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Author: Lars

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My guide to:

Instagram & happiness


INTRO NO. 1 ............................................................................................................................................ 2
INTRO NO. 2 ............................................................................................................................................ 4
THE SEARCH FOR A NICHE + LANDING PAGE .......................................................................................... 6
WHO AND HOW TO TARGET? ............................................................................................................... 13
SETTING UP ACCOUNTS ........................................................................................................................ 16
MASSPLANNER SETTINGS ..................................................................................................................... 20
SCALING INTO OBLIVION ...................................................................................................................... 25
FINAL WORDS OF WISDOM .................................................................................................................. 28


You’re in for a wild fucking ride, hombre.
Throughout the next 27 super interesting pages, I’ll go over how I went from zilch to
making $XXX/day online. There is of course work involved in the process. I’m not
going to be teaching you how to make a bazillion dollars while sitting in your slippers.
However, I will go over the steps I took in pretty explicit detail; no fluff or vague BS.
Here’s are my earnings so far (after ~2 months):


The highest daily payout I’ve gotten so far is $478.50. Since you’ve already bought
the guide, there isn’t really much point in me faking these figures.
$297 is a pretty steep price to pay for some, so a million thanks for supporting me
with my very first guide. Hopefully this information treats you well.


So how do I make this money? Social media + affiliate marketing. More specifically,
I’m doing content locking with Instagram and sometimes, Facebook and Twitter. I’ll
mainly talk about using Instagram but I’ll touch on the other 2 as well.
Affiliate marketing is all about commission; you get people to do some sort of action
and advertisers pay you. Content lockers are a branch of affiliate marketing. You’ve
probably seen these before – they’re those pages where you have to complete an
offer before continuing (eg. downloading an app, submitting your phone number).
Here’s what one of those lockers might look like:

Note I’m not actually hacking Clash of Clans for people, or giving away Canon
cameras, or whatever I’ll be claiming. Just before ‘sending them their free Canon
camera,’ they have to complete an offer (which pays me).
The goal is to connect an attractive product to an audience that will suck it up. On
one hand, it wastes maybe a couple minutes of a person’s time. But on the other,
there’s money to be made by people like us if things are set up properly.
The 2 key components to making this all work are Massplanner (for managing and
automating Instagram/Twitter/Facebook accounts) and OGAds (for getting paid and
creating a content locker). I’ll talk more about these later on.


Massplanner (they’ve got a 5-day trial)
OGAds Sign-Up
The bare minimum needed to follow through with the steps I took is around $75.
Keep in mind this isn’t some Forex scam where you’re just throwing money into a
dark hole, praying you’ll make a positive return.
The interesting thing about affiliate marketing is that you’re directly rewarded for
the effort and creativity you put in.
This guide might get a bit technical in a few of the sections. I’ve added little
footnotes with definitions for some terminology (mainly for those new to IM 1). There
is a lot of information below – I’ve tried to cover almost every little nuance in every
Buckle up. And let’s roll out.


Internet marketing


Before getting into it, I want to make it pretty clear what your end result might look
like by following the steps below. Here are a couple of decent examples:

The landing page this profile is using:
(The lander will have a link to the content locker)



There are 3 general steps in this whole process: creating (or stealing) a landing page,
setting up the name/picture/bio of your profile, and following a bunch of people. The
way you get traffic to your profile is by following people (and it’s important to follow
the right people).
Your number of followers isn’t really that important – what’s most important is that
people click your link. The bio should get people interested in going to your landing
page, then your landing page should be convincing enough for them to go through
your content locker.
Now the first question you gotta ask yourself is, “What niche should I get into?”
There are countless options here. Just to name a few possibilities: you could do
something related to an interest/activity (eg. yoga, baseball, vaping, collecting
stamps), a physical product (eg. Google Pixel, Pokemon cards, Japanese candy,
fleshlights – you gotta use safe for work pictures though), a person/group (eg. Justin
Bieber, Manchester United FC, Miranda Kerr, Harry Potter), or a digital product (eg. a
guide to making money online, Zynga poker chips, Uber credits, wallpapers and
Then you have to figure out how to create an offer for your niche (pretty simple).
For almost all of the examples above, you could do some sort of “giveaway.” You
could claim you’re holding an official giveaway of yoga video collections, Justin
Bieber concert tickets, Manchester United signed jerseys, Harry Potter-themed
merchandise, Japanese candy product samples, Miranda Kerr make-up kits. You get
the point.
A valuable tip: if you can’t think of a particular group of people that would be
interested in your offer, you should probably ditch it. Often the best niches are ones
with passionate followings.
For example, if your offer is a Justin Bieber backstage ticket giveaway, you could very
obviously target Justin Bieber fans. And there’s an absurd amount of Justin Bieber
obsessed fans on Instagram.
But with an offer like “get free Instagram followers,” who are you going to target?
There is no clear-cut audience (at least that I can think of).
If you’re drawing blanks, you can also take a look through Instagram hashtags and
brainstorm what products would appeal to the people you come across.


