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conduct, intentionally caused damage without authorization, to a protected computer,

which offense caused a loss aggregating at least $5,000 in value to one or more
persons during

a one-year period, in violation of Title 1-8, United States


Sections 1030(aX5)(A), 1030(b), and 1030(c)(a)(Bxi) (the "Subject Offense").


This affidavit is also submitted in support of seizure warrants for the

following domain names: shenron.lizardsquad.org (Subject Domain


Iizardsquad.org (Subject Domain 2), stresser.poodlecorp.org (Subject Domain 3),

and poodlecorp.org (Subject Domain 4) (collectively, the "Subject Domains").
Domains ending in ".org" are ultimately controlled by Public Interest Registry, 1775
Wiehle Avenue, Suite 200, Reston, Virginia 20190


The statements in this affidavit are based on my personal knowledge

and from persons with knowledge regarding relevant facts. Moreover, throughout

this affidavit in footnotes and in brackets I provide defrnitions and explanations for
certain terms and phrases. Those definitions are based on my training and experience

in the area of computers and my experience investigating the unauthorized access of
computer systems, also known as computer hacking. Because this affidavit is being

submitted for the limited purpose of securing a search warrant, I have not included
each and every fact known to me concerning this investigation.

I have set forth only

those facts that I believe are sufficient to establish probable cause.


I know from my training and experience that the following definitions

apply to the activity discussed in this affidavit: