall be delivered from the snare of the
fowlcr. The fowlcr here mentioned is Satan. Again,
in Psalm 140 : l-5, we read: “Deliver me, 0 Lord,
from the evil man; preserve me from the violent
man ; which imagine mischiefs in their heart : . . .
they hare sharpcncd their tongues like a serpent;
adders’ poison is under their lips. . . . The proud
have hid a snare for me, and cords: they have spread
a net by the way side: they have set gins for me.‘,
God has an organization on earth, made up of men
and women who love the Lord and are trying to serve
him. Satan has an organization on earth, made up
of men and women who profess to serve the Lord
but who are really serving the Devil. Satan’s organization claims to be God’s organization, and persecutes
those who arc actually members of God’s organization.
Satan’s organization sails uudcr the high-sounding
It boasts of a membership
name of “ Christendom”.
of over 500,000,000 persons. Its members are in boudage to creeds, customs, rites and ceremonies ; they dare
not disown these or criticize or expose them. To do
so would bring down on their heads taunts, reproaches, disfellowship and persecution. Many thousands of
the Lord’s people are held in these denominations as
prisoners, afraid to express their disapproval of the
creeds, methods and customs of the organization.
These are very unhappy; they love the Lord, and
would desire to see his name honored, and his t,ruth
preached without the use of formalism, ceremonies,
ereedal bondage and the collection box, yet they dare
not take their stand; so they remain in the prisons,
ag,ainst their sense of justice and right. They have
Satan’s noose about their neck ; they are his prisoners.
This great prison house, called “Christendom”
men, and called ‘rBabylon” (which means confusion)
by God, is mentioned in Revelation 1s: 4, and the
Lord says : “Come out of her, nzy peopte.” God purposes to destroy great Babylon, and all of the Lord’s
people who remain therein will share her plagues.
Many thousands of the Lord’s people have heard the
voice of the Lord and come out. These do not fear
the anathemas of men or devils; they do not fear to
lose their good name or reputation;
they arc not
afraid of sneers, reproaches or pcrsccutions.
come out into the glorious liberty of the sons of God.
Those who rcmuin in Babylon because of fear or
doubt are the prisoners; they are conscious of their
false position as well as the shams and lies of Babylon,
but lack the courage of their convictions. They sigh
and cry and mourn for all t,he abominations which
they see in Christendom, yet dare not shake off the
yoke of the Devil and take the yoke of the Lord.
There arc nmrc of tllis kind of prisoners in Babylon
than of all the prisoners held in rcnl jails and pcni2

Watchtower 1 October 1930

Attorney at Law
117 Adams Street - Brooklyn - New York
TRiangle 5-1474

November 9, 1938

Franklin D. Roosevelt,
President, United States of America,
The White House, Washington, D. C.
Dear Mr. President:
Recently I have read your letter of October 1 containing greetings and felicitations
to the Eighth National Eucharistic Congress
at New Orleans. You did a thorough job in
stating your approval and approbation of that
meeting. But your statements are very much
out of place.
If Al Capone and others of his kind were
to hold a convention of all racketeers, give it
a religious and sanctimonious front, and use
it to further their oppressive schemes against
the people and to sustain and screen their
unlawful operations, it would be an insult to
the American people for the nation's chief executive to publicly endorse and applaud such
convention. It would be putting the stamp of
public approval on the acts of the nation's
enemies, and would bring disgrace and contempt to the official so acting.
If the president of this great country were
likewise to express, officially, compliments and
good wishes to a Fascist organization maintaining and promoting totalitarian activities
in the United States, such would well be considered by the American people as an act of
bad faith, indicating disloyalty to their welfare.
Your letter to the Roman Catholic Hierarchy's Eucharistic Congress was sent to an
organization that deserves the label of



of honest, God-fearing American people.
George Seldes, in The New Republic of
November 9, 1938, conservatively sets forth
fifteen reasons why the Roman Catholic Hierarchy has married itself to Fascism and has
become Fascism's advance agent and promoter.
These reasons are as follows:
(1) authoritarianism;
(2) its attack on Communism;
(3) recognition of Franco;
(4) friendly relations with Mussolini;
(5) the Pope's continued appeal to the
German concordat;
(6) the Vatican's satisfaction with Corporate Portugal and Austria;
(7) diplomatic relations with dictators;
(8) support for the Ethiopian invasion;
(9) conspiracy to overthrow the Spanish
government and support the Italian, Nazi and
Moorish invasion;
(10) the aid to Hitler by Cardinal Innitzer;
(11) Father Coughlin's Fascist activities;
(.12) Catholic Church aid to Duplessis' Canadian semi-Fascism;


(13) Catholic organizations' support of corrupt politicians like Mayor Hague;
(14) the attack on liberal and progressive
figures by organizations like the Catholic Truth
(15) antagonism to labor.
Is it not exceedingly inconsistent for you,
Mr. President, to send cordial good wishes,
in the name of democracy, to a national conference of this Fascist organization?
On October 2, 1938, Judge J. F. Rutherford,
in an address entitled "Fascism or Freedom"
(a copy of which is enclosed), broadcast to
the people of this continent a damning list
of Catholic-Fascist acts against democracy and
freedom in this country and Canada. From
that address I quote the following:
On September 11 last I delivered a n address at
London, which was broadcast to many countries.
More than 100 radio stations in America broadcast
that speech "Face the Facts". To prevent the people
from hearing the facts Catholic Action flooded many
radio stations with threatening letters, and some
stations, because of fear, yielded to their demands.
In many places in the United States, Christians
rented public halls, installed wireless equipment,
and there peaceably assembled to hear the speech
and to worship God in spirit and in truth. Catholic Action tried to prevent such assemblies, and
succeeded in a few instances.
At Chicago, where most of the public officials are
Catholic and dominated by a cardinal, t h e Navy
Pier auditorium was leased for the convention of
Jehovah's witnesses, and everything was in readiness, when Cardinal Mundelein's representative demanded the cancellation of the lease and the prevention of this Christian assembly. Public officials
yielded to that demand.
At Rochester, New York, Commissioner McFarlin
rented to Jehovah's witnesses the city hall for their
convention. Two days before the convention opened
the Catholic priest, John Randall, acting under command of the bishop, demanded that the city cancel
the lease, shut out Jehovah's witnesses, and prevent
their peaceable assembly, and the cancellation was
made, and for one day this hall was closed against
that Christian body. Then on application Justice
Voorhis issued an Order of Court requiring the hall
to be opened, and it was done.
At Ottawa, Canada, the Coliseum was engaged
for this convention of Christians. Ten days later
notice was served on Jehovah's witnesses by the
Board of Control that the use of t h e Coliseum
"is granted subject to there being no utterances
made . . . against any church or religious denomination or those connected with churches or religious denominations".
At Little Rock, Arkansas, the city council, a t the
instance of the Catholic bishop Morris and his organization of Knights of Columbus, prevented the
peaceable assembly of Jehovah's witnesses in the
public park for worship and to listen to the London
At Colorado Springs the Catholic clergy and other
politicians signed a petition, falsely charging "that
Rutherford is against Christianity and all it stands
for, and the American flag, and the ideals it stands
for", and thereby induced the radio station to cancel its broadcast contract and the press to publish
the libelous statement.

the Hierarchy and turning themselves to God and
to His kingdom. This action of honest Catholics
greatly angers the Hierarchy. And their priests and
press howl.

Many other radio stations in the chain were
bullied and threatened. As to the effect thereof
I quote a letter of a radio manager, which is a
sample of many others, addressed to the Watch
Tower agency: "We regret to advise that due to
the prevalence of Catholicism in this territory we
must refrain from taking the broadcast." Many
radio stations were threatened by Catholic priests
if they broadcast the lecture.
At New Orleans the Coliseum arena was leased
for the assembly in convention of these Christian
people to worship God and to hear the London
speech. At the instance of the Catholic Hierarchy
the doors of the Arena were locked and the literature of Jehovah's witnesses withheld from them
and they were prevented from assembling. Another
hall was then engaged, and Catholic Action succeeded in having that hall closed to Jehovah's witnesses. A third hall was taken, and while a local
speaker was delivering a Bible lecture the audience
was intimidated by a squad of police under the
command of one McNamara. The fourth hall was
rented, and a Catholic police squad stopped the installation of telephone wires in that building, and
thus prevented the assembly of Jehovah's witnesses
there to receive the London speech. Then the Jockey
Club, outside the city limits, was leased for the
peaceable assembly and worship by these Christians. Under pressure from the Catholic Hierarchy
the parish sheriff prevented the installation of the
telephone wires and the use of that place of assembly. Then, as a last resort, a private open-air lot
was taken, and there on Sunday, September the
11th, a body of Christian people assembled peaceably and to worship God and to hear the London
address. Electrical equipment had been installed.
A squad of police, under command of McNamara,
was on the ground before the audience arrived.
McNamara, under the direction of the Catholic
Hierarchy, stepped forward and excitedly cried out
to the audience assembled: "Stand back"; and then,
turning to his police squad, he gave this command:
"Men, when the lecture starts stop it, even if you
have to break the electrical equipment; and the
first man who interferes, shoot to kill." When the
lecture began at London, McNamara himself cut
the telephone wires, disabled the electrical equipment, and, while he was doing so, the police squad
stood with their hands on their guns, and thus the
people again were forcibly prevented to peaceably
assemble, freely worship and exercise freedom of
speech. Immediately following this highhanded and
unlawful action the Catholic newspaper known as
Catholic Action of the South, edited by the "Right
Reverend" Wynhoven, published the following: "It
is indeed a source of deep gratification that notwithstanding the persistent efforts of the witnesses
of Jehovah, their three-day convention in New Orleans was frustrated. . . . Practically every large
hall in the city was denied them. . . . The chief
of police's office and the sheriff of Jefferson Parish
unhesitatingly 'stepped in to stop effectively this
insult to New Orleans." The Federal Court is preventing a repetition today of such unlawful acts,
but Wynhoven won't publish that.

As counsel for Jehovah's witnesses I have
had occasion to see at first hand and come in
contact with Fascist "Catholic Action" machinery in America.
Jehovah's witnesses have flooded the land
with printed proofs that the Roman Catholic
Hierarchy carries on a racket by frightening
people into paying sums totaling millions, for
"protection" and "release" from a mythical
place of future punishment labeled "purgatory". The Hierarchy makes no effort to disprove the charges. Instead, it vigorously pushes
archaic and medieval methods of gagging upright, fearless critics by use of the strong arm
of the "law". It has established a modern-day
inquisition which, during the past three years,
has resulted in the arrest and charging with
crime of more than two thousand Christian
men, women and children, whose only "offense"
has been that of disseminating Bible truths
that shock the susceptibilities of that oppressive organization's hypocritical leaders. Those
leaders have wrongfully and wickedly induced
public officials to misapply some twenty-odd
varieties of statutes and ordinances to retard,
hinder or even destroy entirely the lawful
activities of those upright, God-fearing men
and women.
In addition, there has been vilest abuse,
mob action, cruel and inhuman treatment of
innocent persons, and a train of other brutal
"Catholic Action" which is a disgrace to any
nation and the foulest stench in this "sweet
land of liberty".
The cringing subserviency of the courts to
the Hierarchy's inquisition is a scandal of the
first magnitude. In Jersey City, autocratically
ruled by Mayor Frank Hague, vice-chairman
of your own political party, during the trial
of sixteen of Jehovah's witnesses the judge,
Anthony Botti, a Roman Catholic, made this
statement in open court:
The Constitution doesn't apply here. If you want
to preach the gospel, preach it somewhere else.
This city is 75 percent to 80 percent Catholic.
I n Irvington, New Jersey, R o m a n Catholic
J u d g e T h o m a s J . H o l l e r a n m a d e t h e following s t a t e m e n t :
I will stab you [Jehovah's witnesses] in the back
every time I get a chance.

The proof is therefore conclusive that the Catholic Hierarchy was back of the unlawful action in
breaking up a peaceable assembly of Christians
gathered together for worship of Almighty God.
This is further and conclusive proof that the Hierarchy is against God and against His kingdom
under Christ and is working in league with Fascism
to destroy the liberties of the people. The Hierarchy has bullied and bluffed and threatened and
put fear into the public press and the owners of
many radio stations, to prevent the people from
hearing the truth. Honest, sincere Catholics do not
endorse such highhanded and unlawful action, and
they, seeing that the Hierarchy has turned the
organization into a political machine and is robbing the people and using the money to destroy
their liberties, these honest Catholics are forsaking

I n Hoboken, New Jersey, another Roman
Catholic judge, F r a n k Romano, publicly stated
to J e h o v a h ' s witnesses:
Why don't you people stay away from here?
You know we don't want you around. We have
told Jehovah's witnesses to keep out of town.
T h i s s a m e R o m a n C a t h o l i c j u d g e of H o b o k e n
p u t t h e finishing t o u c h e s on a w i c k e d c o n s p i r a c y a g a i n s t o n e of J e h o v a h ' s w i t n e s s e s w i t h
a ninety-day sentence in the H u d s o n County
P e n i t e n t i a r y o n t h e c h a r g e of u s e of a b u s i v e
language to a woman whom the defendant had


never seen nor met prior to his arrest. New
Jersey Supreme Court justices, dominated by
the Hague-Catholic machine, refused any redress in this case in the way of certiorari or
Thomas F. Meaney, Roman Catholic judge
of the Court of Common Pleas, of Jersey City,
has been publicly accused of deliberately withholding decisions involving the cases of Jehovah's witnesses. He hasn't denied the charge.
Hostility, prejudice and lawlessness on the
part of the judiciary have been further shown
in acts such as the following :
Making unusual and exorbitant bail restrictions especially for Jehovah's witnesses.
Evasion on the part of officials, thus making impossible the arranging of bail.
Suppression of trial records.
Jailing of defendants because of their
refusal to take the stand in behalf of
the prosecution.
Needless postponement of trials, subjecting defendants to great inconvenience
and much unnecessary expense.
Refusal to consider evidence or law in behalf of defendants, and in place thereof
a blind and senseless penalizing of innocent people.
This Fascist Catholic machine has threatened the press of the country and cowed it
into complete subjection. It now reaches out
with an organized attempt to censor free
speech over the radio, through coercing, bulldozing and browbeating station owners and
managers into refusal of facilities for broadcasting material offensive to the Hierarchy.
High-pressure campaigns are organized by
Catholic bishops, priests and editors; the offending broadcasting station is deluged with
scurrilous epistles, and its sponsors of advertising programs are informed in no uncertain
terms that if they do not withdraw their patronage from the offending station they will
suffer loss of Catholic trade.
A sample of this kind of censorship is given
in the case of Station WORL, Boston, Mass.
A contract was made with that station for
broadcasting of the speech "Fascism or Freedom", to be given by Judge Rutherford on
October 2 last. On that day, "Catholic Action"
under the direction of a priest named Gabriel
Gorman, stormed the station with protests, demands and threats of dire punishment. The
station manager succumbed and breached the
contract when halfway through the broadcast.
Simultaneously, fifty - eight other stations,
wire-connected in a coast-to-coast independent
chain, broadcast the same speech in its entirety without yielding to similar un-American
"Catholic Action" attempts to prevent the
broadcast. In all parts of the United States
this peculiarly Catholic form of suppression
of free speech is now in operation, constituting a censorship of radio more complete and

