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GOD SPOKE TO ME Oct. 2016 .pdf

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23  October  2016  
Try  to  understand  the  words  God  spoke  to  me  and  search  the  truth  in  them.  
The  end  of  this  era  is  approaching  and  the  humans  failed  their  evolution.  
Believe  it  or  don’t,  it  will  be  the  biggest  decision  in  your  life!  
I  present  nothing  else  than  the  truth,    
nothing  more  and  nothing  less.  

God  has  this  message  for  the  world:  
I  am  deeply  disappointed  and  ashamed  in  the  human  race  of  this  era.    
You  are  all  a  pure  positive  Soul  when  you  entered  your  human  host  as  a  
baby.  You  have  managed  to  teach  the  babies  within  a  few  years  to  become  
greedy,  egoistic  and  negative.  You  applaud  even  this  negative  perspective  
and  attitude  and  help  children  to  become,  that  what  destroys  humans.  
You  have  built  over  many  civilizations  and  generations  a  very  negative  
world,  what  I  can  compare  only  with  the  fantasised  human  invention  as  
hell.  The  devils  are  among  you,  embedded  in  the  human  race.  This  has  
happened  because  you  can’t  manage  your  greed  and  negative  emotions.    
I  talk  to  you  through  one  of  the  few  interpreters  on  earth,  which  really  can  
understand  my  words  and  knows  and  understands  the  knowledge  of  the  
real  construction  of  life.  You  have  denied  him  and  my  words,  which  I  gave  
to  him  to  help  you.  Besides  this  you  have  also  denied,  rewritten  and  falsely  
interpreted  the  words  of  Jesus  and  many  other  prophets.  
Negativity  in  the  world  has  never  been  solved,  because  you  don’t  allow  
negativity  appearing  in  the  light.  Only  if  negativity  is  seen  in  the  light,  you  
will  know  how  to  change  the  negativity  into  positivity.  The  humans  avoid,  
bend,  hide,  use,  manipulate  and  adapt  negativity  as  greed  and  egoism  in  
your  lives  and  made  these  the  cornerstones  of  your  society.  Because  you  
built  only  a  future  on  the  experience  of  your  negative  past,  the  evolution  
gets  trapped  in  a  negative  spiral  downwards  to  destruction.    
There  is  neither  respect  for  life  nor  understanding  how  life  was  meant  to  
be.  I  noticed  that  you  are  massively  manipulated  and  in  a  popular  human  
term  brainwash  the  big  masses  of  people  by  your  so-­‐called  Main  Stream  
Media.  The  government  of  the  world  has  adapted  themselves  into  satanic  
believes  as  human  fantasies  and  leads  the  world  into  complete  destruction.    
Don’t  try  to  wash  yourself  in  innocence,  because  you  are  not  innocent.  All  
Souls  are  connected  with  each  other,  all  life  forces  and  with  Nature  on  
earth.  This  connection  happens  in  the  In-­‐between  dimension.  Your  human  
hosts  are  living  in  the  apparently  material  dimension.  This  last  dimension  
is  an  expression  of  energy,  which  you  should  enjoy  and  create  positive  
energy  for  yourself,  others  and  all  life  forces  of  the  immaterial  dimension.    
The  Souls  in  the  humans,  as  human  beings,  belong  to  one  community  and  
should  neither  be  egoistic,  greedy  nor  negative.  Your  society  should  be  
built  on  positivity  and  only  positivity.  But  you  did  not  reach  this  level  of  
awareness.  In  fact  you  are  not  evolved  at  all  in  this  lifetime,  you  have  
degraded  yourself  from  a  pure  positive  Soul  into  a  selfish  greedy  human.    



Over  thousands  of  years  you  did  not  learn  how  to  tell  the  truth,  how  to  be  
honest,  to  be  sincere,  to  be  helpful  or  to  give  love  in  the  form  of  positive  
energy  to  yourself  or  others.  You  have  brought  yourselves  out  of  balance  
with  yourself,  out  of  balance  with  all  other  people  around  the  world  and  
out  of  balance  with  Nature.      
The  human  race  is  so  much  out  of  balance  with  Nature  that  Nature  will  
correct  this  mistake  by  wiping  out  the  unbalance  in  the  equation.  This  
means  Nature  will  create  the  Apocalypse  to  destroy  the  human  race  and  
make  place  for  a  new  human  race  that  will  have  the  opportunity  to  evolve  
into  a  positive  human  being  as  it  was  meant  to  be.    
You  are  creating  money  and  power  by  wars,  killings,  deceptions,  
manipulations  and  everyone  helps  to  keep  this  negativity  exist.  When  you  
look  only  at  yourself  or  look  away  you  still  are  destructive.  No  one  can  walk  
away  for  his  or  her  responsibility  to  the  complete  human  society  across  the  
world.  You  have  sinned  immensely  and  the  biggest  question  you  will  have  
to  face  soon  when  you  will  die:  Can  you  forgive  yourself?    
Jesus  has  told  you  before  that  if  you  sin  you  cannot  enter  heaven  and  that  is  
true.  After  you  die,  you  will  wander  around  in  the  In-­‐between  dimension  
and  will  have  to  correct  all  your  mistakes  from  negative  into  positive  
before  you  can  become  your  pure  positive  Soul  again.  How  more  mistakes  
you  made  how  longer  it  will  take  before  you  are  your  complete  Soul  again.  
Only  a  complete  pure  positive  Soul  can  enter  heaven  directly.    
The  Destroyer  (Bible),  Planet  X  or  Nibiru  or  one  of  the  other  thirty  names  
you  have  given  this  planet  of  the  solar  system  Nemesis  is  on  this  moment  at  
the  other  side  of  your  sun.  Between  May  2017  and  November  2017  earth  
will  pass  very  close  to  this  planet  Nibiru.  Nature  has  five  months  to  
reconstruct  earth  completely  by  flipping  the  poles  and  reconstruct  the  
complete  continents  on  earth.  Mountains  will  be  replaced;  lands  will  be  
flooded  and  renewed.  Where  there  was  land  will  be  sea,  where  there  were  
oceans  will  be  land.  Volcanoes  will  fill  the  air  with  ashes  and  darkness  will  
set  in.  After  this  purification  a  new  Ice  Age  will  happen  to  clear  the  air  and  
a  new  era  will  begin.  Nothing  of  this  present  human  race  will  survive.  The  
most  humans  will  die  above  and  under  the  ground,  only  a  few  selected  by  
my  grace  will  remain  to  start  over  again.  Those  selected  humans  will  be  the  
enlightened  ones.  
To  be  enlightened  has  nothing  to  do  with  religion.  Simply  said,  if  you  create  
only  positive  thoughts  consciously  and  subconsciously  you  will  only  
encounter  positive  emotions.  A  positive  thought  is  only  a  positive  thought  if  
it  is  good  for  you  AND  good  for  all  other  people  on  the  world  AND  good  for  
Nature  including  all  other  life  forces.  When  you  are  enlightened  you  will  be  
in  complete  balance  and  in  pure  state  of  True  happiness  no  matter  what  
happens  or  what  is.  When  you  are  enlightened  and  die  a  human  death  you  
can  enter  heaven  as  the  immaterial  dimension,  as  you  call  heaven  instantly.    



