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by Pheo-Fire
First on our list of changes is the overworld. Gone are the days of
zones being split by level and faction, now all zones are scaled
and you are too! If you've played any of the DLC content you've

With One Tamriel there are going to be lots of

already experienced how this works. You'll still have to level your

changes to the world, all zones scaled, world

character from 1 to 50 but you'll no longer be stuck questing

bosses having teeth and no longer a face roll solo

through zones in a specific order. Do you like Rivenspire so much
and can't wait to play there? Go for it! You can head out there

affair, and world drops. For better or worse there

right out the tutorial. (All the wayshrines aren't unlocked but one

will be big changes to how we meaningfully

can either travel to a guild mate or ships are available in the

impact our characters after we hit that Champion
Point Cap; sweet loot and juicy gear. Now these
changes may sound daunting, but fear not! Pheo-

starting zones that will take you to other faction starting zones.)
Now with these changes there's also lots of new sets that will
drop in the overworld. Spotted one that catches your eye? Well
I'm here to help you find out how to gather all the pieces your

fire is here to guide you and soon you too will be

heart desires, thankfully ZoS didn't make everything completely

able to gather those awesome new sets and

reliant on RNG.

create fresh, fun and exciting builds tailored to

Now all zones have a format to where and how these new sets


drop and understanding these rules will make farming a specific
sets much simpler.