deadly than if imposed by governmental action.
These facts constitute but a bare outline of
some of the overt acts of the Fascist Catholic
machine in carrying forward its program of
suppression of the American people's liberties.
Much of this information has been heretofore presented to you. Petitions with millions
of signatures, requesting action by you and
by the Congress and by the Federal Communications Commission, have been presented at
Washington during the past four years. There
has been no action from your office or from
the national Congress or from the Federal
Communications Commission.
The La Follette Civil Liberties Committee
of the United States Senate has been informed
similarly, but it has taken no action.
It seems that the chief officials of the nation
are more interested in sustaining and protecting this powerful religio-political organization
that functions out of Vatican City than in
upholding the American people's rights.
In your letter to the Hierarchy's Eucharistic Congress you stated:
We still remain true to the faith of our fathers
who established religious liberty when the nation

When you stand mute while the Roman Catholic Hierarchy throws two thousand Christian
people into jail; censors newspapers and radio; shackles the courts, and stirs up mob
action to stop the mouths of honest critics,
it cannot be truthfully said that we "still remain true to the faith of our fathers who
established religious liberty". It cannot be
truthfully said that there is freedom of worship in the United States when Jehovah's witnesses are continually jailed because they circulate Bible truths offensive to the same gang
of aliens from whose oppressive machinations
the American founding fathers fled to the
wilds of what is now America.
Your encomiums on democracy and religious liberty become as "sounding brass or
a tinkling cymbal" in the face of such medieval atrocities.
The New York Sun of March 8, 1934, told
of a proposed resumption of "diplomatic relations" between this country and the ruling
body of the Roman Catholic Church, stating
a definite agreement had been reached by President
Roosevelt and the Vatican that diplomatic relations
shall be established between the United States and
the Holy See as soon as public opinion can be
brought around to the idea.

Press reports of the last few days tell of the
visit of Cardinal Mundelein to you while on
his way to call on the pope. They tell of high
and extraordinary honors bestowed on that
cardinal by the American embassy at Rome
under your direction. They report further that
the matter of resumption of "diplomatic relations" is to be discussed by that 'prince of
the church' and the pope, all of which is supposed to be in accordance with your wishes and


These questions require your most serious
You close your letter with the following
May your prayers hasten the day when both men
and nations will bring their lives into conformity
with the teachings of Him who is the Way, the
Light and the Truth.

instructions. So it appears that you consider
that 'public opinion has now been brought
around to the idea' and that America may
be "taken-in" by the "Holy See".
These facts, Mr. President, do not speak
creditably of your administration. You have
persuaded millions of the American people to
believe that you are trying to better their condition. You have told them you would 'drive
the money changers out of the temple', and
have oft proclaimed your devotion to civic
liberties. Nevertheless you condone and give
assent to ruthless trampling down of freedom
of worship, freedom of speech, freedom of
press and freedom of assembly, by the Roman Catholic Hierarchy. You consort with
its "princes" and other mighty leaders of this
Fascist gang, and—if reports are true—you
now aid them in their well-defined purpose
to capture and control America.
Doesn't your action constitute a real betrayal
of the vital interests of the American people ?
Can you co-operate with and aid this advance agent of Fascism without violating your
solemn oath of office, to support the fundamental rights of all people of the United States
—including the very large majority of NON-

It's bad enough to victimize the people into
believing you are protecting their liberties.
I t is worse to consort with and protect the
Hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church as
it feverishly pushes to completion its totalitarian program for the United States. But to
express the hope that the prayers of this enemy
of J E H O V A H GOD and of His King Christ
Jesus may hasten the ushering in of righteousness is AN INSULT TO THE MOST HIGH GOD.
Concerning religious racketeers of His day,
Jesus said that upon their heads would come
the righteous blood shed in the earth, from
the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood
of Zacharias.—Matthew 23:34-36.
How can you, Mr. President, dodge responsibility for a large and well-defined part in
aiding, abetting and shielding these many unrighteous and detestable acts of the Roman
Catholic Hierarchy against God-fearing persons during your administration?
Respectfully yours,

CATHOLICS as well as the MINORITY of Cath-.

olics and the even smaller minority of so-called
"practical" Catholics whom the Hierarchy's
leaders have succeeded in arousing and uniting to participate in "Catholic Action" ?