Understand  that  the  apocalypse  is  happening  because  you  are  out  of  
balance  and  out  of  control  with  Nature,  that  is  the  only  reason.  On  earth  
Balance  needs  to  exist  and  to  remain.  That  is  enclosed  in  the  rules  what  I  
made  at  creating  many  worlds  before  and  after  you.  I  really  don’t  like  
suffering  of  the  Souls  in  the  humans.  Don’t  forget  the  human  race  has  
brought  these  disasters  upon  you  and  all  others.  You  had  a  choice  with  
your  free  will,  but  you  decided  to  misuse  this  free  will  by  fulfilling  greedy  
and  egoistic  means.  Humans  simply  don’t  learn  from  the  past.    
Your  scientists  will  try  to  convince  you  that  this  destruction  will  happen  
anyway  and  they  are  very  wrong.  When  your  civilization  would  be  in  
balance  with  Nature  the  Apocalypse  would  not  occur.  You  simply  don’t  
understand  the  power  of  positive  energy  as  you  call  love.  When  you  
combine  this  positive  energy  with  most  Souls  and  Nature  on  earth,  you  
could  protect  earth  from  Nibiru,  Meteorites  or  Solar  flares.  You  call  this  
shield  the  Magnetic  Shield  of  earth  what  is  weakening  enormously  by  your  
unbalance  with  Nature  and  makes  earth  defenceless.  This  is  the  solution  to  
save  earth  from  destruction.  But  you  don’t  understand  the  construction  of  
life,  and  you  certainly  don’t  want  to  open  your  minds.    
The  so-­‐called  shadow  government,  who  controls  all  governments  in  the  
world,  knows  about  the  Apocalypse  and  that  it  will  happen  between  May  
and  November  2017.  They  choose  to  make  sure  95%  of  the  population  will  
die  and  have  planned  to  start  very  soon  World  War  III  and  will  use  nuclear  
weapons  to  make  this  successful.  They  made  one  mistake,  and  that  is  
Nature.  Nature  selects  on  balanced  and  enlightened  humans  and  will  erase  
also  these  shadow  governments  and  personal  in  the  underground  cities  
and  bunkers.  They  will  not  survive  and  the  New  World  Order  will  never  
exist.  Literally  the  blind  are  leading  the  blind  into  their  graves.  
You  have  been  warned  over  thousands  of  years  and  you  have  never  studied  
the  knowledge  and  my  words  nor  searched  for  the  truth  in  life.  You  have  
made  walls  around  your  religions  and  destroyed  their  guidance.  Religion  
was  there  to  help  you  to  find  the  real  construction  of  life.  Instead  you  have  
studied  only  the  symptoms  in  life  and  tried  to  avoid,  bend  or  repair  the  
symptoms.  To  find  the  real  causes  in  life  was  not  profitable  for  you.  In  the  
end  this  will  be  the  nail  in  your  coffin.  Who  search  for  the  truth,  will  find  
the  truth.  Spirit  guides  or  angels  or  even  me  will  help  you  to  find  the  truth,  
but  you  have  to  want  to  find  it.  But  you  neither  looked  nor  searched  for  the  
truth.  However  you  all  know  the  truth  will  set  you  free,  you  keep  on  lying.    
You  know  and  use  beautiful  words  but  you  don’t  know  the  meaning  of  
them.  You  listen  to  people  who  don’t  know.  You  adore  people  who  don’t  
know.  You  love  negative,  manipulative,  egoistic  and  greedy  people  and  
follow  their  footsteps.  Smiling  they  let  you  dig  your  own  graves.    



The  shadow  government  is  preparing  WW3,  but  will  need  the  people  in  the  
world  to  start  this  nuclear  war.  They  will  use  a  false  flag  operation  to  
misguide  you,  your  misleading  and  manipulative  Mainstream  Media  will  
guide  you  to  a  new  World  World  III  into  a  sure  destruction  of  yourselves.  
How  stupid  are  you,  to  throw  nuclear  bombs  on  each  other  and  Nature?    
This  nuclear  war  will  start  probably  in  November  2016,  it  will  be  also  your  
decision  of  free  will.  The  shadow  government  wants  the  destruction  of  
mankind  to  happen  before  the  Apocalypse  starts  from  May  2017.  To  make  
sure  95%  of  humans  will  die  and  they  will  hide  in  the  underground  cities  
and  bunkers  they  have  prepared  over  years.  They  think  they  will  survive  
but  they  won’t,  because  they  are  not  enlightened.  
I  know  this  person  who  writes  this  document  and  he  won’t  like  it,  but  he  
has  to  do  this  job  I  have  given  to  him.  He  was  a  witness  to  understand  how  
humans  really  are  and  to  learn  the  construction  of  life.  He  can  guide  you  to  
a  new  and  better  world  and  even  to  reduce  the  impact  of  the  Apocalypse.  
Only  if  you  let  him,  he  can  help.    
No  other  person  in  the  world  can  help  you  anymore.  You  can  reject  him  
because  of  many  reasons,  but  for  the  ones  who  don’t,  there  will  be  a  chance  
on  survival.  When  you  are  really  ready  to  let  him  guide  you  to  
enlightenment,  you  will  have  a  chance  to  become  a  new  member  of  this  
new  world.  This  writer  of  this  document  has  lost  hope  in  the  goodness  of  
people,  because  he  has  experienced  too  much  injustice  and  people  hate  
him  because  he  is  honest.  He  sees  the  world  as  it  is  and  tells  you  the  real  
construction  of  life,  and  that  makes  him  very  undesired  and  unloved.    
I  ask  you  to  support,  love  and  help  him  instantly  to  lead  the  new  human  
race  into  a  new  era  of  evolved  human  beings.  Time  is  ticking.  
In  about  210  days  observe  the  right  side  of  the  Sun  and  you  will  see  a  dot  as  
a  planet/comet  as  Nibiru  rising  and  approaching.  Nibiru  is  a  planet/comet  
with  wings  on  both  sides.  You  will  know  then,  that  the  Apocalypse  is  true.  
Don’t  wait  until  it  happens,  because  your  leaders  will  start  a  nuclear  war  
probably  this  year.  Still  they  have  to  make  the  decision.  The  shadow  
governments  needs  all  people  in  the  world  to  follow  the  mainstream  media  
and  their  corrupt  governments  to  misguide  the  people  to  start  the  war.    
My  suggestion  to  you  all  is  to  embrace  the  words  I  gave  this  person.  He  can  
help  and  will  help  you  even  if  it  will  cost  him  his  life.  Send  these  words  
translated  or  in  English  to  everyone  you  know  as  a  chain  letter  as  soon  as  
possible.  Ask  others  to  do  the  same.  Pronounce  him  as  your  leader  and  let  
him  help  you,  when  you  don’t,  there  will  be  darkness  for  almost  all  people  
in  the  world.  I  will  protect  him  and  the  ones  near  to  him  who  really  want  to  
become  enlightened.  It  has  to  be  your  choice  created  by  free  will.    