How do you find landing pages?
There are just 2 qualities I look for in a landing page: (1) it works fine on mobile, and
(2) it’s not ugly.
I’ve put together a little folder with some decent landing pages. Some of them might
need a change in the text/pictures used.
You can also steal other people’s landing pages. HTTrack can make an exact copy of
almost any page on the Internet (takes like 30 seconds to use, and it’s free). Then all
you have to do is find other people’s landing pages.
There are 3 ways I like to do this – I’m sure there are plenty of other methods of
doing this though.
The first is to look up what sites are linking to content lockers. Since every landing
page has to link to a content locker, when you check these sites’ links, it’ll pull up
tons of landing pages. For example, OGAds’ content lockers (like this one) are all on
either dudemobile.net/, fileoasis.net/, hostedfiles.net/, liveappsearch.com/,
mobileoasis.net/, or rabbitfiles.com/. Ahrefs is like the gold standard of link checkers
and has a pretty cheap trial. Free link checkers do exist, but they pull up a fraction of
the landing pages Ahrefs finds.
The 2nd way is to use MakeMassive. You can also use Adbeat and WhatRunsWhere,
but I haven’t tried them yet.
There’s a huge amount of landing pages you can find through these sites. Downside
is all 3 are super expensive services. HOWEVER, MakeMassive and WhatRunsWhere
have free trials, while Adbeat has a 30-day refund policy. Again, make good use of
one of these trials and you’d be set.
The third is to just use Google. Put in this search string and it’ll pull up Instagram
profiles that use your keyword (for example, “giveaway”).
site:instagram.com -site:instagram.com/p/ -site:instagram.com/help/ site:instagram.com/explore/ YOUR KEYWORD


This pulls up Instagram profiles related to your keyword and you can check out the
websites they link to. You can do this manually, or…
If you have Scrapebox, you can do this faster. Fire it up with the search string above,
and it’ll make a huge list of all Instagram profiles with your keyword. Then use
another tool called Instagram Manager (free). Put in your list of Instagram profiles
from Scrapebox, and you’ll generate a massive list of website links for that keyword
(eg. “giveaway”).
If you’re completely stuck, OGAds has a few landing pages that are ready to go. If you
do this, make sure to download the page and use it on your own site. The niches they
have can still be profitable, but the ones you find yourself will make you a hell of a lot
more money.
After signing up, LP’s are under ‘Landing Page Request’


If you don’t use one of their landers, OGAds then comes into play after you’ve got a
landing page. A landing page is useless without a link to a locker, so design one under
Incentive Tools  Content Locker. Takes maybe 2 minutes and you can use it with all
your landers if you want. You’ll get something like this:

And you’ll get a link like this:
You gotta link to your locker from your landing page. If you download someone else’s
lander, it obviously won’t have your content locker link, so remember to edit that in.
Or you don’t get paid.


“I can’t find any good landing pages for my niche”
Now, there are plenty of really good niches that no one else has gotten into.
Downside here is that you can’t just copy someone else’s landing page. There are a
couple of things you could in this situation:
 If you have basic HTML skills, it’s pretty easy to edit and adapt the landing
pages you download to an entirely different niche. Sometimes you just gotta
change the background, write some new text, and voilà, you’re good to go.
 Use a landing page builder. I sometimes use Instapage, super easy to make a
clean-looking lander. You can avoid paying for their service by just using
HTTrack on the demo pages you create.

Domains and content lockers
When you’ve got a landing page that you don’t hate, you’re set to buy a domain
name and hosting.
You can get $0.88 domains from Namecheap that end with .us, .club, .online.
Namecheap always has some decent coupons running. Godaddy sometimes has $1
.com coupons too, which are nice. I’m not a huge fan of their hosting packages
Registering domains through Namecheap:
Registering domains through GoDaddy:

Don’t waste an awful lot of time looking for a domain name. Just please stay away
from something like GetFreeGooglePlayGiftCards.net
Unfortunately, with the way the Internet works, you aren’t good to go with just a
domain name. You need to ‘host’ the site as well. For hosting, I’m using the cheapest
dedicated hosting package from Namecheap (the 300 GB SSD one). This runs 50+
websites no problemo. If you aren’t confident in my preachings, go with their VPS


Dedicated Hosting
VPS Hosting
For those completely new to creating websites, hosting sites might seem
complicated. It actually takes maybe 30 seconds. You’ll get a cPanel account with
your hosting package and from the cPanel, go to File Manager  Public_Html 
Your domain  Upload file (where you upload your landing page). If I lost you, there
are probably hundreds of tutorials on how to set up a site.
When you set up the accounts, you gotta put the domain in the “website” section of
your Instagram profile (not in your bio – otherwise it won’t be clickable).


Alright, imagine this: You have an excellent profile and landing page, but you follow
people who aren’t 100% interested in your stuff. You could be making 10x more by
just spending 3 minutes to get your follow sources2 right.
Think about the pages and hashtags that your target audience would probably be
interested in. For example, if your niche is Japanese candy, you could simply look for
pages related Japanese candy, or you could go on to find pages about Japanese
culture, etc.
Use your common sense to judge whether most of the people following that page
would be interested in your offer. Most people who follow Donald Trump’s
Instagram wouldn’t care for a Donald Trump t-shirt giveaway.
How to follow people is through Massplanner, which is a godly piece of software. It
lets you automate an unlimited number of Insta/Twitter/FB accounts. If you want to
just use Instagram, get the Instagram Version ($16 monthly). If not, get the Premium
Plan ($19 monthly). I talk about my settings in the “Massplanner Settings” section.
Massplanner – Premium Plan
Massplanner - Instagram Version

How do you find pages with followers you want to target?
The same Google search string as the one above! This:
site:instagram.com -site:instagram.com/p/ -site:instagram.com/help/ site:instagram.com/explore/ YOUR NICHE
If you want to include posts in the search, remove -site:instagram.com/p/.
If you put in, for example, Japanese candy, you’ll straight away find:


The people you set Massplanner to follow (eg. people who comment on a specific account, followers of a
certain account, people who use a specific hashtag, etc.)



And the hashtags #japanesesnack and #japanesecandy seem good. There are plenty
of less popular hashtags that would work well too.
These are really good accounts and hashtags to grab followers from if you ever
decide to go into the Japanese candy niche.

My best converting3 audience
When you were new to the Internet, did you ever fall for one of those “You’re the
1,000,000th visitor! Get your FREE XBOX” popups? Maybe I was just an idiot. Even
with a mediocre landing page, children and young teens still go through with the
offer. You are pretty likely to succeed right off the bat by targeting 10-15 year olds

Each time someone completes an offer on your content locker, it’s known as a ‘conversion.’ A highconverting audience means a big proportion of people complete the offer.


with niches like video game hacks (eg. popular mobile apps, Minecraft, Roblox) and
toy giveaways (eg. Lego, nerf guns, Nintendo amiibos).
People aged 16+ are usually a bit harder to convert. It’s a good idea to spend a tiny
bit more time to make your page look professional. Work on making your profile
name and bio sound genuine and interesting. Brandable profile names and emojis
can also help make your profile look pimp as fuck. Protip: the more creative you get
with your profile and landing page, the more money you’ll make.


So you’ve got landing pages and the people you want to follow, what’s left is setting
up the accounts.
First things first, you need proxies and accounts. Proxies make it so Instagram can’t
detect you’re running a fuckton of accounts from one computer. And creating a mass
number of accounts is something better left to the professionals.
Because Instagram tries to detect bots, these are some limits I stick to:
 Use 1 proxy between 3 accounts.
 Link to 1 domain from 4 accounts. If you’re paranoid about Instagram
detecting your accounts, use subdomains4.
The proxies I use are from Proxymillion. These are dirt cheap and are surprisingly
high-quality. I use their $79 package for a massive 250 private proxies (US East). If
you go with another supplier, make sure to get private proxies.
The promo code FROSTBITE5OFF gets you 5% off at the
moment (it’s something)
The accounts I buy are all from either Buyaccs or Accs123. From Buyaccs, I either get
the Instagram.com Aged or Instagram.com USA PVA accounts. From Accs123, I’ve
tried the IG Aged 3 month+ accounts (they won’t show up in their list if they aren’t in


Buy the number of accounts you feel is suitable for the number of proxies and
domains you plan on using.


Like a.winiphone.com and b.winiphone.com. Can be created via “Subdomains” in your cPanel. Not necessary


At the moment I run a little under 200 accounts. This is how I set it up:
1. Start putting in accounts through ‘Add Account’ in Massplanner. You can
import batches at a time with ‘Import Accounts;’ I just do them 1 by 1 though.
Fill in your proxy settings (1 account per proxy).
2. If any accounts require phone verification, ask Buyaccs for replacements.
3. Maybe an hour later, change the name, bio, and pictures of the accounts.
Don’t add any links just yet!
4. Set up liking and following. My settings are in the “Massplanner settings”
5. After 5-10 days, add your link to the website section in your profiles.
I have 250 proxies, so when I reach 250 accounts, I’ll start adding 2 accounts per
proxy. This probably looks more natural than adding 3 at once to a proxy.

Should I post any pictures?
Note you don’t have to post anything if you don’t want to - most of my accounts
have 0 posts (or one of those tiled images). There are 2 big plus-sides of posting
though: increased organic growth, and you look more trustworthy.
What do I mean by organic growth? Put simply, more people will arrive at your
profile than just the ones you follow. Your pictures will show up for the hashtags you
use and people can tag each other in comments. The tool I use for finding good
hashtags to use is Hashtagify. If you get into Twitter or Facebook, there’s of course
the potential of virality when people share your posts.
Posts, just like your niche, can be about anything you want. You could post memes,
quotes, jokes, and videos related to your niche (or not related to your niche!). If you
do “giveaways,” you could post pictures of the “previous winners,” and the things
you’re “giving away.” More people will click your link if they find your posts
interesting, but do not put links in your posts!
Good pictures are pretty easy to find by just using Google or Flickr, or you could use
the ‘Repost’ feature in Massplanner. You can also use this search function on Google
to find Imgur albums.
site:imgur.com/a/ + “your niche”


A couple of interesting things you could do with posts:
 A twist I’ve used to seem more official is to literally act like a sub-account of a
company (eg. Verizon Freebies, Walmart Giveaways). I copy a bunch of the
posts coming from the company I’m imitating, but really push an “official
 Buy shoutouts. You get decent traffic to your profile and your posts might
show up for your hashtags. Honestly I’ve haven’t tried this yet, so I’m not sure
what sort of return you’d get from doing this. IGShoutouts, BuySellShoutouts,
and Shoutcart are the biggest marketplaces for shoutouts.

What if I run into email/phone verification5?
I got your back fam. For email, you’ll usually get the email used for the account when
you buy from a good account provider. If you run into email verification, then just log
into that email account using the “Embed Browser6” feature in Massplanner. Simple.
For phone verification, the service I use is from Getsmscode. The site looks pretty
awful, but it’s cheap and it works. Similar services include SMSPVA and EvoSMS.
SMSPVA had a fuckton of customer complaints in September/October though.

If you decide to look for an alternative, make sure that you avoid VOIP and virtual
numbers. Instagram/Facebook/Twitter can usually detect if you use such services,
which includes: Textnow, Textplus, Google Voice, Digifone, Utalk, Nextplus, Whistle,
Sonetel, Twilio, Heywire, Pinger, Flynumber, Textlocal. You got to use a SIM card
Another option for PV is to buy physical SIM cards, which generally cost between
$0.15 to $2. The downside is the manual work involved in switching out the SIMs. I
find Getsmscode to be a hell of a lot simpler.
If you run into phone/email verification, turn down your follow settings or stop
following all together on that account for a couple of days.

Sooner or later some accounts will run into email/phone verification due to ‘suspicious activity.’ You can
choose to either ditch the account if this happens, or verify it.
When you use “embed browser,” the browser that pops up is using the proxy you set. If you log into all your
accounts in just your regular Chrome browser, you’re gonna run into trouble


Should I use a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?
A VPS is sometimes used if you have to constantly move around the computer you’re
using to run Massplanner. Most people use either Google Cloud or Amazon Virtual
Private Cloud. I’ve never had any need for one, but it could be useful for scaling up.


