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Theory on the physical and mathematical Sets
Author: Fernando Mancebo Rodriguez

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SETS of elements: Classes, types and operations.
This is a study of mathematical adaptation for my works on metaphysic of 1995, although I try to establish
it as system of characteristics and properties of the physical and mathematical sets.
This theory doesn't try to substitute or compete against the current set theory, but introducing new concepts,
field of application and mathematics operations.

Sets are groupings of elements, question that gives them their character, properties and mainly their
functionality, reason for which I contemplate the empty sets as summary alone.
The class and type of sets can belong to very different nature, but for this study I only will take in mind the
types and class that satisfy to this proposal of study where the main foundations are the relation among their
constituent elements:
So, in this way I propose the following classification:
--CLASS of sets and elements
--ANALOGY among the elements.
This theory understands that:
"Class is the denomination of any set that is made in base to the peculiarities and characteristic of its
elements as well as of the requirements and demands that we request to these elements to be integrated in
the set."
The class of set depends therefore on its elements and on the specific demands to form this set.
We will have this way a set of letters, numbers, musical notes, flowers, books, etc.
But we also can demand to the elements characteristics and special requirements to form set, as it can be for
Set of yellow flowers; set of mature apples and with worm; set of bald mans with moustache; set of trees
with jagged leaves, etc.