With  your  ego  perspective  you  can  think  that  he  wants  fame  and  to  become  
rich.  Think  again,  he  will  become  a  target  of  criticism,  laughter  and  the  
shadow  government  and  money  can’t  protect  him  for  the  coming  disasters.  
I  know  he  rather  would  like  to  go  into  the  forest  to  survive  and  to  be  left  
alone.  He  has  been  rejected  by  everyone,  was  even  in  jail,  didn’t  receive  any  
help,  saw  injustice  over  and  over  again,  and  was  almost  all  his  life  alone.  
How  difficult  life  grew  for  him,  he  still  believed  in  me  and  tried  to  believe  
me  that  I  am  REAL.  He  can  teach  you  easily  now,  that  your  Soul  exist,  how  
life  is  really  constructed  and  how  to  change  the  human  into  human  beings  
as  it  was  meant  to  be.  He  knows  the  ways  to  survive  this  Apocalypse  and  his  
basic  wish  is  to  help  all  people  in  the  world  and  Nature.    
People  have  and  will  project  him  as  crazy,  arrogant  and  try  to  debunk  him.  
But  I  know  he  will  do  it,  because  it  is  his  destiny.    
He  can  answer  all  your  questions  about  life  and  death.  He  offered  this  
information  to  a  lot  of  people,  but  he  is  rejected  again  and  again.  It  is  time  
for  you  to  start  to  search  for  the  truths  in  life,  because  for  most  people  in  
the  world  the  end  of  this  human  race  is  very  near!  How  longer  you  will  
wait,  how  more  difficult  it  will  get.    
All  your  religious  and  non-­‐religious  ways  over  thousands  of  years  neither  
helped  nor  increased  peace  or  positivity  on  earth.  Why  do  you  still  believe  
that  this  is  the  correct  way?  Religious  scriptures  are  just  guides  for  you  to  
find  the  truth  in  life.  Don’t  use  religious  scriptures  as  walls  and  blindly  
follow  what  is  written.  Those  scriptures  are  rewritten  for  control  and  
contain  mistakes.  Use  them  as  guides  and  start  searching  the  real  truth  
yourself  before  it  is  too  late.  There  is  more  in  combining  subjects  what  will  
unite  than  looking  at  the  differences  what  will  only  set  you  apart.    
Remember  the  difference  between  all  people  in  the  world  is  what  they  are  
thinking.  You  have  only  positive  thoughts  and  negative  thoughts  as  
explained  before.  If  you  change  negative  thoughts  and  help  others  to  
change  negative  thoughts  in  positive  thoughts  the  human  race  would  
evolve  into  enlightened  people  with  true  happiness  and  the  world  will  turn  
from  a  hell  on  earth  into  a  harmonious  heaven  on  earth,    
as  it  was  meant  to  be.  