My follow and unfollow settings
The settings below can be used for completely new accounts.
When you first add the accounts to Massplanner, you want to just warm them up a
little bit for the first 5-10 days. These are my follow settings at the start:

Because you should be adding your website link once those 5-10 days are up, your
follow sources don’t matter at all in the first few days. I just follow those using the
follow for follow hashtags (#f4f, #follow, #teamfollowback, #followforfollow,
#follow4follow, #tfb, #followback).
Oh and the reason why it’s set to run 24 hours per day is because I don’t keep my
computer awake all the time. If you leave your computer on at night, make sure to
adjust that “follow between X and X” setting.


Then after 5-10 days:

Add your website link, switch to the follow sources in your niche, and you can now
quit worrying about that account.
You can play around with these settings all you want. To really push it to the limit,
you can bump up the settings on 1 account, let that run for some days, and then
copy those settings to all other accounts. Absolute maximum you should stick below
is 1000 follows per day (which I wouldn’t recommend unless your accounts are really

About follow sources
Here are some basic guidelines I usually stick by:
 If a page has >50,000 followers, set the follow source to the page’s followers.
 If a page has <50,0000 followers, set the follow source to the people that
comment and like the pictures.
 Stay away from pages with 2mil+ followers.
 If you target hashtags, just double check that people are actually using them.


After I’ve found some half-decent follow sources, I usually split them evenly between
the number of accounts I run in that niche. There’s a button in Massplanner to do
And 1 important thing about follow sources, make sure to tick “Enable follow
different users across all Instagram accounts” in ‘Settings.’ Basically the only thing in
that menu you’d ever need to change.

These are my unfollow settings:

What you like doesn’t matter, it’s just to make your account look more genuine in
Instagram’s eyes.


If you think the effort involved in setting up posting is worth the extra payout that
might result, go ahead. Here are my settings when I decide to post:

To be on the safe-side, don’t post the same image to multiple accounts.


If you’re confused about anything related to Massplanner, they have a whole bunch
of videos on their site that basically cover everything.


The money I earn through content lockers is by no means the ‘maximum’ you can
earn by following my exact steps. But don’t expect to make $2000+ monthly with 20
fucking accounts. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good start, but the serious money comes
when you’re building an army of accounts.
My biggest advice when scaling is to not get shortsighted – when you’ve found an
alright niche, MILK IT! You gotta think about the big picture here (100’s of accounts
across several niches).
A mistake I made in the beginning was that I wasted a lot of time tweaking my first
~20 accounts. When you just churn out accounts, each batch doing something
slightly different, you’ll see what works and what doesn’t.
Branch into related niches; be on the lookout for more niches that you think could be
good; think how you could use your landing pages for some other niche. Sometimes
you just gotta change a couple sentences and then boom, your Justin Bieber ticket
giveaway is now a Selena Gomez ticket giveaway.
The way I judge whether I should run more accounts in a niche is by looking at the
number of follow sources I can find. If there are dozens of suitable follow sources in a
niche and I’m just using like 7 of them, I’m basically letting money slip by not putting
in a little bit more effort.
I don’t bother optimizing most accounts after I’ve set them up – unless I suspect it’s
making me less than $1/day. When you think about it, $1 per day for every account is
a fair fucking bit. $365+ per year for maybe 10 minutes of work, that’s like a $1000
perpetuity right there.

Moving into Facebook and Twitter
The error plenty of people make is to just do a little bit of everything. Before
breaking into another platform, finish automating the first one completely.
With Facebook, the basic principle is to join a bunch of groups and then make posts
with your link. Note that Facebook owns Instagram. If you spam too much on
Facebook, your account will get banned, your domain gets flagged, and your
Instagram accounts with that link will probably get banned too.


But if you don’t go ballistic with your Facebook postings, it can supplement your
Instagram income nicely. Take some time to write a really good post that uses plenty
of spin syntax7 and sounds genuine. It’s a good idea to try not to get reported by
people in the group. Here’s an example of an OK post:

You can also target people geographically through Facebook – just put your niche +
city name in the group finder. Oh and, don’t use half-naked models for your profile
The Facebook accounts I buy are the Facebook.com Aged accounts from Buyaccs.
Twitter isn’t too different from Instagram. Downside is you have to stay fairly active
with your posting or you lose reach. You can’t just make 1 post and leave your
Twitter account to follow 500 people per day.
The Twitter accounts from Buyaccs are really good. I’ve tried the Twitter.com EN 50
Plus, and the Twitter.com Aged accounts.

