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Bottom Line
Up Front

 High Forest Ranch (HFR) residents do not object to properly planned
 HFR residents built with knowledge and understanding of a Classic
Homes 2.5-5.0 acre golf course community south of their properties – no
mention of a 1 mile access road to that development
 Direct access to Hwy 83 is desired, not required
 HFR residents bordering Shamrock Ranch object to a 1 mile access road
to Flying Horse North (FHN) near their property lines
 Halfway between Shamrock Ranch site and HFR may be acceptable

 Stagecoach Rd extension or any other east-west road corridor on
Shamrock Ranch does not appear on any County Plans
 Milam Rd was supposed to be the main access point to parcel
#6100000075 (now FHN)
 It was removed in 2015 without HFR input
 Four (4) other direct access points can be used to build-out FHN until Hwy
83 access can be resolved with Mr. Wismer, Classic Homes, HFR residents,
 Cathedral Pines is a successful development w/o direct access to Hwy 83

Options exist to make FHN successful while reducing impacts to affected entities