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Physical Signs in Clinical Sur .pdf

Original filename: Physical Signs in Clinical Sur.pdf
Title: Hamilton Bailey’s: Demonstrations of Physical Signs in Clinical Surgery
Author: John S. P. Lumley

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Hamilton Bailey’s

Demonstrations of Physical
Signs in Clinical Surgery

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Hamilton Bailey’s

Demonstrations of Physical
Signs in Clinical Surgery
19th Edition

Edited by
John S P Lumley, Emeritus Professor of Vascular Surgery, University of London; Past
Council Member and Chairman of Primary Fellowship Examinations, Royal College of
Surgeons of England, UK
Anil K D’Cruz, Director, Tata Memorial Hospital, Professor & Surgeon, Department of

Head & Neck Surgery, Mumbai, India

Jamal J Hoballah, Professor & Chairman, Department of Surgery, American University

of Beirut Medical Center, Lebanon; Emeritus Professor of Surgery, Vascular Surgery Division,
University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, Iowa City, USA

Carol E H Scott-Conner, Emeritus Professor, Division of Surgical Oncology and

Endocrine Surgery, Department of Surgery, University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine,
Iowa City, USA

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Biography of Hamilton Bailey


Part Three:  Skin

List of contributors




18 The Skin

Part One: Principles


Part Four:  Head and neck



1 History-taking and General
Examination 3

19 The Head


2 Distinctive Clinical Syndromes

20 The Face and Jaws


21 The Ear


22 The Orbit


23 The Mouth


24 Nose and Throat


25 Salivary Glands


26 The Neck



3 Lumps, Ulcers, Sinuses and
Fistulas 53
4 Inflammation 71
5 HIV and AIDS

Part Two:  Trauma and (elective)



6 M
anagement of the Multiply Injured 
Patient 137

Part Five:  Breast and endocrine


27 The Thyroid and Parathyroids


28 Breast and Axilla


7 Bones and Fractures


8 Joints and Muscles


9 Peripheral Nerve Injuries


10 The Spine


Part Six:  Cardiothoracic 431

11 The Shoulder Joint and
Pectoral Girdle


29 The Thorax (Including the
Oesophagus) 433

12 The Arm


13 The Hand


14 The Pelvis, Hip Joint
and Thigh


Part Seven:  Vascular 467

15 The Knee Joint


16 The Leg and Ankle Joint


31 Arterial Disorders

17 The Foot


K17518_Book.indb 5

30 Evaluation of the Cardiac Surgical
Patient 455


32 Venous and Lymphatic
Disorders 495

21/11/15 12:19 am



Part Eight:  Abdominal 515 38 The Alimentary Tract and Abdomen
in Children

33 The Abdominal Wall, Umbilicus
and Groin


34 Abdominal Hernias


35 Non-acute Abdominal Conditions


36 The Acute Abdomen


Part Nine:  Genitourinary 637

577 39 The Genitourinary System and
Genitalia 639

37 Anorectal and Vaginal
Examination 615 Index 665

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21/11/15 12:19 am

Hamilton Bailey
Born in Bishopstoke, Hampshire, where his father was a general practitioner, Henry
Hamilton Bailey grew up in Southport, Eastbourne, and Brighton, England, where
his father was successfully in practice. His mother was a nurse, so not surprisingly he
became a medical student at the London Hospital at the early age of sixteen years, after
schooling at St. Lawrence College, Ramsgate.
At the outbreak of the First World War he was a fourth-year medical student, and
volunteered for the Red Cross, being dispatched with the British Expeditionary Force
to Belgium. Almost inevitably he was taken prisoner-of-war and set to work on the
German railways. A troop train was wrecked and Bailey, with two Frenchmen, was
held on suspicion of sabotage. One of the latter was actually executed but Bailey was
reprieved (apparently by the good offices of the American Ambassador in Berlin) and
repatriated via Denmark, where he continued his medical studies temporarily.
In 1916 he joined the Royal Navy as a Surgeon-Probationer, serving in HMS Iron Duke at the Battle of Jutland. During
the battle he helped with casualties in near darkness, the electricity supply being damaged for most of the action. While in
the Navy he qualified, and later returned to the London Hospital, where he gained the FRCS (Eng) in 1920. During his
period as surgical registrar at the London Hospital he pricked his left index finger, and tendon-sheath infection, a common
sequel in those days, ensued. The end result was an amputation of the stiff finger, but he soon overcame the disability.
Appointments as Assistant Surgeon at Liverpool Royal Infirmary, Surgeon to Dudley Road Hospital, Birmingham
(1925), and finally as Surgeon to the Royal Northern Hospital, London (1931) followed.
In a quarter of a century Bailey produced this work, his Emergency Surgery, and Short Practice of Surgery [jointly with
R.J. McNeill Love (1891–1974), contemporary as a surgical registrar at the London Hospital and as a Surgeon at the
Royal Northern Hospital], edited Surgery of Modern Warfare during the Second World War, and revitalized Pye’s Surgical
Handicraft. These were his most successful works; all rapidly attained a wide circulation with many editions, and it has
been said “... it will readily be conceded that the present excellence of illustrations in medical textbooks owes much to
his inspiration and striving for perfection”. In addition to these major contributions, he wrote over 130 original papers
and nine other books.
All this, together with a busy practice, particularly in surgical emergencies, was too much, even for Hamilton Bailey’s
massive frame, and in 1948 he suffered a breakdown in health, aggravated, no doubt, by the death of his only child, a
son, in a railway accident in 1943. He retired to Deal, Kent, and later to Malaga, Spain, but continued his literary work.
He died of carcinoma of the colon, and is buried in the peaceful little English cemetery in Malaga. His missionary zeal for
teaching medical students has been perpetuated by the use of the royalties from his books to expand medical libraries in
developing countries.

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21/11/15 12:19 am

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