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Analysis of polls of likely voters:
The following analysis examines discrepancies in polls of likely voters once compared to the
official results. These data are available on Real Clear Politics. We will upload them onto this
document very soon.
The benefit of this kind of analysis is that it sidesteps the controversy around exit polls. These
pre-election polls of likely voters cover almost all the primary states. There 337 polls listed by
Real Clear Politics represent 139,231 voters across 34 primary states.
We found that while the polls were quite successful at predicting Clinton’s numbers in states
with paper trails (just a statistically inconsequential 1% difference), Clinton over-performed by an
average of 9% in the states that use electronic voting machines but fail to provide paper
evidence of this vote:

Thus, pollsters were quite accurate in predicting the outcome, but only in states where fraud is
hardest to hide. This situation is completely flipped in the states where the placed vote cannot
be verified, as the vote only ever existed in the machines.