Personal  note  of  the  writer:  
I  really  don’t  like  to  publish  this  document,  but  I  know  I  have  to.    
Many  years  I  have  been  criticized  and  persecuted  wrongly  till  the  day  of  
today.  Even  if  you  have  all  the  proof,  people  don’t  want  to  know  the  truth.    
I  saw  that  my  personal  life  was  a  reflection  of  what  was  going  on  in  the  
world.  I  never  felt  that  I  belonged  to  the  human  society  neither  nationally  
nor  internationally.  I  could  not  get  used  to  lying,  cheating,  manipulating  
and  many  other  negative  behaviours  people  taught  themselves  to  cope  
with  life.  It  is  strange  to  see  constantly  people  manipulating,  cheating  or  
following  their  desires  to  fulfil  their  greed.  The  only  thing  I  always  wanted  
to  do  in  my  life  was  to  be  good  for  everyone  and  to  help  people.  Now  I  have  
learned  that  I  had  to  endure  a  very  hard  life  to  understand  the  construction  
of  life.  I  have  tried  to  publish  my  book,  tell  the  stories  or  just  offer  to  
answer  questions.  People  are  not  looking  for  the  truths  anymore.  It  is  
difficult  to  have  hope  that  people  are  still  willing  to  change  themselves.    
There  were  so  many  false  teachers  in  the  world  that  taught  people  just  the  
contrary.  Instead  of  learning  who  we  are  as  Soul,  we  taught  ourselves  a  
very  negative  and  destructive  ego  perspective.  Yes,  I  have  had  many  doubts  
in  my  life  about  the  existence  of  God  or  my  spirit  guides.  Always  wanted  to  
see  proof  to  be  sure.  My  proof  is  the  knowledge  of  the  construction  of  life,  
what  consists  of  about  1000  A4  pages  with  information  that  I  didn’t  and  
even  you  don’t  know.  I  just  wrote  it  by  heart  following  the  guidance  of  my  
spirit  guides.  The  real  truth  will  be  revealed  after  we  return  to  heaven  that  
is  something  I  know  for  sure.  When  I  look  at  the  world,  I  see  and  hear  
people  talking  so  manipulative  and  know  that  they  don’t  know  what  they  
are  talking  about.  Professors,  scientists,  presidents,  religious  people,  
journalists  and  many  others,  it  is  a  disgrace  what  they  tell  you  in  the  
mainstream  media.  The  worst  part  is  that  it  doesn’t  help  our  society.        
Yes  I  have  my  doubts  to  publish  this.  But  if  there  is  a  chance  to  change  some  
people  to  understand  the  construction  of  life  it  will  be  worth  the  effort.  The  
end  of  this  era  is  very  close  and  no  one  presents  a  solution  or  the  truth.  
Perhaps  I  should  take  the  risk  and  try  to  step  up.  Also  this  document  I  have  
wrote  by  heart  and  with  guidance.  I  feel  and  know  above  are  the  words  of  
God.  Perhaps  I  am  wrong,  but  who  am  I  to  judge?    
Don’t  judge,  but  read  the  words  yourself  and  find  out  if  they  are  telling  you  
the  truth.  You  will  see  just  like  me  that  is  the  real  honest  Truth,  nothing  
more  and  nothing  less.  
I  really  wished  people  had  listened  before  than  we  could  have  changed  and  
save  the  world  from  the  Apocalypse.  Now  there  are  six  months  left.  It  will  
take  a  miracle  to  create  balance  again  on  earth  and  to  strengthen  our  
magnetic  shield  of  earth.  As  you  can  see  Jesus  was  right.  I  wish  you  all  good  
luck  and  make  positive  decisions.    



Stop  fighting  wars  and  stop  negativity,  put  negativity  in  the  light  and  
change  it  into  positivity.  Tell  the  truth  and  support  hand  in  hand  life.  There  
is  no  difference  between  races,  religions,  countries  and  people  because  in  
the  basic  every  one  wants  the  same:  real  peace,  be  loved  and  love,  enjoy  
life,  create  wonderful  positive  things  and  live  together  in  abundance  and  
with  true  happiness.  This  world  is  the  harmonious  New  World  of  Souls  
what  will  be  created  in  the  near  future.    
It  is  time  to  change  our  hell  on  earth  for  a  heaven  on  earth.  But  it  will  be  
always  the  choice  of  every  individual  and  collective  creation  to  work  with  
Nature  or  against  Nature.    
Choose  well.    
Thomas  Francisco  Pelgero    



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