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Why does a salvage vehicle offer?
Auto body shops, salvage buyers, car dealers and consumers can all find something
to gain from these vehicles at a great price. Body shops may be looking to expand
their inventory, consumers may be working on a project or a first time buyer may
find a very economical vehicle.
If you do decide to look for a vehicle to rehabilitate, rather than recycle the parts,
be sure to check what paperwork each state needs.
Visit to find out more information on
each state’s requirements.
Top 10 salvage vehicle websites
Below, you’ll find a list of the top 10 salvage auto auction sites. Keep in mind that
each site has different steps to register and purchase so you’ll need to do some
initial research into which site offers you the services and vehicles that best meet
your needs.

Top 10 Salvage Auto
Auction Sites
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