0 . R. MOYLE

ford; I dissolve the "Earnest Bible Students" in
Germany; their property I dedicate to the people's
welfare; I will have all their literature confiscated.
This decree was followed u p by the throwing of thousands of Jehovah's witnesses into
concentration camps. Many have been killed
and the most fiendish means of torturing has
been applied to others. Their property has
been confiscated and over fifty thousand volumes of their books burned. W h y has this been
done? Merely because they worship God as
commanded in the Scriptures, and dared to
have in their possession Bibles a n d literature
explaining the Bible.
Should you desire detailed evidence of the
cruel acts of this modern Inquisition it will
be furnished to you.
You have oft expressed your firm belief in
freedom of worship. W h y not publicly protest against this vicious attack on Christians
and on Christianity?
Yours very truly,

December 1, 1938
Franklin D. Roosevelt,
President, United States of America,
The White House, Washington, D. C.
Dear S i r :
This is a supplement to my letter to you
of November 9. You have recently expressed
your indignation at the treatment of Jews by
the Nazi government of Germany. Your remarks were timely and undoubtedly will bring
beneficial results.
You should not overlook the atrocities committed by the Hitler government on Jehovah's
witnesses. When Hitler came into power the
Catholic episcopate of Germany requested Hitler to suppress the "Earnest Bible Students"
(Jehovah's witnesses). Hitler responded as
These so-called "Earnest Bible Students" are troublemakers ; they disturb the harmonious life amongst
the Germans; I consider them quacks; I do not tolerate that the German Catholics be besmirched in
such a manner by this American "Judge" Ruther-

0 . R, MOYLE.



OLIN R. MOYLE Counselor
117 Adams Street. Brooklyn. New York
Telephone Triangle 5-1474
July 21, 1939
Judge J. F. Rutherford, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Dear Brother Rutherford:
This letter is to give you notice of our intention to leave Bethel on September 1st next.
These reasons for leaving are stated herein and we ask that you give them careful and
thoughtful consideration.
Conditions at Bethel are a matter of concern to all of the Lord’s people. Nowhere among
imperfect men can there be perfect freedom from oppression, discrimination and unfair
treatment, but at the Lord’s headquarters on earth conditions should be such that injustice
would be reduced to the minimum. That is not the case here at Bethel and a protest should
be made against it. I am in a good position to make such protest because your treatment of
me has been generally kind, considerate and fair. I can make this protest in the interests of
the Bethel family and of the Kingdom work without any personal interest entering into the
Treatment of Bethel Family
Shortly after coming to Bethel we were shocked to witness the spectacle of our brethren
receiving what is designated as a "trimming" from you. The first, if memory serves me
correct, was a tongue lashing given to C. J. Woodworth. Woodworth in a personal letter to
you stated something to the effect that it would be serving the devil to continue using our
present day calendar. For that he was humiliated, called a jackass, and given a public
lambasting. Others have been similarly treated. McCaughey, McCormick, Knorr, Prosser,
Price, Van Sipma, Ness and others have been similarly scolded. They have been publicly
called to account, condemned, and reprimanded without any previous notice. This summer
some of the most unfair public reproaches have been given. J. Y. McCauley asked a question
which carried with it a criticism of the present method of Watch Tower study. For that he


