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Carbon Tax – What’s happening?
Fuel Marketer News
Carbon Mitigation as a Better Solution
for CO2 Transport Emissions

DNC Platform 2016

“A better solution (to a carbon tax) is a market and

• Price on Carbon

social adoption of mitigation. Here is how it would work:

• Pipeline approval contingent on a climate test

A company, let’s call it “Green Fuel,” partners with

• Stronger fracking regulations

existing retailers to label locations with the Green Fuel

• Priority for renewable energy versus natural gas

Signage... The value for the retailer is obvious. They get
to use the cheapest fuel and fuel they can sell.”
- Joe Petrowski

• USA to run 100% on clean energy by 2050

• DOJ to investigate alleged corporate fraud in
fossil fuel industry related to climate change

ExxonMobil – Carbon Tax 2016
• Revenue Neutral Carbon Tax

CARB and AB32 - 2016
• On December 17, 2010 CARB adopted a cap-

• Pro Global Carbon Pricing

and-trade program.

• Withdrawn from GOP opposition of carbon tax
• Official Public support as of June 2016

• Through the Western Climate Initiative (WCI),
California is working to link its cap and trade
system to other states.


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