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ja r r e d
strategic portfolio

let’s take a drive.

Table of contents


Project 1
Creative Development
Based On A True Story


Project 2
Brand Challenge
Martell Cognac


Project 3
Financial Analysis
Telkom & Vodacom


Project 4
Brand Identity




project 1

creative development

the first drive


he one common thing
amongst us is the need
to tell a story even if
it is embellished or
exaggerated. This brief required
me to tell my story of my own life
where I am the protagonist and
within this story I explored my
own identity, finding the quirks as
well as the valuable and invaluable

information which makes me who
I am. Within this exploration of
myself I asked the following few
questions; what makes me different
from others? , what
story am I telling?
And how does
this story reflect
my personality and

The conclusion that I drew from my research is that people experience freedom in a variety of unique
a different ways. The feeling of freedom is mainly associated with ones interests and taste in things
which may make the experience of freedom easy or difficult to achieve, in this case mine was cars
and driving which was not particularly difficult to experience.

The objective of this project is to show through my trailer and poster how I personally escape from the
troubles of reality and experience freedom in my own unique way. The project as a whole is unique as
it is based on my personal experiences and how I use my interests to escape reality and feel free.


The concept is portraying one out of an infinite amount of ways one can experience freedom and
disconnect from reality and be where one is most comfortable. It is personal and set out from a
subjective point of view as I am the main character playing myself in my own reality.



The message that is intended to be sent across is that people should find their own way
of feeling free and their own escape from the trials and tribulations that life throws at us.
Everyone has a different interest or activity that brings them happiness and they should
exploit it as much as possible to prevent reality from consuming ourselves and our sense
of freedom.


My trailer shows me struggling with a thing done every day which is work. I then took the
easy way out and resorted to drinking but quickly realised what would actually satisfy
my need to escape from reality and do what made me feel free which is cars and
driving. Cars have been a love and passion since I was very young so I found it fitting
to incorporate it into this project as I play myself and it is after all based on a true story
about me.
The first drive was a familiar yet challenging one as I had to find a way to best tell my
story without confusing the audience. It is related to my passion and what I can do
to express myself. It is something that I have had an interest in since I was very young
so to identify what gave me the feeling of freedom was a no-brainer. I took from this
assignment I thoroughly enjoyed doing this brief as it went smoothly with very little to no
bumps in the road.


True Story


project 2

innovation & business management


the long drive


The Brief

to say the least but thanks to my
amazing group which consisted of
Jade Sumption, Maliya Muhande,
Wesley Borain, Lebogang Ntimane,
Ashleigh Silk, Uraisha Naidoo and
Lisia Labuschagne. Thanks to them
this this brief was enjoyable and a
successful one at that.

Martell Cognac wants to be positioned
as an attractive alternative cognac to its
competitors, along with other premium
spirits brands. Martell aims to promote
more trial usage of the Martell brand in
order to assert itself as a strong competitor
within the South African market. The aim is
also to facilitate conversion-to-purchase
rate by enhancing their presence and
visibility within retail outlets.

The methodology of this research
followed a two-fold approach.
Firstly, a literature study was
undertaken which provided the
theoretical basis. The interpretive
aspect of the research was
conducted by gathering, analysing
and interpreting data.
We used a zero-based, unbiased
approach to gain insights into
the behaviour of Cognac
consumers and their preferences
through primary and secondary
research. Secondary research
was conducted to give us a feel
of what the successes and pitfalls
of the competing cognac brands
and other premium alcohol brands
within the industry are.
Our secondary research guided
us with regards to how we should
conduct our primary research and

which research methods would
give us the most accurate results.
We conducted our secondary
research by looking at Martell’s
website and social media
presence both internationally and
locally, as well as what Martell has
previously done to enter into the
South African market.
Once we had conducted an indepth micro and macro analysis,
we constructed a survey to send
out to the South African consumers
of cognac. We then conducted
interviews with 24 bartenders
and waiters as we believed that
these individuals would give us an
unbiased opinion of their clients
and their respective behavioural
patterns as well as 20 surveys and
20 interviews with consumers to
get their views and opinions on



he objective of this
assignment was to work
together as a collaborative
team to solve the brief
given to us by our client Martell
Cognac. I was not too excited
for this brief as my first brand
challenge experience was not good

cognac in general as well as their
perception and knowledge of the
Martell brand.
Through the use of primary
research, we hope to discover
where and why ambitious social
individuals consume and enjoy
cognac. This will also give us ideas
of how to leverage effective
experiential and promotional
opportunities for the brand.
The secondary research will
uncover consumer trends, along
with local and global cognac
campaigns which were successful.
This research will give us an
indication of which technologies
will be effective in our below-theline campaign as well as the best
way to communicate and connect
with our target audience.



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