Making more bang for your buck
This is a process I just started getting into. Once you’ve got a comfortable number of
accounts running, you can make even more money by testing different offers in your
content locker. This is a bit on the technical side and not something I’d worry about
at all when starting out.
The reason I recommend OGAds so highly is because it’s almost always the most
profitable option for mobile traffic, and is pretty decent for desktop as well.


Used to make unique versions of the same text. For example, if you write “My name {Jeff|Bob}”, there’s a
50% chance your post will be “My name Jeff” and 50% for it to be “My name Bob.” If you post an identical text
to multiple groups, it will say “


However, if you find that your desktop traffic isn’t converting as well as you want it
to, you can simply send desktop users to different offers (from other networks).
To do this, create a new page (eg. verify.php), where you paste the code I’ve written
(Replace domain1.com with your desktop locker, and
domain2.com with your mobile)
Then instead of linking to your content locker from your landing page, you link to
verify.php. This lets you test separate things with mobile and desktop traffic.
Right after coding this, a buddy said this site Smart.url does the same so I guess that
works fine too.
I’ve tried a fair number of different networks, I’ve had the highest payouts with
CPALead, CPAGrip and Maxbounty. When you apply to networks like Maxbounty,
make sure to say your traffic is “incentivised8.”
CPALead lets you create a content locker like OGAds. But you can always also create
your own locker, just rip a content locker you like with HTTrack. By changing around
the links in your locker, you can test specific offers and find the ones that are best
suited to your niche.
No application process and tons of quality offers
Highly reputed network and good payout, not many offers
for incentive traffic though
Also no application, plenty of good offers


When you use a content locker, your traffic is ‘incentivised’ to complete offers. Some networks will ban you if
you don’t mention this.


And there we go. All done.
There’s a lot of information above and maybe only half of it will actually be useful if
you follow my footsteps. If I started from square 1, here’s what I would do:
1. Spend a day just looking through landing pages and getting some vague ideas
for niches. Copy the landers that stand out.
2. Get some accounts, get some proxies (3 accounts: 1 proxy). Get Massplanner
3. Plop the accounts into Massplanner.
4. Start following some peeps, and maybe set up liking too while I’m at it. While
the accounts get warmed up, there’s time to properly figure out niches.
5. Rip landing pages with HTTrack and buy domains (4 accounts: 1 domain). This
is usually the most time-consuming step; sometimes you’ll find a good LP in a
matter of minutes, but often it takes a while, especially if you create your
6. Find out what kind of audience would be good to target and then set your
follow sources accordingly.
Some of y’all might think this will take dozens of hours to set up. Buying everything
takes 30 minutes, putting the accounts into Massplanner takes 20 minutes, and
setting your configurations right takes 15. Then you’ve got the groundwork done, the
rest is something that becomes easier with practice. Push forward my apprentice,
and don’t burn your time!
For a headstart, here’s what I wrote in my application to OGAds (it’s about 20% true):


OGAds Sign-Up
And lastly, maybe my most valuable tip: don’t fuck up like I did by not keeping track
of everything in an Excel spreadsheet (all your accounts, websites, proxies and
emails/numbers you use with them). Proxymillion and Buyaccs both give you Excel
files with your proxies/accounts, so it’s just a matter of copying and pasting.

Let me end by saying this:
Please don’t come asking me, “is this saturated?”, “is this still profitable?”, “does this
work even though I’m from X?” My earnings haven’t budged one fucking bit.
The person who executes today is going to be a hell of a lot richer than the person
who spends a month coming up with the perfect plan while constantly second
guessing himself.
The truth is a method like this will never get saturated. There are billions of people
on the top social networks – you’re good to go as long as you’re not doing the exact
same thing as someone else, targeting the exact same people.
Don’t think this is some super complex magic trick because it’s not. I’m not some
marketing wizard who has been doing this for years. Just 2 fucking months ago I was
making absolutely nada, doing a shitty 9-5. I was addicted to dreaming about being
successful. I’ve given you the EXACT steps I took to get to where I am now. It would
be a shame to waste that.

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