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Louisiana example
It is quite possible that the vote in these states was, in fact, manipulated. ​Studies​ conducted by
teams of computer scientists at Princeton, NYU, and UCSD show that the machines from all
major companies, such as the AVC Advantage made by Sequoia (now owned by Dominion),
have severe security issues and are very vulnerable to network viruses. Despite this fact, there
is very little state or federal regulation of the machines, and regulations regarding intellectual
property have often prevented independent research.
As described above, Louisiana uses the hackable AVC Advantage machine. When we looked at
the results of the Republican primaries, we did not observe that any candidate kept gaining a
larger and larger share of the vote at larger precincts (meaning the lines were relatively stable
as precinct size increased). However, when we looked at the Democratic primaries, we
observed severe abnormalities. Namely, the share of votes that Hillary Clinton received kept
increasing (leading to a whopping 25%). This type of statistical abnormality is seen in almost
every parish (county). It does not appear in any parish for the Republican primary: