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Episode 2

I got up from bed the next day around 6am. At around 8:47am, I got dressed to go for my BOT 102
exam. I got to ODLT in less than ten minutes. I saw my best friend, akmed as I fondly called Ahmed. He
was the one with the highest aggregate score among medicine part 1 students -302. He was sitted on a
bench (am not sure if the structure was meant to be a bench) made with concrete,facing the entrance of
the premises. He got up and with smile, gave me a shoulder to shoulder hug. He was always jovial, one
would hardly believe he was the best amongst us

Ahmed ; “how far na guy?”
Me :I dey o
Ahmed : “o boi, this your dressing, nawa o. no be exam you come do? Abi una get service immediately
after this paper?”

I looked at myself and smiled. I was dressed in my baby pink shirt, ash trouser and black shoe. I myself
didn’t know what made me dress like that, afterall we are in exam period. Even during lectures, I had
always dressed corporate on mondays and Tuesdays, dress almost down on Wednesday, and completely
down on Thursday and Friday, moreover, today is Friday when most students were on native attires.

I sat down beside Ahmed to scan through his note once again. Few minutes later, hadizat walked into
the premises, there was no abnormal hype in her dressing, it was just the normal ‘Friday hadizat’. She
came nearer to both Ahmed and I. I don’t know why I felt sweaty all of a sudden.
“Good afternoon’ she greeted us, as she forcefully sat between Ahmed and I, the normal way she’d do.
There was no anxiety on her face, she was kind of indifferent, but why am I the one having ocean of
anxiety flooding some millimeters beneath my face’s skin. The ocean of anxiety was frequently letting
out sweat out of my face, just as the ocean splashes up when it hit the rocks on the shore.

Bode the class rep came out, “the invigilator is around!”
“oh! Its 9:30 already?” ahmed said as we stood to go into the lecture theatre.