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were given and the mechanics (pendulum) experiment started. Of all the girls, she was
the only one that queried and questioned about my every move, she would threaten to
do another set if I didn’t listen. She must be a brainy I thought (which she is). Practicals
ended and I ran up to her as she was about climbing down the stairs of white house
Me; “ am Kelvin ”
Hadizat; “ yes, I know, I saw it at the back of your manual”
Me; “ uhm !! Which hall do you reside? ”
Hadizat: “ moz ”
Me; “ oh! That poult…….. (I almost said poultry).. “I stay at awo” I continued
She only nodded.
“Can we be friends?” I finally said, hoping she won’t misunderstand the type of
friendship I meant (I had always being the one to make friends with ladies that are
brilliant). Alright she said before bidding me farewell as she turned towards fajuyi hall.
And since then we had been friends. So close that other people(not only classmates)
thinks we are dating. But now she had said this huge statement, and how this word had
taken a toll on me surprised me. I thought they said “ men are always affected by what
they see and not what they hear ‘,but why am I an exception to this law or theory. Or is
the law that “to every law there is is always an exception” coming into play