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Subject Einar -- 1501
Clone duration -- Approximately 40 years, terminated by long-term space hibination
Sample memory excerpt:
"...In less than a week, I leave for the Halla capital for the deep space exploration project. We are
travelling to the stars. I told Vigdis before we shared a tearful goodbye - I am needed and I must go
where I am needed. To survive the trip our bodies will be removed but our minds preserved, and
reintegrated into new bodies once we reach our destination. The procedure has been perfected, and
with it, we can extend our lives to cope with the eternity of the void between us and the galaxy. It is
our time to as Asgard to look towards the future, towards whatever we find in the galaxies before us,
and our own eternity.
Subject Einar -- 3495
Clone duration -- Approximately 90 days, terminated in action against the <redacted by the High
Sample memory excerpt:
"...The war versus <redacted by the High Council> has been a terrible one, Commander Nidborg and
his wing have been annihilated. Due to my efforts I have been promoted, and have been assigned to
command a new rapid response drone infantry company, aboard a dropship which I named the
Vigdis. Our first assignment is to sabotage the <redacted by the High Council>. There are rumors of a
movement to sue for peace., that says we should evolve past this and look towards the future. I can
only hope that these rumors come to pass before more is lost. There are new biological
enhancements coming down the pipeline daily- though not all are equally welcome. Some of my
squad are aghast that our reasons and commissaries are being replace with pure chemical mutagen. I
think it's worth it for that extra efficiency.
...<damaged records>
Subject Einar -- 5395
Clone duration -- Approximately 800 years, terminated due to unknown cause
Sample memory excerpt :
"...The dropship Vigdis remains in orbit around Voikos Primar. We are still providing security for the
Asgard delegates. It is an early assignment compared to some we have been given, but verging on
the tedious. The Alliance of Four Races has been in sessions for almost five months now;
unprecedented in my memory- or at least what I retain access to... I am glad to see the memories of
the various galactic wars disappear - the very essence of "swords into plowshares" as our Alteran
brethren put it. Our recent, ... <redacted due to treaty obligations> ... from the surface ..all hands
brace ... impact ... <clone termination>"
Subject Einar -- 5595
Clone duration -- Approximately 1240 years, terminated due to onset of degenerative clone
Sample memory excerpt:

"...The High Council has ordered the sealing of many of our memories and records relating to the
Alliance of Four Races. Now that the new Treaty is in effect and the Alliance effectively terminated,
the Asgard, with the Alterans, the Nox, and the Furling have agreed to go our separate ways from
this moment. I suppose the story of the <redacted due to treaty obligations> will go untold in the
future, which is for the best. We have even agreed to watch over the humans and the Goa'uld, even
though we had no part in their creation. While the others appear to have found an endpoint, we still
look towards the future, and we will remain evolving. I have been tasked to provide a report on
streamlining the biological cloning process for drone infantry operations..."
Subject Einar -- 8530
Clone duration -- 420 years, terminated due to onset of degenerative clone syndrome
Sample memory excerpt:
"...We have scouted the phenomenon on Ur-Gretter. It appears to be a robotic artifact, origin
unknown. The Science Council has deemed them "Replicators" after their ability to self-replicate. As
they appear of limited intelligence, harmless, and contained to the planet, my team took no action
and departed safely. The Council decided to observe and study from a distance. The dropship Vigdis
and my crew are preparing for another covert assignment to the Milky Way - Loki and the Science
Council has ordered us to deliver new observation equipment and repair the intelligence testing
equipment on the protected planet Uge Stour, as well as <redacted by the High Council>. We shall be
travelling under holographic guise. It has been a long time since I have seen humans... I wonder if
they have changed much..."
Subject Einar -- 9301
Clone duration -- 557 years, terminated due to onset of degenerative clone syndrome
Sample memory excerpt:
"My team completed evacuation of the survivors from the human colony of Uge Stour and adjusted
their memories. The planet has been scoured of our technology. A summit will be scheduled soon to
conclude negotiations with the Goa'uld System Lords removing it from the Protected Planets Treaty.
Loki has been censored by the Science Council, again, for his unauthorized experimentation, though I
note that the Science Council has not taken the further step of purging his findings. I have made our
objectives clear: Uge Stour was a cesspool of unnatural development- I saw evidence of bionic
enhancement, cross-breeding experimentations. <redacted by the High Council> ... surely we are not
so desperate to have come to this. Perhaps with our current cloning technology the need to reclone
has become too frequent, but we will find an answer to it, in time. Surely this is not the future we
envisioned when we agreed to to remain a part of this galaxy..."
...<damaged records>
Subject Einar – (unreadable)
Clone Duration: 4 weeks, terminated in action against the Replicators
Sample memory Excerpt:

“… The dropship Vigdis has been destroyed, along with my squad. Our secret mission to <redacted by
the High Council> was a failure, the replicators appear unstoppable. I have been reconstructed at the

cloning facilities on Halla for debriefing. Our scientists have spent many lives analyzing our options,
deliberating the actions to be taken but now it seems as though we have deliberated too long. Thor
has gone against the High Council and is reaching out to the humans of Earth who recently stumbled
upon us. Now we who have watched them for so long ask them for assistance? I alone have
forgotten more than the humans have ever experienced. Once my team and new dropships are
ready, we leave to evacuate what remains of the colonies in the Replicator advance – there are not
enough ships remaining, and the clone bodies degrade so quickly so our mission is limited. My team’s
orders are to collect the consciousness hubs only, and salvage the compressed personalities and
memories of our people. The future which we have sought forever, what future has it become?
Much of our people’s history has been irreparably lost already. How many ages have we squandered
searching for our answers?..”
Subject Einar – 9524
Clone Duration: 7 months, terminated in action against the Replicator invasion of Orilla
Sample memory Excerpt:
“…The Replicators have followed us to Orilla. Penegal has ordered what drones infantry can be
mustered to protect the consciousness hubs from attack – I am at the top of the list, but not all of my
forces have been reconstructed into clones, drone infantry being a low priority, and we are below
half strength. Penegal says that Thor and the humans have a slim chance of stopping them, that we
only need to buy time. But all of my experience with them has taught that they are unstoppable –
after so much time, is this how we are to end, is this our eternity? Somehow, it does not seem
appropriate. My troop and I will take up the perimeter around the primary hub…”
Subject Einar – 9525
Clone Duration: 4 months, ongoing
Sample memory Excerpt:
“I took my leave of the high council. My objections to our latest experiments were rooted but carried
no weight. It may be true that the humans of Earth have accelerated in development but I believe it
to be mere blind luck… The whole affair seems absurdly rushed… with the Replicators utterly
destroyed is this not the time to rebuild our species as was our plan? I am to depart shortly for the
Milky Way with an entire drone infantry company… <redacted by the High Council>… It is my
responsibility to brief them. The clones are fresh, most of them have not been reawakened since the
first Replicator Wars, or even earlier. I am unsure how to begin to describe what has happened to us
since then, so I am exploring my own stored consciousness before I leave Orilla. I have lived countless
eternities it would seem, but I am no more equipped to answer what our future holds than when I
first began…”

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