was severely reprimanded. Your action constituted a violation of the principle for which we
are fighting, towit, freedom of speech. It was the action of a boss and not that of a fellow
servant. Securing an efficient mode of study with imperfect study leaders is no easy task,
and no method yet produced has proved to be one hundred per cent perfect. You stated
that no complaints had come to you concerning this method of study. If that be the case
you have not had all the facts presented to you. There is complaint in various places that
the Watch Tower studies have degenerated into mere reading lessons. It may be that the
present method is the best that can be used, but in view of known limitations honest
criticism should not be censored nor honest critics punished.
Brother Worsley received a public denunciation from you because he prepared and handed
to brethren a list of helpful Scripture citations on fundamental topics. How can we
consistently condemn religionists for being intolerant when you exercise intolerance against
those who work with you? Doesn’t this prove that the only freedom permitted at Bethel is
freedom to do and say that which you wish to be said and done? The Lord certainly never
authorized you to exercise such high handed authority over your fellow servants.
Since the Madison Square Garden meeting there has been a distressing condition of
restraint and suspicion at Bethel. The ushers were placed in a tough spot but did an
excellent piece of work. They exercised care and diligence in watching arrivals at the
Garden, and prevented a number of suspicious characters from entering. They were on the
job immediately when the disturbance started and quelled a disturbance which would have
otherwise reached serious proportions. But for two weeks following the convention there has
been constant criticism and condemnation of them from you. They have been charged with
dereliction of duty and labeled as "sissies". To see some of these boys break down and cry
because of your unkind remarks is, to say the least, saddening.
The brethren at Bethel have thoroughly demonstrated their loyalty and devotion to the Lord,
and do not need to be berated for wrong doing. A suggestion or a kindly admonition from
you would be more than sufficient to check any wrongful action, and would eliminate
resentment and induce greater happiness and comfort for the whole family. You have stated
many times that there are no bosses in the Lord’s organization but the undeniable fact
cannot be evaded that your actions in scolding and upbraiding these boys are the actions of
a boss. It makes one sick at heart and disgusted to listen to them. If you will cease smiting
your fellow servants Bethel will be a happier place and the Kingdom work will prosper



We publish to the world that all in the Lord’s organization are treated alike, and receive the
same as far as this world’s goods are concerned. You know that is not the case. The facts
cannot be denied. Take for instance the difference between the accommodations furnished
to you, and your personal attendants, compared with those furnished to some of your
brethren. You have many many homes, to wit, Bethel, Staten Island, California, etc. I am
informed that even at the Kingdom Farm one house is kept for your sole use during the
short periods you spend there. And what do the brethren at the farm receive? Small rooms,
unheated thru the bitter cold winter weather. They live in their trunks like campers. That
may be all right if necessary, but there are many houses on the farm standing idle or used
for other purposes, which could be used to give some comfort to those who work so long
and so hard.
You work in a nice air conditioned room. You and your attendants spend a portion of the
week in the quiet of country surroundings. The boys at the factory diligently work thru the
hot summer months without such helps, or any effort made to give them. That is
discrimination which should receive your thoughtful consideration.
Here again is shown unequal and discriminatory treatment. One brother left Bethel some
time ago for the purpose of getting married, and, so I am informed, was refused the
privilege of pioneering in New York, apparently as an official disapproval of his action in
leaving Bethel. On the other hand when Bonnie Boyd got married she didn’t have to leave
Bethel. She was permitted to bring her husband into Bethel in spite of the printed rule
providing that both marrying parties should have lived there for five years.
Harsh treatment of one and favored treatment of another is discrimination, and should not
have a place in the Lord’s organization.
Filthy and Vulgar Language
The Biblical injunctions against unclean, filthy speaking and jesting have never been
abrogated. It is shocking and nauseating to hear vulgar speaking and smut at Bethel. It was
stated by a sister that was one of the things you had to get used to at Bethel. The loudest
laughter at the table comes when a filth or near filthy joke goes through, and your skirts are
not clear.



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